Due to the rising cases that started emerging within CBD, various companies offering contaminated products, as well as misinforming customers on potency differences, the company was established to restore the lost hope. Innovative Extracts is a committed company and a good ambassador of CBD using its products. It is widely known for its innovative manufacturing procedures, which enhances them come up with quality. It is strict on the purity and potency levels posted on its website to feed its customers with the correct information. It conducts vigorous tests after manufacturing its products (at least three times). In addition, to ensure the hemp going to be processed is not contaminated, it is also cross-examined to ensure it has no traces of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Although BBB has not approved the company, it offers top-shelf products and has a swift customer support team we have ever experienced. To keep learning more about the company, its manufacturing processes, its products, the prices, and a lot more, kindly keep reading our review.

About the Company

It was established by three veterans who desired to improve people’s health and wellness conditions. Since most food and drug companies were full of contaminants, resulting in dangerous diseases such as cancer, they saw the need to change the narrative and reduce such cases by offering natural products with the help of the hemp plant and other useful ingredients. Vince Golden, Andy Golden, and Matt Sinosky, veterans and owners of Innovative Extracts, established the brand in Portage, PA. They take pride in planting their hemp, monitoring its growth, extracting useful ingredients, and manufacturing products independently without external help. One thing that motivated them to establish the company, they had experienced the benefits of CBD by using it before. This gave them the desire to manufacture even better products that would address unique needs for multiple people using top-shelf products at affordable prices.

Unlike most CBD companies whose products are only sold online, they have physical stores in Johnstown, PA and Portage, PA. Besides, navigating within its website is straightforward, making it easier to reach its products catalogue. If you wish to buy some products, click on the “Shop” link on its main menu. It will display its extensive line of products for you to go for the desired one. Fascinatingly, they offer product descriptions under each product to guide its customers on which product might be best for them. To access this information, click on the desired products. Some of the significant product descriptions posted include the ingredients, potency levels, recommended dosage, lab reports, how to administer it, the price and method of extraction.

Ordering products from the company is much easier since its systems are fast and accommodating. We could add products easily to our shopping cart and remove them with similar ease whenever we had a different opinion on which products to order and use for quality verification purposes. In addition, the company allows various payments, including bitcoin, which is an added advantage. Notably, they only offer free shipping on products exceeding $50 and don’t offer a refund; all sales are final. Unlike other companies, which ensures their products are completely discreet, theirs are somehow discreet and delivered using the shipping company’s box to deliver the products.

During our assessment, we couldn’t find accurate information concerning their primary extraction method, which made us seek more clarification from its support team. Before reaching its support team, we checked if a similar concern had been addressed under the FAQ page, which was somehow difficult to locate. The link to its FAQ page is found under “Learn” on the main menu. This page is comprehensive and has addressed the following concerns; the meaning of CBD, how it works, how to administer it, what is a full spectrum, among other important questions that keep coming from the customers.

Since our concern was not articulated on the page, we decided to reach out to its support team to clarify its extraction methods. Notably, they have provided various methods of reaching its support team under “CONTACT US”, located on the main menu. Some of the contact information given includes a phone number (814 713-2009), email address ([email protected]), message box (enter full name, phone number, email address, and message), and live chat and the lower left of every page. Our concern was instantly responded to within an hour, with a precise, accurate, and polite answer, satisfying us all.

Consequently, to keep track of its reputation, its systems operations, the effectiveness of its products, among other concerns, they allow customers to leave their honest feedback depending on their interaction on either. Most of the reviews were positive, which is a clear indication that the company is indeed delivering quality products and services. In addition, it also has social media platforms helping it bring customers together and interact with one another.

Manufacturing Process

Innovative Extracts has obtained legal documents as hemp plant growers and hemp-based products manufacturers. The company maximizes their farm located in Golden Farms, Pennsylvania, which they take advantage of closely monitoring their sustainable farming practices. According to the company, its hemp is pure and avoids using artificial chemical fertilizers and pesticides to boost its growth. In addition, even after closely monitoring its growth, they still test its purity levels before they use it to craft products. Although it highly relies on the hemp plant as its primary raw product, they also have various ingredients blended in depending on their effectiveness and the purpose of the product.

Upon harvesting the hemp, it’s taken to its manufacturing facility while still fresh to avoid losing significant elements that make its products better. Its manufacturing facility and processes have been certified by GMP and FDA. According to our support team representative’s response, the company uses hydrocarbon hemp plant extracts, which they use to manufacture its products in broad and full-spectrum form. Although the process is somehow effective, it’s not the best for the products and the environment.

During manufacturing, the company minimizes on chemicals they are using to help them reduce the chances of interfering with the quality of the product in terms of purity. Unlike most CBD companies that carry contaminant tests after manufacturing, Innovative Extracts tests conduct tests at each step. They test the raw hemp, after extraction, they also test the crude oil and the end product. The company achieves this using its centralized independent third-party lab, which has proved to be effective. The primary role of the lab is to ensure all the products are void of harmful substances such as residual solvent, heavy metals and any other microbial contaminants. In addition, it has to ensure THC levels don’t exceed the required limit of 0.3% and contain the posted potency levels.

Range of Products

Being a recently established company, it only manufactures gummies, tinctures, topicals, capsules and pet products. Each of the products is crafted in either full or broad-spectrum formulation.

Innovative Extracts Tinctures

The company manufactures its tinctures in a wide potency range from 500 mg to 2000 mg of hemp plant extracts in the full-spectrum formulation. Although the company manufactures broad-spectrum tinctures, they are only in 1000 mg of hemp plant extracts and in 30 ml bottles, unlike the full-spectrum, which come in two servings, 30 ml and 60 ml bottles. In addition, to address people who can’t stand the natural flavour, they have unflavored and lemon flavour options. Besides, since they recommend a dosage of 1 ml per day, they offer accurately market droppers in each serving to help customers administer the recommended dosage. Lastly, apart from using it orally and sublingually, you can add it to your favourite drink or beverage.

Innovative Extracts Capsules

For customers who prefer administering their CBD dosage at one go, without struggling to feel the natural test of the hemp plant, capsules would be the best option for them. Unlike other products from the company, which are offered in varied potency ranges, they offer one kind of capsule formulation (Muscle Cream-Cooling 100mg CBD) in full-spectrum. In every serving, they offer 30 capsules, each having 25 mg of CBD extracts, among other ingredients. These ingredients include Curcumin C3 Complex, Glucosamine, Bioperine, Chondroitin, and Acai Berry Extracts. The company recommends a maximum of two capsules per day and for oral use only. For easy administering, you can use your favourite beverage or water.

Innovative Extracts Gummies

Gummies are the best way to administer CBD since they are discreet and easy to carry wherever you are going. Gummies from Innovative Extracts are manufactured with great care using organic hemp plant extracts in three formulations; full-spectrum Sour Bear (750 mg), CBD gummies (1000 mg), and nighttime gummies (750 mg). They are sold at $42, $64 and $47, respectively. Although the gummies are non-GMO, they are not vegan.

Innovative Extracts CBD Topicals

The company offers two topicals in the full-spectrum formulation; heating cream and cooling cream. Besides using hemp plant extracts, they also have considered other significant herbs to formulate them in 1000 mg of CBD. It recommends them for topical use only and goes at $70.

What we like about the company

The company uses a centralized independent third-party lab to help it with accurate potency variance found in the products. Also, none of its products contains harmful substances that might affect its purity, hence interfering with the primary aim of CBD, which is to offer hemp-based natural products. Besides, its manufacturing facility and protocols adhere to GMP and FDA standards, some of the highest within the USA. Lastly, it’s a seed owned business, making it easier for them to monitor all their manufacturing procedures closely right from hemp growth.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the company has invested a lot of funds and efforts, a few things call for its attention to make them better. First, the company does not offer any return once the goods have been ordered and shipped. Besides, some lab reports are missing, and no contaminant tests have been posted on some of the lab reports given. Lastly, the company has not been accredited by BBB.

Overall Verdict

Since the company has all its manufacturing processes monitored in one place, they have come up with exclusive products on the top shelf. As a result, we highly recommend its products since a lot of attention is centred on the manufacturing process right from the seed level and undergoes vigorous testing to ensure they are safe for consumption. However, we call upon the company to take note of the cons we have outlined, among others. Most companies increase their consumers’ confidence by offering a return policy if they find the products effective. Lastly, they should consider offering free shipping despite the amount used to make purchases. 

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