The A-spot,  also called the anterior fornix erogenous zone or deep spot, is located deep inside the vagina right between the bladder and cervix. You can find it about 2 inches above the G-spot. Some people refer to the A-spot as the female prostate as it’s located in the same place as the prostate or P-spot is found in males.

Not everyone has an A-spot it can only be found in people that are cisgender women people who were assigned as female at birth.

To find the A-spot you need to first find the G-spot as they’re very close together. To do this insert a finger into the vagina about 1 or 2 inches in. The curl your finger forward towards your belly button. There you will find a small lump of tissue which is the G-spot. From there you need to go up further into the vagina about another 2 inches. Now move your finger from side to side whilst applying a small amount of pressure. It should feel really good!

It’s important to remember that everyone’s body id different so if it doesn’t feel great for you you may be in the wrong place or that area just doesn’t do it for you. You may need to invest in a good sex toy to really hit the spot as your finger might just not be long enough.

The A-spot is made up of sensitive tissue that lubricates when stimulated, therefore rubbing the A-spot area will make you wetter. A-spot stimulation always requires some form of penetration whether that be a penis, a finger or a sex toy. If you’ve ever had an orgasm from deep penetration it’s likely that you have had an A-spot orgasm.

If you’ve never experienced an orgasm from penetration it may be that the penetrating object simply isn’t hitting the A-spot. You can rectify this by using a G-spot specific sex toy. The longer the better!

It’s worth mentioning that you can also stimulate the A-spot through anal penetration as they’re very close together. However, it’s easy to stimulate it through vaginal penetration.

The best positions for stimulating the A-spot area is any deep penetration position such as doggy style.


The U-spot can be a particularly sensitive area for a lot of people with a vagina. It’s located

in the erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra, the whole where urine comes out of. Specifically it’s above and either side of the urethra. Think of it as an upside down U-shape. The U-spot requires very gentle stimulation compared to other areas such as the G-spot. The best way to stimulate the U-spot is orally as it keeps it wet and the pressure is very gentle. Rubbing the U-spot to hard can lead to soreness.

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