Is Money A Bigger Turn On Than Looks?

Is Money A Bigger Turn On Than Looks?

For some people the answer is most definitely yes! We are all used to celebrities who kiss and tell, and yeah sometimes you can see that the appeal to their partner of choice was definitely cute factor. However, I was blindsided this week by the kiss and tell stories of one Mr Simon Cowell. I have to confess I very nearly chocked on my coffee! Stories of eleven times in one night – which does kinda beggar belief, even in the throws of new passion, the hubby would have struggled to perform 11 times in succession! I guess to some women Simon looks sexy enough, clean, tidy and well groomed – but for many of us, me included, sex is part of a whole package deal, and his behaviour and attitude towards women would be enough to send me running, and that was my opinion before the story broke!

Now, love takes all sorts so I am not knocking some of the stranger celeb couples that seem to live in blissful harmony – I am just saying for some, surely the allure is the money.

Take Hugh Hefner as a case to point – I fail to believe any of these young buxom babes are interested in anything more than his money or the Kudos he can offer them for ‘career’ progression. So the question is today – can you do it?

Stereotyping ever so slightly I would be inclined to think that it is more prevalent for a man to do a woman that he is perhaps not so attracted to – and I am not just being mean lads. It comes down to biology!

Clearly for some women the allure of a fat wallet overrides the attraction factor and indeed there is little wrong there as long as everyone is happy. There are examples littered all over the world of the rich and famous, and I guess that is where it will be happening most. Men with money are always going to find themselves surrounded by hordes of pretty young things who want a piece of the action – whether it is the bedroom action or the bank account action we will never know! I guess if it works for both parties then there is little harm in these relationships, I think they will struggle to last but if the arrangement plods on for a few years there is no harm. I am sure we have all been in relationships where the magic fades, and you are not sure what the attraction was in the first place, so the thing that concerns me is can you really wake up in the morning and roll over to find Hugh Hefner, Simon Cowell legs akimbo, wearing nothing more than a grin? Is this the old adage of you don’t have to look at the mantle piece when you stoke the fire. I just know one thing, for me the wallet would have to hold serious bucks and I would end up pushing him down the route of cosmetic surgery – or putting a bag over his head!!

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