Arm fats can be lost through healthy eating, such as reducing refined carbs, consuming more fiber, water, and proteins. Additionally, you could incorporate exercises, such as weight lifting, cardio, and bodyweight exercise.

Most people struggle with weight gain and stubborn fat accumulating in their upper arms. Older adults experience flabby muscle tone that diminishes; their skin starts to loosen, creating unattractive hanging skin. People with excess fat in the arm region often develop this condition when they grow older.The fat build-up in the bodycan affect one’s appearance,making it difficult to wear certain clothingor participate in everyday activities.The sugging skin can lower a person’s self-esteem and cause depression. Reducing arm fat can be tasking, but with proper diet coupled with appropriate exercise or physical activity, one can gain the body of their dreams.

Focus on Overall Weight Loss

Some people try to spot reduce fat in the affected areas; however, several studies have found that fat spot reduction techniques do not work well. Another study involving 104 people placed under a 12-week resistance training program found no change in the particular area being exercised, though the participants experienced overall fat loss.  Studies indicate that the best results can be attained by exercising the entire body to tone muscles rather than spot reduce fat through focus training.

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is a type of resistance training that can help you shed general body fat and tone your arms for a slimmer look. One study conducted on 28 women with type 2 diabetes doing low-intensive resistance training resulted in increased muscle mass, strength, and total fat loss. Another study encouraged combining weight lifting and aerobics for a better result in reducing arm fat. The study showed that using weight lifting or aerobic alone is not as effective in building lean body mass as doing a combo. Some studies attribute improved metabolism that helps in fat burning during rest with lean body mass. Examples of exercises to help reduce your arms fat and increase muscle mass include upright rows, biceps curls, overhead presses, and overhead triceps extension.

Consume More Fibre

Foods rich in fiber are more filling, reducing calorie intakeas you stay satisfied longer. Fewer calorie consumption leads to automatic weight loss, which means reduced body fat.  Fiber does not digest in the human digestive tract; therefore, ittakes time in the stomach, helping us feel fuller for longer. For example, one study with 252 women consuming one gram of fiber found that these women lost a weight of 0.25 kg in 20 months without exercise or change in diet. Another review study demonstrated that taking 14 grams of fiber for four months would reduce calorie intake by 10%, causing 1.9 kg loss in weight with changing diet or physical activity. Healthy sources of fiber include seeds, whole grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and legumes.

Protein Increase in your Diet

Proteins can be an excellent addition to your diet to help you manage weight. These bodybuilding blocks keep you satisfied longer, helping keep your hunger at bay by reducing food cravings. One study involving 20 young women indicated that consuming a protein-rich breakfast with hard-boiled eggs or beef bacon makes you feel fuller throughout the day. The study also established that protein could minimize hunger by inhibiting the secretion of ghrelin, a hormone that causes hunger pangs. Another research suggested that consuming a protein-rich diet increased fat loss and enhances body composition. The study suggested that protein consumption can lead to less belly fat. Examples of high-protein foods that can aid in losing arm fat are eggs, meat, poultry, dairy products, and seafood.

Do more cardio

Cardio exercises are best in accelerating weight loss and burning fat by raising your heart rate, thus burning calories. Cardio is essential if you want to see faster and sustainable results in reducing arm fats. Several studies advocate cardio as it involves the whole body, thus suitable for attaining lean body mass. One research with 141 participants devoting 40minutes to cardio three times a week and a weight management regimen achieved a 9% reduction in body weight within 6months. They also recommended engaging in at least 20-40minutes of cardio per day. It is advisable to practice cardio daily for 20-40 minutes for quicker results and better health. Some examples of cardio exercises to improve your heart rate include jump roping, dancing, rowing, jogging, biking, and swimming.

Reduce Refined Carbs

These are processed carbohydrates low in essential vitamins and minerals. They have limited fiber and are high in calories, responsible for blood sugar spikethat causes hunger a few minutes after meals. The excess glucose from refined carbs is converted to energy, stored as fats in the muscle tissues or belly. These processed carbs include white bread, foods with pre-packed ingredients, pasta, and breakfast cereals. These foods result inweight gain and body fat. An alternative to consuming refined carbs is a whole grain linked with decreased weight gain and body fat. Best examples of whole grains are sorghum, oats, barley, and quinoa.

Set a sleep schedule

In addition to an exercise routine and changing diet, getting enough sleep can also contribute to weight loss, including a fat loss in the arms. For example, one study involving 9 participants whowere deprived of sleep for one night exhibited increased hunger, high secretion of ghrelin, a hormone responsible for appetite. Another study concluded sleeping 5.5hours each night could result in 55% of weight loss. The study also showed that those participants who slept 8.5 hours every night lost 60% body mass. It’s a good practice to go to bed simultaneously every night, avoiding stimulants like caffeine, light and minimizing distractions before bedtime.

Drink lots of water

To lose arm fat, ensure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. One study suggested that individuals who drink water before meals are likely to eat less as water occupies some space for food, thus reducing the amount of food and calories they consumed. Another study concluded that drinking 500ml of water could increase metabolism in the short run by 30% and facilitate fat burning. Replace your consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks like juices and sodas, having high calories with waterto facilitate weight loss.

Include Bodyweight Exercises in Your Routine

If you lack gym equipment, don’t sweat, your body and gravity can be an excellent way to tone your body and arms. Your body will act as the weight or the resistance to help you build strength and muscle mass. Most bodyweight exercises involve the arms, which will make the fat accumulating in these places vanish in no time. The effectiveness of bodyweight exercise was demonstrated in one study with 23 men doing calisthenic- an exercise that relies on a person’s body weight. The study found that the men built their upper body strength. Examples of upper-body exercises that can build muscle strength and tone your arms are planks, dips, push-ups, and triceps.

The Bottom Line

Conclusive research shows that it’s impossible to spot-reduce fat; several approaches can be used to lose arm fat.  Making a healthy lifestyle change, exercising, and adjusting your diet can promote weight loss and shedding unwanted arm fat.


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