MYLE – an organisation business with a heart

MYLE – an organisation business with a heart

Starting a business can be both exciting and challenging. For those who have a passion for organization and a desire to help others declutter their homes, starting a home organizing business can be a fulfilling venture. That’s where MYLE comes in. MYLE stand for Make Your Life Easier and is a home organization online shop that aims to make people life`s easier by providing them with high-quality organizers to declutter their homes. At MYLE, we understand the importance of home organisation. It`s not just about stuffing everything in a box, shoving it in your cupboard and forgetting about it! Home organisation can be beautiful, inspiring, and even life changing. With the right solutions, you can make a personal mark on your living space, improve your mood, and truly turn your house into a home. 

Business Strategies

MYLE’s main strategy is to target people who want to make their lives easier by using organizers to declutter their homes. To achieve this, we provide a wide range of organizers for different areas of the home, including kitchen, bedroom, nursery, and more. These organizers are made with high-quality materials and designed to be functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. MYLE also focuses on providing excellent customer service, offering free shipping on orders over $100, and a hassle-free return policy. Additionally, we uses social media platforms to connect with customers and promote our products.

Business story

MYLE was founded by a couple – Violeta & Sharas who had a passion for organization and decluttering their own home. It`s still family operated business to this day.

We realized that while traveling around the world, we didn`t have the opportunity to have a lot of things and needed an easy solution for storage. We did our market research and found out that there was a lack of home organization products that served the purpose and at the same time were aesthetically pleasing. That`s how we decided to create our first “Bedside caddy” product, which was a huge success. Gradually we started designing and adding new products to the store.

We also enjoyed the lifestyle that comes with owning a business and being your own boss motivated us to take the leap and start MYLE.

The challenges the business

The home organizing business is a fast-paced industry, with many competitors trying to gain market share. One of the challenges we faced were standing out in a crowded marketplace and making its products and brand known to potential customers. Another challenge were other brands stealing MYLE’s content and product designs. Additionally, during Covid19 long shipment times from the manufacturer were delayed which made us be out of stock for w little while and ultimately it impacted customer satisfaction.

The opportunities the business

There are several opportunities available as a store that sells home organizers. One such opportunity is the growing trend of minimalism and decluttering, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. This trend presents a chance for us to showcase products and services to potential customers. Another opportunity could be the expansion of the business to offer professional organization services. This can create an additional revenue stream and offer a more personalized service to customers.

Advice to others about business

Starting a business can be challenging, and it’s important to have a clear plan in place. Research your target market thoroughly and create a business plan that outlines your strategies, financial projections, and marketing plan. Additionally, be prepared for setbacks and challenges along the way. It’s essential to remain adaptable and be willing to pivot your strategies if necessary. Finally, focus on creating a unique brand/product and building strong customer relationships to establish a loyal customer base.

Lessons learnt

There are several lessons we have learned along the way and would love to share with the readers. One lesson is the importance of having a solid understanding of how to start a business, including legal requirements, financial management, and marketing strategies. Also, it’s essential to prioritize customer satisfaction, as happy customers can lead to repeat business and positive reviews. Additionally, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in the industry to remain competitive.

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