Our review for Nirvana CBD was positive, but there is room for improvement. The brand deals in broad-spectrum CBD products whose total CBD concentration range from 25 mg to 1500 mg. We liked its non-GMO, 100% natural, organic hemp, used to produce high-quality, premium products. The website is easily navigable, making the shopping experience easy. However, we got confused by some products that had interchangeable names. For instance, a page would read ‘CBD Softgels,’ its content would read ‘CBD gel caps,’ and the list of ordered items would refer to it as ‘hemp gel caps.’ Such inconsistencies in naming products should be rectified to avoid confusing clients. The site had an email address and a phone number for reaching the customer care desk, but when we emailed the company, we only got a reply after 6 days. Besides, the experience with phone calls was not pleasing because we called several times, but the calls were only being forwarded, receiving the ‘signal busy’ indication, or when received, it was being recorded. Here is our full review of Nirvana.

About the Company

Navigating through the Nirvana CBD’s official website, you definitely would come across its slogan, ‘offering true value at an affordable price.’ The company started in 2017 with the sole intent of taking an educational approach to CBD. Therefore, it is committed to enlightening its consumers about CBD and its products while still producing high-quality premium items. When it was launched, it started as an Ohio-based company with manufacturing facilities in California.

Nirvana CBD believes that different CBD products work differently for one individual and the other. As such, it ensures that when one orders its products, he/she is made fully aware of the likely interactions and the effects the products will have on the body. That explains why orders, including ours, come with a sheet that details how each product is used, and each product also has a leaflet that guides its usage.

We liked the commitment the brand gives third-party tests. It tries to operate within the frameworks of its slogan (offering true value at an affordable price) by conducting rigorous third-party potency, quality, and pertinent tests. Afterward, it uploads these lab results online, and clients can easily access them. Moreover, the company warns against using the products if one is below 21 years, and adds that CBD is complex and versatile, which is why the effects might vary from a person to another. Some of the factors it mentions as influencing the cannabinoid’s action include weight, body chemistry, the severity of the condition one is attending to, and the CBD concentration in the product one takes.


The following characteristics are true of Nirvana CBD brand;

  • US-sourced hemp, especially from Colorado and Oregon farms
  • Manufacturing facilities based in California
  • Non-cGMP certification
  • Non-USDA certification
  • Non-GMO, carb-free, THC, and solvent-free extracts
  • Organic farming practices
  • Patented nano-emulsion technology for extract formulation
  • The clean and safe CO2 extraction method strips off CBD from hemp fiber
  • CDB products in broad-spectrum formulations
  • Free shipping for orders worth $50 and above
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee allows dissatisfied clients to get full refunds

Transparency, Accuracy, and Reputation

We are happy to say that Nirvana CBD is transparent because it provides all third-party results on an easily accessible page. Besides, it provides several ways of reaching out to its customer care desk, including an email address and phone number. However, we were disappointed that our email was only responded to after six days and that our calling experience was awful, especially because the calls were either being forwarded or recorded. The FAQ link directs clients to a page with comprehensive answers to common CBD questions, including what it is, whether it can make one high, and how different it is from other cannabinoids. Moreover, every product page provides detailed information about the item, including the suggested dosages, the ingredients making it up, and the ideal consumption method. Nirvana CBD meets the standard third-party requirement tests since it takes care of potency, quality, solvent, heavy metals, and microbes.

Most of the potency results are accurate, but some exceed the acceptable limit. For instance, the 750 mg softgel had 22.8 mg CBD instead of the reported 25 mg, resulting in an 8.8% variance. The 500 mg gummies had 29.37 mg CBD, as opposed to the 25 mg indicated on the labels, translating to a 17.5% deviation, which is way higher than the 10% acceptable limit. Still, all the products had 0% THC, which is well within the federally accepted limit, i.e., less than 0.03%. Other products passed the THC and CBD potency tests.

Additionally, Nirvana is known for its reputation of caring for people and not just chasing money. At Nirvana, everyone is a family and deserves the best CBD products. Its talented team pictured in the About Us section shows happy individuals working hard to offer consumers nothing but the best. Besides, the company has engaged in research activities and consistently improves its products since 2017. Consequently, it has won a large satisfied, loyal customer base, as seen in the lovely comments on the official websites. Besides, it has many repeat customers who keep bringing new members on board to share in the satisfaction.

Manufacturing Process

Nirvana CBD is one of the US’s legalized premium hemp growers that sources it PCR or CBD oil-rich hemp from Oregon and Colorado farms. The hemp is harvested and transported to the non-cGMP facilities in California for processing. According to the website, it employs the clean and safe CO2 extraction method to strip off CBD from the hemp fibers. It also uses the patented nano-emulsion technology to formulate the extracts, making CBD more bioavailable once the products reach the system. Although Nirvana advertises itself as using organic hemp, it’s neither a USDA-certified organic farm nor cGMP-certified. All the same, its manufacturing activities operate within the cGMP guidelines.

Nirvana CBD conducts third-party tests for its extracts after formulating them for easy absorption. The modern laboratories (whose names were not mentioned) test the products for total CBD and THC and confirm them against what the labels indicate. Besides, it is at this stage that the extracts are tested for standard contaminants, including residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, and microbes. The tests were accurate because, as part of our review, we examined the ordered items for the stated contaminants, but none could be detected. Moreover, most products passed the THC and CBD potency tests, as seen by their deviations that ranged from 2.15% to 8.8%. However, the 750 mg gummies were slightly above the 10% acceptable variance limit since they had a 17.5% deviation. The brand is transparent and uploads all these results on an easily accessible page on its official website.

Customer & Buying Experiences

Generally, we enjoyed our experience shopping for Nirvana CBD products. The website is easily navigable and gave us an easy time selecting the CBD products we wanted. Besides, the items in the company’s inventory are grouped according to delivery method and category, making the experience even better. However, some products were referred to using interchangeable names, which brought a little confusion. For instance, there was a page for CBD Softgels, but the products were named Hemp Gel Caps. Further, when we received our orders, the same products were called ‘Hemp Softgels’ on the order sheet, revealing inconsistencies.

Range of Products

Nirvana CBD offers the following products in its inventory which are easily accessible through its official website;

Nirvana CBD Roll-On

Nirvana CBD Roll-On

Nirvana CBD broad-spectrum roll-on is among the best and award-winning CBD that comes in a 30 ml bottle and has a total CBD content of 150 mg. It is strictly meant for rolling on the affected area and helps relieve pain fast. Moreover, it leaves you with no oily and sticky hands because it is easily absorbed by the skin.

Nirvana CBD Topicals

Nirvana CBD Topicals

The topical products line of Nirvana CBD offers CBD muscle recovery lotion and body lotion, both of which are available in CO2 extracted broad-spectrum formulations. They are available in 100 ml bottles and have 600 mg, and have been formulated with MCT coconut and hemp oils. Besides, the muscle recovery lotion features additional oils that enhance its bioavailability, including juniper, spearmint, chamomile, and lemongrass oils. They help boost the body’s anti-inflammatory response and replenish skin.

Nirvana CBD Tinctures

Nirvana CBD Tinctures

The brand also offers phytocannabinoid-rich tinctures that have 0% detectable THC. They come in four flavors: vanilla, strawberry, grapefruit, and peppermint, and are either sweet or tart. The company suggests that the oil be held below the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing for optimal results. Moreover, they can be taken orally or added to foods and beverages.

Nirvana CBD Gummies

Nirvana CBD Gummies

Nirvana CBD’s edible product line features flavorful and colorful gummies in watermelon, green apple, grape, and pineapple, among other flavors. They are made from CO2 extracted CBD, and they have MCT coconut oil as their base for easy absorption. Each gummy has 25 mg CBD.

Nirvana CBD Softgels

Nirvana CBD Softgels

The CBD softgels from Nirvana CBD are phytocannabinoid-rich but lack THC. They are formulated with MCT oil for enhanced bioavailability and have 25 mg (750 mg CBD for the 30-counts package. Besides, the brand avails single and double packs for consumers who don’t want a whole 30-pack bottle.

Nirvana CBD Drams/Shots

Nirvana CBD Drams/Shots

These 2 ml shots each have 33 mg CBD and are available in four flavors: peppermint, strawberry, vanilla, and grapefruit. Their average price point is $0.15 per mg CBD, regardless of the selected flavor. Like softgels, the shots are available in single or combo packages. The combos contain up to 40 drams.

What We Like About the Company

We liked our experience with Nirvana CBD and found several things we appreciated about the brand, including;

  • Rigorous third-party tests for contaminants and THC & CBD potencies
  • The company educates consumers on CBD and offers a user guide upon ordering items
  • The site offers an accessibility widget
  • The third-party results were fairly accurate
  • Multiple ways to save cash, especially through combo packs
  • Free shipping for orders worth $50 and above provides convenience
  • The hemp growers practice organic farming
  • All the products in the inventory were THC and contaminant-free

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Despite the major picks, we had issues with a few kinks, including;

  • The brand and its manufacturing facilities are neither USDA nor cGMP-certified
  • Some products like the softgels have confusing names
  • Slow customer care response
  • The brand does not offer consistent discounts
  • Some products, primarily the gummies, had more CBD than indicated

Our Overall Verdict

Our review of Nirvana CBD included visiting its official website, reaching out to its customer care desk, ordering its products, and confirming the potency and contaminant purity. Generally, the company does well, mainly because it uses organic hemp, conducts rigorous third-party tests, avails the results online, and details comprehensive information on the FAQ page. However, some products, like gummies, had more CBD than indicated, calling for an improvement in potency tests. Besides, the brand does not have consistent discounts for repeat clients, and its customer care desk was slow. With an improvement of the mentioned kinks, Nirvana CBD will do better in the CBD arena.

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