MaxCBD is one of the best CBD brands fighting to come up within the CBD competitive market by providing quality goods and services to all CBD customers who prefer their brand and those that don’t. From time to time, it addresses general CBD knowledge and educational programs to help CBD understand more about the role of natural products on their body. As a newly established brand, it has to offer more reasons for CBD users to use their trademarks products even when the market is flooded with both high-quality and low-quality competitors. Although they have tried their level best, they need to work on the accuracy of their third-party lab results. Besides, the brand needs to carry market research and start offering unique,high-quality products to attract interested customers. In addition, today, CBD trademarks have time offers or discounts to entice customers. To get more information on MaxCBD and its operations, keep reading our review since we have captured essential details that will help you understand the company better.

About the company

The company’s headquarters have been based in Pompano Beach, Florida,since 2019, when the brand opened its doors for operations. The brand was established because of the founder’s love for the love of earth and plants (hemp plant mostly). As a result, the company has committed itself to manufacture hemp-based products and bringing in other usefull ingredients that exist naturally and have been proven effective. In addition, the brand works closely with hemp farmers in Oregon to ensure they carry out organic farming while growing their hemp. Oregon is known for its soil fertility and good climate that enhances the proper growth of hemp plants; it is the second-best region that grows hemp after Colorado. One thing that MaxCBD is unique in is its commitment to improving the quality of lives people are living by providing them with high-quality natural products. In addition, the brand offers consultation at zero charges with the aid of the link provided on their website on the main menu.

From time to time, the brand’s reputation has been voted for as excellent due to its commitment to quality. Like other companies, the brand obtains all essential ingredients of the hemp plant using the propriety extraction method, which is widely used;the C02 method. To back up their quality products, they offer proper dosage and allow their customers to book free consultations to make their brand better than its competitors. As customers continue to choose their products, they also recommend them to leave their reviews on their interaction with their products and buying experience and customer attention/ service they received. Looking on their review page, you can quickly note positive reviews backed up by 5-star ratings from most customers; this means they are pretty impressed. The issue of transparency has become a big headache among CBD users; for the brand to address it, it has hired an independent lab tasked to check on their products purity levels. Apart from purity levels, the lab tests for the CBD and THC levels available in the products they are releasing to the market.

Consequently, the brand offers a good buying experience. First, it is easy to navigate within its website and find the product or information you are looking for. On every product they offer, each of them is represented on its page and contains an adequate product description. As a result, its customers are bound to understand the product’s function and its valuable ingredients and other relevant information such as the dosage. Adding and removing products on our cart was also easy, and we did not realize any specious moves from the company. Besides, we realized the extensive FAQ page on their website, which attends to common concerns that arise from different customers, reducing the traffic levels on their customer support desk. MaxCBD also haseducative blogs that keep their customers informed on not only matters concerning their trademark but CBD as a whole.

Apart from MaxCBD offering free delivery on products purchased for over $50, they also have a support team that is only made of experts. Although we could not spot a contact page, we noticed they offered contact details such as a physical address, phone number and a live message box. Besides, we also noted their social media platforms, which allow their customers to interact and share a personal experience with the products or systems of the trademark. Upon clicking their live message box, we noted some uniqueness; they had WhatsApp and Facebook messenger details. As a result, their customers’ needs are addressed instantly compared to when they used email. When we texted their WhatsApp number, we were responded to within some five minutes; with a clear response on what we had asked about; we would rate their customer support system and service 9/10.

Manufacturing process

We noted that MaxCBD only uses premium hemp grown in Oregon by authorized dealers from the company’s website. Consequently, before they take their raw product (hemp), they have to ensure it doesn’t contain substances like pesticides, chemicals from artificial fertilizers and any other contaminant that might have interfered with the quality of the hemp plant during the growing process.

After the hemp has been harvested (hand harvesting) and taken to their manufacturing facility, which adheres to FDA protocols, they extract valuable ingredients to help them manufacture their products. For safe extraction of relevant cannabinoids of the hemp plant, the company uses clean CO2 extraction mode, which is highly recommended due to its effectiveness and reduced environmental pollution in nature.

Lastly, after their end products have been carefully crafted, they are taken to an independent third-party lab to test their safety before being released to the market. They conduct vigorous testing on the purity of the products to avoid having any contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals in the product; this increases products purity levels. Besides, it also has to ensure that all products are rich in terpenes as well as CBD to enhance efficiency. Lastly, the lab is also tasked to confirm on levels of THC, which should be either zero or not exceed 0.3%, which is required.

During our third party results confirmation on the products we had ordered, we realized most of them had manageable variance (within 10%); collagen cream and anti-ageing CBD. However, their tinctures (broad and full spectrum) products had an issue with the results since they exhibited 35.2% variance, which was way higher than the expected one. On the other side, we realized the product did not have any THC and any contaminant, even though its CBD margin was way high.

Range of products

Despite the brand being established in 2019, it has fought so hard to offer a considerable line of products to meet different customers demands. Some of the products they offer include;

MaxCBD Tinctures

MaxCBD Tinctures

The brand obtains beneficial ingredients from the hemp plant using the CO2 extraction method to provide quality tinctures to its customers. Since their tinctures are potent compared to any of the products they have in the market, they recommend users to start with half-dose, which is half the dropper provided in the product. Consequently, the tincture formulation is vegan friendly, which is a plus to the company. The formulations are easy to digest and exist in various varieties. Lastly, the brand offers them at $39 to $ 89.

MaxCBD Capsules

MaxCBD Capsules

Unlike other products manufactured by the brand, which exists in both broad and full-spectrum, the brand offers its soft gels only in full-spectrum form. Although the products are not vegan friendly, they are non-GMO, making them effective. Capsule products have been considered the most suitable products by most CBD lovers. Despite being easy to move around with, they are also easy to administer. The brand recommends one to only take up to two capsules a day and administer them orally with the aid of a favourite drink or water. They come in a pack of 30 capsules at $59, which is a considerably fair price.

MaxCBD Skin Care and Topicals

MaxCBD Skin Care and Topicals

Our skin makes us confident and appears vibrant when associating with others. To increase skin confidence and take good care of the skin, the brand offers lavender oils and olive oil. The products are designed to be absorbed quickly into the skin and are recommended for external use only. Lastly, the brand sells them at $39 to $59.

What we like about the brand

Most CBD brands have not yet opened their doors for international shipping and currencies thatMaxCBD has taken advantage of. Since the brand opened its doors for operations, it aimed to reach a broader market beyond the USA. Although it offers free shipment on products over $50, this only applies to people within USA borders; a considerable shipment fee is charged when the products are to be exported. However, the brand also offers discounts that allow its customers to save when purchasing bulk products. Lastly, the brand has developed the trust of their customers by providing a 60-day money-back guarantee on their products; we were really impressed with their efforts.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the brand has a lot of measures to ensure it performs well in the market, it still has some issues to address for it to become better. First, the brand has limited product potencies and a catalogue to meet the demands of other customers. In addition, the brand has no offers to support special groups such as veterans and people living with disabilities, which has become the order of the day in most CBD brands. If the brand addresses the outlined issues, we believe it will gain fame quickly since it has quality control, which is rare in most CBD companies.


According to our analysis of the brand, we would recommend its products to CBD lovers and those wishing to join CBD. The trademark has the safety of its customers well taken care of and offers quick customer support compared to any other brand. We were impressed with the brands’ decision in opening its doors for the international market, which not even companies that have been in the market for over ten years have not been able to. However, as we have outlined the shortcomings, there is nothing that would be alarming apart from anti-ageing products in which the user could minimize their dosage to avoid side effects.

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