Onyx+roseis one of the most respected CBD brandswith stipulated rules for its operation. Just from opening its official website, it has restrictions for not less than 18 years from accessing their website; also means they should not use their CBD products. The company guarantees all its customers’ information security, and any personal details rendered to the brand is considered safe. In addition, any information about their customers given to their trademark helps them identify their customers, track their products, respond to any comments or questions, understand and improve customer service, among many other things that would enhance good customer relationship between the seller and the customer. Besides, the brand is known for its emphasis on quality products and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

About the company

Although Onyx and rose might not have established their name well, the brand has unique formulations and offers quality goods and services to its customers for quality assurance and attainment; the brand owners are fitness, wellness, and health experts also its employers. They have researched from time to time on various ingredients that could be blended in with hemp plant extracts to yield quality products for its consumers. Notably, all its team members have the desire and compassion to enhance good health in humans and pets by committing themselves to manufacturing quality. The brand offers a significant challenge to widely known CBD companies due to its potential in manufacturing quality which has become a challenge to most CBD companies.

Although the brand offers quality products and is confident in what they are delivering to the market, it has committed 30 days from the day of delivery for customers to access their products effectively. If the products fail to respond positively or negatively affect the body, then a 30-day window is opened to return the failed products. In addition, their return policy claim is not made via email since they have formulated an online page where the customer needs to fill return policy forms and submit them; if all is well, and the products are returned in good conditions, then a refund will be approved within 48 hours of receiving the goods. Lastly, the brand does not incur a return shipping fee.

Although we couldn’t find the exact point where the brand grows its hemp, it insists on using quality hemp which is organically grown. Notably, they have stated they consider sourcing organic hemp within US borders to maintain the hemp quality and of their end products. We appreciate their commitment to offering quality by using organic hemp that is void of pesticide, chemical fertilizers, heavy metals or any other contaminant that might affect the quality of their raw material and products. From time to time, we noticed a lot of reservations by the company on specific issues; this also applies to where they source their hemp.

Despite the brand being on the market for a shorter time than other competitors, it has chosen to offer a considerable line of products crafted carefully to obtain standards. Some of the company’s products include bath bombs, balm, CBD oil, and capsules. In some of their products, the brand uses naturally occurring ingredients together with CBD and terpenes to come up with high-quality products and effective ones. Before any ingredient is brought to play, the brand conducts proper research on its effectiveness and purity.’

Besides, the brand has you covered for those who wish to seek clarification or leave any comment. The brand has active social media platforms that allow its customers to interact and share their personal experiences while using Onyx and rose products. Although not on all websites, some like Facebook also offers customer support service to those who leave inquiries in their inbox, although it might take them about two to three days to reply. However, despite them not offering a direct phone number or email address, they have a message centre under their contact page. To reach them out, you need to give the following details; first name, last name, email, phone number, subject of the message, and your question or comment.

Manufacturing process

Just as mentioned earlier, Onyx and Rose are reserved when it comes to disclosing its details which makes it hard for its customers and interested parties like us to understand its operations. However, we found some helpful information about its manufacturing operations. First, for any brand to yield quality products, its raw materials must be of high quality. Since CBD is all about offering a natural solution to human health, the brand only uses organically grown hemp; that is not contaminated with either pesticides, chemical fertilizer, or any artificial plant booster.

Consequently, Onyx and Rose adheres to FDA manufacturing policies and allow them to assess their manufacturing facility from time to time. This helps them to ensure fewer chemicals that might harm the human body or contaminate their products are used during manufacturing. Food safety standards have been reduced not only within the CBD field but also across the food and manufacturing industry; most industries are using chemicals that will bring diverse health effects such as cancer.

Lastly, the brand has an independent third-party lab that assesses its products before they get to the market; as a safety measure. Notably, most public third-party lasts render faulty results, and that is why Onyx and Rose goes for an independent one. The role of the lab is to ensure all their products have no or less than 0.3% THC levels as well as the required amount of CBD that might not result in addiction. Additionally, they are tasked to check on the purity of the products; ensure they are void of heavy metals, harmful chemicals or any other contaminant that might affect the purity of the products. This initiative is significant in any CBD company since quality has deteriorated within the CBD line; people are trying to find who is offering quality.

Range of products

As mentioned earlier, the brand offers a considerable line of products that are well crafted to attain quality. Furthermore, they are provided in various strengths and quantities as well as other forms to address the various needs of their customers. Some of their products are flavoured to address the lack of better teste and others exists naturally since that is other customers preference.

Onyx and Rose CBD Oils and Capsules

To achieve the effectiveness of the two products, the brand offers them in both full- and broad-spectrum forms. Consequently, the products are also offered in two strengths; 1,000 mg and 2,000 mg. To address the complaint of earthly teste of the products, the brand avails their oil products in various flavours such as mint, orange, and chocolate coconut. Their oil products have gained trademark fame due to their quality and effectiveness. Unlike other products the brand offers to its market, they have received uncountable reviews, and 90% are positive.

Onyx and Rose CBD Oils and Capsules

On the other hand, the brand saw the need of offering soft gets to customers who prefer taking their daily CBD at one go by providing them capsules. However, capsules are easy to move or travel with and are recommended to be administered orally with water or a favourite drink. In each serving, they offer 30 capsules, and each capsule contains 25 mg of CBD. Notably, their capsules contain CBN, CBG and CBC, which are important components of broad-spectrum cannabinoids. Their prices range from $74 – $179.

Onyx and Rose CBD Topicals

Onyx and Rose CBD Topicals

For those who would love their skin to keep glowing or face skin problems such as irritation, then the brand has a solution for them. They have a wide choice of skincare products such as serum (50mg), cleanser (25mg), sleeping mask (70mg), and moisturizer (60mg). Each of these products contains unique formulations and ingredients that suit their functions. Although the products we have mentioned are just a few, a complete list could be found on their website, plus the ingredients used to manufacture them. For all their topicals in the market, they have undergone proper screening to ensure they are safe for usage, just like any other product to be consumed orally. Lastly, their prices rangesfrom $14 – $82.

Onyx and Rose Pet Products

Onyx and Rose Pet Products

To help pet owners bring up healthy pets, the brand offers them pet products that help in the well-being of either cats or dogs. However, While pet treats come in 60mg and 150 mg (2 mg and 5 mg per serving, respectively), their oil is available in a strength of 250 mg. Lastly, they are available from $29 to $44.

What we like about the brand

The fascinating thing about the brand is its ability to offer quality products at affordable rates. Despite the brand being a newly established brand that has not gained fame, it tries its best to offer quality products compared to other brands in the CBD play longer. Consequently, it provides detailed information on its relationship with its customers. It has provided essential details that could enhance customers to understand more information about terms and conditions plus other activities that improve quality.

What we don’t like about the brand

Although the brand offers good quality and reliable information about how they enhance their good customer relations by giving customer terms and conditions, there is still a lot to be done; especially on information concerning the company. As we were going through the brand’s website information, important details such as who is behind its operations and their manufacturing process were missing. This forced us to join one information offered to the other to deduce their operations. Therefore, we would love to recommend the brand to offer more details on its operations to maximize its customers’ trust.


Despite the brand facing competition from well-established brands, it has proved its strength by pushing on to become better with quality at its mind. Since quality has become a significant concern, the brand provides its customers with high-quality products that they might not get elsewhere. As a result, their customers keep recommending the trademark to other CBD users and those who wish to join. Lastly, despite the brand putting in a lot of effort to sell its brand, it should come out clearly on the people running the business and its manufacturing activities. This will increase their transparency levels hence widening its market due to openness.

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