The sleek, black look of leather exudes sex appeal. Real leather and “vegan” faux leather are used in many items of bondage and fetish wear. Leather has an aura of toughness thanks to its being worn by cowboys, aviators, and motorcyclists. Hollywood films of the 1950s and 1960s showed tough rebels riding motorcycles in black leather jackets, adding to the reputation of this beautiful and durable fabric. Leather has been associated with gay culture in the mainstream public’s mind since at least the 1960s. By the 1980s, leather also became the domain of heavy metal rockers and punk rockers. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and other queer identities have leather subcultures, as does mainstream heterosexual culture. Leather wear and leather play are accessible to everyone. From cowboys to rebels to punks, wherever there have been people wearing leather, there have also been people turned on by these leather-wearers. Leather has become the go-to fabric for fetish and bondage wear. Leather wear can be a fetish, a kink, or a statement of identity. Many types and styles of clothing and accessories made from leather and vegan leather can be used for fetish dressing, bondage dressing, and sex play. Don’t be afraid to dive into the world of leather if it attracts you for no reason other than its look, its feel, or its unique scent. For some, begin wrapped in the blackness of leather allows them to forget their everyday identity and step into a new, more adventurous persona like the cover of night.


Vegan leathers are alternatives to leathers made from animal skins. They’re most often made from plastics, although there are a few other leather-like materials that are just starting to catch on made from vegetable materials such as sea kelp or the bark of cork oak trees. If you can’t or don’t want to wear leather products made from animal sources, look for terms like vegan leather, pleather, leatherette, faux leather, and bicast leather. Bear in mind that because faux leathers are not necessarily made out of natural materials, they’re not porous as natural materials would be, so they don’t allow the fabric to “breathe” the same way.


Some of the more popular clothing items in the leather fetishism subculture are leather boots, chaps, harnesses, jackets, and vests. Almost any clothing item you can imagine can be made out of leather. This includes breathable hoods that cover the entire face and head – they typically have a zipper that allows them to be put on and taken off – while still allowing the wearer to breathe comfortably. Harnesses come in many types and styles. Some are meant to be strapped around the torso, usually fitting over the shoulders. Others go over the shoulders and also around each of the legs. Harnesses may be fitted with hardware so that they can be used with other fetish and bondage gear such as swings, slings, leashes, leads, and restraint toys. If you’re really interested in restraint clothing, you can even find leather or faux-leather straightjackets. Buy sexy leather clothing for BDSM online. Choose from kinky leather corsets, leather skirts, leather chastity briefs, kinky leather hotpants and briefs and bikini.

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