What Is Pancreatitis?

Pancreatitis is a health condition that occurs when the pancreas is swollen or inflamed. Pancreatitis can be acute, where the symptoms can be for some days or chronic, characterized by years of pancreas inflammation. 


The signs may differ in victims depending on the type of pancreatitis one is suffering from but majorly comprise of; fever, upper stomach pain, vomiting, tenderness on the abdomen, rapid pulses, abdominal pain that extends to the back, and nausea.

What Are the Risks Associated with The Condition?

People who drink excess alcohol, smoke, are obese, have a genetic history of this condition, and have diabetes are at a greater risk of developing pancreatitis.

When Should Someone See a Doctor If They Have Symptoms?

I strongly advise you to seek professional help when you experience endless abdominal pain that makes you feel uncomfortable sitting.

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