Stripper Poles

Stripper Poles

If you haven’t had a gander at some of the pole dancers on You Tube yet, do yourself a favor and have a look. You won’t believe the incredible sensuality of these dancers and how they can maneuver their bodies, twisting and turning and hanging on by surprising body parts, elbows and knees. All the while they are going up and down the pole with ease and sense of grace that is very sexy.

Now not many of us have the skill or have the time to dedicate to the development of such a craft, but if you have a secret fantasy of a sort to want to at least play around on a dance pole then you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Our selection of what are commonly called stripper poles rivals the best. We have such a great range of poles to suit a whole range of needs and desires. Certainly not all stripper poles are created equal and we only supply the very best so that you know that when you order one of our products you are going to be completely satisfied on how it works.

For example, the Hustler Professional Stripper Pole Kit has been designed with the Hustler’s image in mind and it comes in gold to make you look as good as you can. It’s so strong it will support you through a whole bunch of awesome pole moves just like the pros without the pro pricetage.

It’s fully adjustable and even comes with a carrying case so it can go wherever you go. You can spin to your heart’s content and get a workout at the same time! Some of the stats include:

Fits ceiling heights ranging from 7 feet 2 inches up to 8 feet 6 inches
Diameter – 50mm (1.96″”)
Powder coated steel pole
Each section of the pole are slot-together which makes assembly easier.
It is strong and stable and has smooth joints.
This pole has locking components so it does not unwind when you dance.
It is stable for up to 200 pounds (100kg)
12 pounds lbs
Carry bag so you can take it wherever you go
Assembly Guide and DVD – getting started is quick and easy.
Bonus Mighty Grip Pole Dance Powder Grip
Bonus Pink Microfiber Pole Cleaning Towel

Now that doesn’t mean that we guarantee what you are going to look like winding your body or your partner’s body around one of these poles, but can you just imagine all the fun you are going to have just even trying to perfect your techniques?

It can be a whole evening’s erotic entertainment taking turns sliding up, down, and around one of our sexy stripper poles. You can add some erotic music and clothing into the mix and end up with a whole new dimension to your sex life that you didn’t even know what possible.

Just think of what you can be learning to do, initially as a sexual turn on but eventually you could even get quite subtle and in shape by tearing up the sex pole and learning how to move and groove your body at the same time.

So why not order one of our stripper poles today and see if you can’t replicate at least some of the moves of these sleek sexy pole dancers that are all the rage right now. You never know you might just find out that you have a new calling in life!

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