Too much stress can be damaging when it causes one to have stomach upsets, nervousness, headache, and in worst cases, depression. Although sleep, exercise, therapy sessions, and counseling could help, using vitamins and supplements could prepare you to better handle stress.

Stress has become a normal part of people’s day-to-day lives and you might not be shocked to know that even small children are affected by stress. Several factors could trigger stress, including health issues, relationships, academics, pressure from work, and financial matters. Of course, different people are affected by different stressors, but the mentioned ones are the most common. Thankfully, there are many ways to manage stress, such as working out regularly, meditation, taking a walk, talking to a confidante, counseling, therapy sessions, and good periods of sleep. Still, taking stress-relieving vitamins and supplements will help your body to prepare better for stressors, bettering your stress-management ability. Here are some of the best stress vitamins and supplements in the market.

i.                    Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola supplements are made from the Rhodiola rosea, a herbaceous plant found in Asia and Russia. Studies came to appreciate this plant that has been used for a long time as an adaptogen, a substance that helps one’s ability to get used to situations and boosts stress resistance. Several lines of research have proved that Rhodiola is a great stress-combating supplement. For instance, in an 8-week long study, victims of stress started improving after taking the supplement for just a week. Generally, one should take 400 mg of the supplement consistently for 12 weeks since that’s the recommended dosage. In addition, the supplement is safe for humans and the body tolerates it well, implying that there are little to no side effects to worry about.

ii.                 Vitamin B complex

Many people appreciate the B vitamins, thanks to their role in DNA manufacture and repair, as well as energy production by converting food to energy. Besides these roles, they can help the body combat stress especially for those facing constant stressors. When a person is stressed, he burns more vitamins B6 and B5, hence supplementing with these vitamins will help the body to manage stress more effectively. Although some companies provide specific dosage information, most of the B vitamin supplements are taken when one is stressed.

iii.               Melatonin

Melatonin is one of the many hormones that play a critical role in getting quality sleep. Its supplements have been developed to help people manage stress better, especially those who suffer from insomnia and have a problem finding sleep or staying asleep. The supplement dosage can be as little as 0.3 g, although you may top up (when advised by your doctor) up to 10 g depending on the severity of your condition. Admittedly, melatonin supplements will not boost your body’s melatonin hormone production, but will certainly help you fall and stay asleep, especially when you are stressed.

iv.               GABA

Many stressed individuals are restless, angry, irritable, and have long sleepless nights. GABA supplements could help such people better manage these symptoms and get sleep.  Their mode of action is by suppressing the beta waves that cause nervousness and boosting the production of the alpha-calming waves. This way, the destruction over-excitement of brain waves stops and a person handles stress better.

v.                  Glycine

Glycine is one of the essential amino acids your body needs to make proteins. Its supplements have been developed to help individuals combat pressure, anxiety, and stress. Glycine supplements work by reducing your body temperature and rendering a calming effect on the body. The general dosage is 3 g a day, and people who follow the stated instructions have more focus and less restlessness during the day. Additionally, they sleep better and for longer at night, after supplementing with glycine once.

vi.               L-theanine

Green tea is good for helping people focus and boosting energy levels. In addition, it has L-theanine, an amino acid that helps people fight restlessness, anxiety, and stress. L-theanine supplements have been introduced into the market, and many individuals are benefiting from its calming effects. What’s more, the supplements have no sedative effect, and taking as little as 200 mg boosts a person’s energy levels and enhances his stress-handling ability.

vii.             Valerian

If you visit certain parts of Europe, North America, and Asia, you will see valerian, the great herb that has long been used to help people relieve themselves of anxiety, stomach problems, and restlessness. Its supplements have also been developed, and people now use them to fight insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, and irritability. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) and the Phytotherapy Research boy, valerian supplements are among the best stress-combating supplements that will help one get to sleep and manage restlessness.

viii.          Kava

For a long time, people have been using kava during ceremonies, which is why it is a highly-cherished ceremonial beverage. Recently, studies discovered that it can make good stress-combating supplements. Since there, there are capsules, powders, tea, and liquids with kava supplements that one can take and boost his stress-handling ability. The average dosage is anything between 120 and 200 kavalactones. Like GABA supplements, kava supplements encourage the production of the alpha-calming waves and lower the disorientation caused by the beta waves.

ix.                Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha supplements have been long studied and found to be great at elevating a person’s moods, decreasing his stress levels, and working against cortisol, the stress-promoting hormone. Generally, a stressed person needs to take 600 mg of ashwagandha supplements for two months (60 days) which the body tolerates well, and he will be good to go. With these supplements, stress, anxiety, and fatigue are counteracted, leaving you energized and ready to face stressors and life tests.


Life has many challenges and money, relationships, pressure from work, heartbreaks, and health are a few of the many factors that can make a person stressed. People handle stress differently, although regular exercise, meditation, counseling, confiding in a friend, talking a walk, and getting enough sleep have helped many combat stressors. In addition to these methods, you can find using stress vitamins and supplements helpful. This article has discussed the nine best supplements you could try, including the B vitamin complex, Rhodiola, ashwagandha, and kava. Some have general dosages and can be bought over the counter while others need a doctor’s prescription.

Crystal Kadir

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