This traditional Dorset apple cake is a sweet ancient rustic, simple British bake with a delicious taste. Home cooking does not require food processors or blends to prepare these delicacies. Integrating the cannabidiol (CBD) compound in this recipe provides the easiest means to enjoy apple cakes while taking the daily CBD dose. Here is the traditional Dorset apple cakes recipe using cannabidiol.

Dorset apple cake is a traditional standard British bake that appears rustic and simple but has a delicious taste. The apple chunks guarantee that the end product will be soft. This recipe does not require a food processor but is hand-prepared. A simple apple cake recipe containing apple pieces and sauce is suitable during autumn. This recipe comprises various ingredients and preparation methods. Thus, you should stick to one that produces the best Dorset apple cake. Nowadays, cannabidiol (CBD), an essential cannabis chemical compound, has become applicable in most health aspects. Consider this traditional Dorset apple cake recipe using cannabidiol ingredients.

Apple Cake Ingredients

The following ingredients are essential when preparing this recipe, provided they are at room temperature. One can easily prepare this product by mixing the ingredients with their hands rather than food processors.

  • Apples: The apple cake consists of apple chunks infused into the batter. Therefore, avoid baking apples like Bramley because they become soft excessively after baking. For instance, a crisp apple-like Braeburn or Cox will maintain their shape better.
  • Apple sauce: according to Mills-Gray (2018), most experts use this substance when making fresh apple cakes with additional moisture and apple-tastic. Utilize a store-purchased Bramley apple sauce (often kept for serving alongside roasted pork) or local apple butter. Besides, the baby apple is an excellent treat.
  • Plain or Self-raising flour, soda, and baking powder. Primarily, ensure the products being utilized are fresh. Most ancient Dorset apple cake recipes utilize wholemeal flour. According to Wang et al. (2020), using half plain and spelled or wholemeal is recommended.
  • Softened baking spread or unsalted butter like Stork both functions excellently. Butter provides a better taste but ensures it has undergone appropriate softening.
  • Light brown sugar and large eggs.
  • Spices: Some consumers incorporate nutmeg and cinnamon into Dorset apple cake. However, individuals can decide to add or not.
  • 350 grams multipurpose or plain flour
  • 330 grams of sugar
  • One tablespoon of baking powder
  • Half tablespoon soda bicarbonate
  • One teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • One-eighth teaspoons of recently grated nutmeg
  • 200 grams of margarine softened or unsalted butter
  • 200 grams of apple butter or apple sauce
  • Three large eggs
  • Three medium apples sliced into tiny cubes
  • One tablespoon of lemon juice extracted from apple pieces
  • One teaspoon of cornstarch (cornflour) for certain apple pieces

How to Prepare Dorset Apple Cake

Salehi (2019) suggested putting all cake components, including the cannabidiol oil of your choice, into a huge combining bowl. Begin by integrating the sugar, flour, and available spices, stirring quickly. After this, add more butter, eggs, and apple sauce and mix them using a powered hand mixture till a smooth butter is achieved. Core these apples and slice them into tiny cubes. After this, toss with some cornflour and lemon juice amounts. Then, fold them into the batter, and scoop them into a lined cake and greased pan. Cook for 60 minutes or till your cake rises appropriately and the point inserted at the center becomes clean. Put them on a wire rack to cool. One can serve thick slices while the cake remains warm and incorporate custard, transferring vanilla ice cream or cream suppose you desire to improve the taste. Most individuals love apple cake with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Recipe Guidelines and Notes

  • According to Olua & Edide (2013), the cake remains moist for some days while in cake vessels at room temperature. Alternatively, some home cooks freeze the product in certain proportions for three months.
  • Unless stated otherwise, all the components, including apple sauce, cannabidiol oil, and butter eggs, should remain at room temperature to attain a smoother batter. If many ingredients remain cold, they might make your butter look curdled or split.
  • Spend on certain usable baking liners to avoid cutting baking papers to size each moment you bake.
  • Grease your cake container appropriately with some softened butter. Then, spread with flour, remove any excess or utilize a cake discharge spray to prevent the cake from remaining on your pan.
  • Oven temperatures differ, thus, set your timer for five minutes before a certain period. The cake is ready when its top becomes springy to your touch.
  • Finally, stop opening the oven throughout when checking whether the cake is ready or will begin dissipating heat.


According to Kingslee (2006), preheat your oven to about 340 Fahrenheit or 170 degrees Celsius. Spray a 23 centimeters springform cake container with cake grease or release softened dust and butter with flour, removing any excess. Line the container bottom using baking paper. Put the sugar and flour in huge bowls. Incorporate baking powder, species, and soda bicarbonate if utilized, then stir them for proper combination. Add your eggs, apple sauce, and softened butter. Begin whipping them on a slow setting utilizing the hand mixer. Elevate its speed to optimum after the components have been mixed. Whip for a few minutes, then stop and fix the sides and bottom using a spatula. Repeat the procedure till the butter becomes completely smooth. Toss your apple portions in dust and lemon juice using cornflour. Transform it into cake batter form. Put the batter into a ready-made cake container, level, and cook for about 55-60 minutes. The cake is ready if the skewer remains clean after inserting into the cake center.


This traditional Dorset apple cake is a sweet ancient rustic, simple British bake with a delicious taste. Cooking with cannabidiol is convenient and improves the nutritional value of cakes. It involves many ingredients like apple, self-raising flour, spices, sugar, and big eggs. However, people have different tastes and preferences. This implies that choosing appropriate ingredients is paramount as they determine the product’s quality. CBD contains several health benefits that improve general body wellness. Also, learn the proper procedure to follow when cooking Dorset apple cake. The cake remains desirable for some days while stored in cake vessels at room temperature.


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