What Do You Think That People Fear Most About Having Sex Sober

What Do You Think That People Fear Most About Having Sex Sober?

Alcoholics fear having sex sober because it makes them more susceptible to negative sex-related feelings, including anxiety and insecurity. 

Do You Think There Are Benefits to Sober Sex?

Yes, there are benefits to sober sex, including;

  • Allows you to knock out the psychological equation equating sex to your self-esteem
  • You get time to think before getting into it. This reduces the feelings of regrets and shame after the act.
  • Heightens your senses, allowing you to enjoy every second of your passionate romp

Ironically, I Feel Less Sexually Inhibited When I’m Sober Because I Am Better Able to Express My Boundaries, and That Makes Me Feel Safe. Is That Usually the Case?

Once you are booze-free, you get the true courage to communicate what you want and what makes you uncomfortable in bed. The story is different when you are struggling with alcohol. Because your courage stems from a bottle, you experience difficulty expressing your boundaries.

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