Why and How Was Travel Crusade Formed In 2016

Why and How Was Travel Crusade Formed In 2016

The Founder” Somnath”

Travel Crusade is a journal focusing on three areas; ‘Travel,’ ‘Nature,’ and ‘Ecotourism.’ Somnath is the founder of the travel journal. He started it in 2016 to bridge the gap travelers face when making itineraries and planning for a destination. He wanted to educate travelers about various places and destinations and keep them aware of offbeat areas worldwide. 

“Travel Crusade” 

Founder: Somnath

The travel journal focuses on lifestyle, culture, ecotourism, sustainable tourism, nature, and the environment. The journal also contains travel tips and materials to educate and aid travelers across the globe. Being an avid traveler, Somnath kept the wanderlust alive in people and considered traveling an important aspect of life. He people to know about different cultures and traditions. People may be unaware of various places and destinations, and he wanted to bring them in front of travelers. “Travel Crusade” educates on how they can live their dream life full of adventures while working and touring the world. It teaches ways and options to consider while working and traveling with partners. It is one of the prestigious travel journals with fame and recognition in the media. “Travel Crusade” has been featured in “Parks and Travel magazine,” “Vagabond magazine,” “International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association,” and “Everything Everywhere Travel Blog by Gary Arndt.” 

The Rise of Travel Crusade

After 6 years of continuous struggle and competition from the media and industry, it has secured a place in the travel dictionary. It has acquired new heights, remains one of the favored journals, and is rated highly by travel professionals. Travel Crusade is tied up with various affiliate networks like iVISA, Safety Wing, Luggage Hero, media, and bloggers from where it generates income. It also accepts guest posts and articles from bloggers, writers, travel journalists, and media networks. It is partnered with a few media networks across the world. “Travel Crusade” has some advertising partners like Adsterra, Adblade, Infolinks, and Google Adsense. It also accepts sponsorships from hotels and travel and tourism partners. It has also done media trips with many tourism boards and partners promoting travel and its values. It accepts contributions from other writers and travel industry experts. It is a member of Travel Massive and TravMedia. It has got recognition from blog.feedspot.com and Indiblogger and is listed in the top 20 travel blogs to follow under the categories of travel and ecotourism. It has gained a lot of followers, and attention ranks high in the SERPs and search engines. It is effective for travelers looking for genuine and trustworthy sites to help with queries related to travel.

Challenges in “Travel Crusade”

Business Name: Travel Crusade

Challenges arise in businesses. Travel Crusade faces stiff competition from other experts in producing great content. Writers with expertise in travel, nature, and environment work for this journal and contribute high-quality articles monthly. Readers highly rate them. Writers from different countries contribute to this journal and take the initiative to make it a success. Regular writers for “Travel Crusade”  are Sofia and Chris. They publish quality content with good SEO practices for this journal.


Great competition exists to stand high and tall in the industry, get recognized, rank, and uphold its value. Engaging and evergreen content is rare to find. Travel Crusade considers these aspects seriously and publishes what satisfies the viewer’s intent and requirements. It understands its audience and viewers and publishes engaging content.

Living up to Expectations

 Living up to the expectation of everyone in the industry and ranking high in the list of travel journals by producing good quality content is a challenge. Since the Corona crisis, travel has seen an unprecedented downfall in all countries, and people have switched to other career options out of fear. Travel Crusade continues to be one of the inspirations for young people to consider touring and Hospitality as a career choice. It contains tips and motivation for the young generation to consider and move forward.

Travel and Touring

Travelers and tourists consider this journal to plan itineraries and go on trips anywhere in the world. Travelers can contact the best tour operator and keep a map to cover all the places for a particular destination. The journal gives a view of the continental map and location for touring. It starts with “How to reach a particular destination” and the “Best time to visit a place.” It shows factors like altitude, temperature, accommodation, and things to see. “Travel Crusade” gives travelers an edge over other media networks. The posts are well-written and formulated, keeping the viewers’ needs in mind. The writers consider producing the best article for a particular destination.

The Travel Tips

The journal contains information about offbeat destinations and places of natural interest. It educates travelers about travel accessories and gear they should carry on their trip. It provides tourists with the best travel tips and guides them not to be misled by tour operators or travel agencies. The journal contains information about places, countries, and offbeat destinations under each continent to navigate the site with the required information they are looking for. They can locate one place they plan to go to and get the required details for their trip.

“Travel Crusade” Site

 They can directly book their tickets and accommodation from the site since it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It can be accessed via laptops, touchpads, and mobiles. Travelers can subscribe to this blog to get updated about the latest happenings in the industry and stay up to date with all news with one click.

Effects of Corona on “Travel Crusade”

Travel and Hospitality was a big industry before the corona crisis, but it saw a decline in growth and profits in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, there have been promising trends, and it is expected to survive the bad phase it went through. Young entrepreneurs are thinking of travel startups that can be rewarding if it meets their expectations. There are a lot of opportunities in the travel and hospitality sector. The industry may revive after the corona crisis.

Opportunities in Travel Industry

 The MSME sectors and other autonomous bodies award various funding opportunities to travel entrepreneurs. People are eager to see new challenges and opportunities changing the existing industry and making it better and more effective. Technological advancements are also playing a vital and major role in promoting tourism in rural and protected areas of national importance. Travel Blogging is prevalent in the US, and young people are spending time setting up their base and getting paying clients to make a name. There are various opportunities, like participating in and attending this industry’s TBEX conferences,  seminars, and events. Various sponsorship opportunities from the media can be seen as a great weapon to consider if one wants to make a career in the travel and hospitality industry. Networking and building good relationships with other travel journalists is necessary if the founder wants to build his brand. Young aspirants and people can join this field after completing a travel and hospitality management course.

Author’s Take

Life is fun and challenging and comes with promising and rewarding opportunities.   It depends on the aspiration and determination of the individual if they want an important career option and moves ahead in life.

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