All You Need to Know About the Sirtfood Diet


With continued inventions of nearly everything, the diet has not been left behind. Sirtfood Diet is one of the current invented and trendy diets.

Native to the United Kingdom, the Sirtfood diet is gradually becoming part and parcel of many celebrities since it allows consumption of red wine and chocolate in it. The inventors of this diet emphasize that it is a good diet as it is a hidden key to losing body fat and preventing diseases.

However, some dieticians and health experts claim that this diet may not be as good for your as people tend to believe. Thus this article explores what is all about the Sirtfood diet and some of its science-based health benefits.

What Is Sirtfood Diet?

As had been mentioned earlier, Sirtfood Diet was first developed in the United Kingdom by two popular nutritionists who were serving in a private gym. According to their advertisements, they campaigned for this diet as a revolutionary meal and health plan that can help a person lose fat effectively.

Sirtfood diet is purely based on studies conducted on sirtuins (SIRT). According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, sirtuins are a collection of seven proteins found in the body that has been found to be responsible for the regulation of various functions such as inflammation, metabolism, and lifespan.

It is believed that some foods may contain natural plant compounds that may have the potential to increase sirtuins in the body. These particular foods have thus been tagged the name “Sirtfood.”

According to the studies conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the top twenty sirtfoods provided by the Sirtfood Diet are:

Strawberries, kales, red wine, parsley, onions, soy, extra virgin oil, matcha green tea, dark chocolate (85% cocoa), turmeric, walnut, buckwheat, arugula (rocket), lovage, bird’s eye chili, Medjool dates, red chicory, cappers, blueberries, and coffee.

Alongside eating the sirtfoods, this diet also restricts calorie. This works by ensuring that your body produces increased amounts of sirtuins. The Sirtfood Diet eBooks and books contain recipes and meal plans you can adhere to but still there are more of these books available online.

One important health benefit of following a Sirtfood Diet is that it will help you to drastically lose weight without interfering with muscle mass. It also leads to remarkable protection against chronic diseases.

Is Sirtfood Diet Any Effective?

The nutritionists who developed the Sirtfood diet boldly claim that this type of diet can help its followers to rapidly lose weight, spark off the body’s “skinny genes,” as well as preventing diseases. However, there are limited studies to support these claims.

Until now there is no convincing study that backs the claims that Sirtfood Diet can positively impact weight more than following a calorie-restricted diet. In as much as eating the foods included in the sirtfoods list have healthful properties, but still there are no studies that have been conducted on humans to show that sirtfoods can have any healthful benefits.

However, the books of Sirtfood Diet have pilot research reports that the pioneers carried out on 39 participants in their fitness center. Sadly, those results seem not to have been published anywhere else.

The research put the participants on sirtfoods and daily exercise for 1 week. By the end of the week, these participants had lost an average of 3.2 kg (7 pounds) while their muscles mass was maintained or gained.

The results are not even shocking. If a person can follow a restricted calorie intake of 1000 calories daily and exercise at the same time, they will automatically lose weight. Similarly, they may as well gained back their weight the following week.

When the body is deprived of energy, it will begin utilizing glycogen (emergency stores), burn fat and muscles at the same time. During this process, water is also lost which was used to store glycogen. Storing glycogen requires 3-4 molecules of water. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, with a restricted calorie intake for a week, only a third of the weight lost is fat while two-thirds comes from water, muscles, and glycogen. When you resume the normal calorie intake, your body restores the glycogens, and weight is automatically regained.

To some extent, Sirtfood Diet may help you lose a portion of your weight in the period of adhering to it but once the diet is depleted, you’re likely to have your lost weight back. Likewise, the period of following this diet is very short for it to have a long-term benefit to health.

How to Follow the Sirtfood Diet

This special kind of diet is composed of two phases that last for three weeks. After that, you may opt-out or continue including sirtfoods in your diet as long as you want. The specific recipes for these two phases are found in “The Sirtfood Diet” books written by its developers. Lovage, matcha green tea powder, and buckwheat are the only sirtfoods that may be difficult to find while the rest are easily available and are cheap. One key portion of this diet is green juice taken nearly 3 times daily.

Phase One

This phase typically lasts for seven days where one has to restrict calorie intake and take lots of green juice. It helps orientate your body to losing weight and is believed to lead to a loss of 3.2 kg in 7 days. Intake of calories is restricted to 1000 in the 3 days and increased to 1500 for days 4-7 where green juice is taken twice a day.

Phase Two

This phase lasts for two weeks. It is referred to as the “maintenance” phase. It involves a steady loss of weight and the calorie limit is not specified. During these days, one takes three meals purely of sirtfoods and one green juice every day.

After the Diet Ends

According to an individual’s wishes, one may repeat the two phases for continued weight loss or may add sirtfoods to their regular diet.


Sirtfood Diet is the new and trendy diet that was developed in Europe. It strictly involves following and eating sirtfoods for three weeks in two phases. One has also to restrict their calorie intake during the entire two phases. Sirtfood Diet is said to help lose an average weight of 3.2 kg rapidly within 3 weeks and help prevent diseases.

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