Austin And Kat Cbd Review

Austin And Kat Cbd Review


Austin and Kat is a CBD company that offers products to help pets live healthy life. Unlike most CBD companies, this one only manufactures full spectrum CBD dogs and cat products. Kat wanted to share her recipe with dog owners who wanted to gift their dogs the best life. She manufactures her products from organic hemp, which is grown in the United States. According to our analysis, it is going to be USDA certified soon. This means that their farming techniques, extract methods and lab results are sustainable and accurate.  Although they offer only one range of products, they come in two forms: pet edible bites and pet tinctures. These products are proven to be non-GMO and pesticide-free.  The brand has published a website that has included third-party lab results that have proved products to be free of microbial contaminants. The price range of these products is $0.08 – $0.33 per mg of CBD. The brand offers worldwide shipping and free shipping for orders above $50. Other discounts are also provided to their existing customers, which helps keep their loyalty to the brand.  Customers are provided with contact information where they can gather more information about products.

About The Company

Austin and Kat is a family founded and owned company that produces pet CBD products. The co-founder, Kat Donatello, founded the company in 2014 and ran the business in her kitchen.  The company has grown and now expanded its operations to different countries. Our analysis showed that she started the business with the idea of helping her dog Austin live a life free from various ailments and have a happy life. Austin, her dog, was the Chief Product Tester; therefore, Kat named the company ‘Austin and Kat’ to pay tribute to him. The brand gathers its products from hemp, which is a cannabinoid plant sourced from the United States.  It is passed through the carbon dioxide extraction process to acquire the pure extract. The company’s website has stated that for the products to contain the right amount of CBD for dogs, Kat purifies her recipe with each batch making quality blends. Some of the ingredients used in her recipe are; almonds, apples, ashwagandha, astaxanthin, blueberries, and carrots, all of which have nutritional value to pets. Although they have not revealed the purity tests for heavy metals, the final product is tested by an independent third-party laboratory.

As we examined their website in search of more data, we realized that they had included information about its foundation and operations. The source of hemp, nature of the products, ingredients, instructions of use, and third-party lab results are also displayed. The results are located under a ‘lab tests’ link, and they have proven the products to be organic, non-GMO, and pesticide-free. Besides that, their partnership with Treehouse hemp, a National Animal Supplement Council, has been mentioned. This is their leading supplier of hemp. They have made sure to include a section where the customers can shop and order products online. For easy access, they have provided a filter tool where customers can search for a specific product without going through every product.

You can search for products according to the product type, by solution, stage life of the pet, or the pet type. They offer discounts and free shipping of orders above $50 to their customers. The welcome discount is for first-time buyers. The brand gives a 15% off their first order and $20 off vouchers. In addition, it educates them on the health benefits of hemp for their pets. Subscribe and save is another discount that allows the customers to subscribe to any of their products and receive a 15% saving for every shipment.  Customers can also enjoy the referral program and bark bucks discount. Customers can earn bark bucks through every dollar they spend on Austin and Kat products, redeeming for product vouchers. You can also refer others to the company and receive a $20 off voucher. They have a return policy that allows customers to return products within 30 days of delivery, and guaranteed money-back.

This website also has a section for FAQ’s where questions about hemp, its benefits to pets and questions about the company’s activities have been openly discussed. Customer care services are up to standard, and their contact information is provided online. You can email, use online messaging or call their contact number. Reviews have shown that the customer care team responds to questions on time. Our transparency report showed that this brand is listed among the most accurate and transparent CBD brands in product potency and purity.

Manufacturing Process

Austin and Kat’s company uses the carbon dioxide extraction process to extract their broad-spectrum hemp.   Their preference is Treehouse hemp which is supplied by the first National Animal Supplement Council. They choose not to ship hemp from overseas because it’s meant for industrial use and not medical uses. They harvest from the most flowery parts of the plant because most cannabinoids are stored there.  The CO2 is pumped into a pressure chamber together with the hemp, and it absorbs the oils and flavours since it stays in a liquid state. The mixture is driven into another chamber where the CO2 changes to gas, and the residue left is the plant’s cannabinoid products. The extract is then mixed with MCT oil to allow the products to be digested easily by the pets. Although the process extracts products with a higher CBD to THC level, it is more expensive than other methods. The equipment required is costly therefore discouraging companies from using this method.

After the products are formulated, they are tested by an independent thirdparty to ensure their safety and quality measures are controlled. The lab test links provided on their website proved that the products contain a legal limit of less than 0.3% THC, and the microbes purity tests proved negative. However, there were no results for heavy metals and pesticides. From the company’s website, the ‘no wiggles’ 450mg broad-spectrum pet tincture was tested as the product with the highest accuracy variation. It has 471mg of CBD, for the lowest accuracy variation was the organic Austin’s 300mg full spectrum active per bite. They contain 293.4mg of CBD in total, which is below the 10% limit.

Range Of Products

Austin and Kat’s company manufactures only one range of products though provided in different forms to allow customers to choose their pets references and easy consumption. The nature of the products and instructions of use has been provided on their website

CBD Pet Tincture

CBD Pet Tincture

These are natural, specially manufactured spectrum tinctures for consumption according to the pet’s weight. It is extracted using the CO2 process, and the ingredients used are all human grade. Organic hemp seed oil, wild Alaskan salmon oil, and MCT oil are ingredients used while manufacturing tinctures. They can only be consumed orally or through sublingual use.

CBD Pet Edible Bites.

These are high-quality approved CBD pet bites. They are extracted through the carbon dioxide method, and customers have reported the product to be crunchy. They can only be used orally. They are available in 2, 5, and 10mg potency.

CBD Pet Edible Bites

These products offer general wellness, hip and joint issues, senior health, recovery, calm and quiet or active, and working in dogs and cats. Some of the products we reviewed are;

Austin’s Active Bites

Austin's Active Bites

These are light brown full spectrum pet edibles. They are crushed and crumbled to produce a hard, crunchy edible. It contains a legalized low amount of THC and a 300mg product containing 293.4mg of CBD, a 2.2% accuracy variation. One bottle costs $49.95, which is $0.17mg per CBD

Austin’s No More Wiggles Tincture

Austin's No More Wiggles Tincture

It is offered in oil form, and it has a gold or brown color. Its texture is thick, and its viscosity is oil-like. The dropper has included measuring marks to make it easier for pet owners to measure dosage. The recommended dosage is 1ml per intake. Its accuracy variance was tested to be 4.6% which is under the allowed limit. A 450mg bottle goes for $64.95.

Why Do We Like The Company

Compared to other CBD companies that offer human-related products, this brand manufactures pet products. The founder wanted to look for a product that could add more energy to her 12 years old dog that had already started to look old and weak. From this, she is now producing pet products worldwide, and her products have been proven to be of the suitable standard and helpful to pets. We were also fascinated by the website’s transparency to their customers. They have made it easy for customers to access information about them or reach their customer care desk. It is easy to navigate through their website and read all about the brand and its products. Sharing important company details with our customers makes it simple for them to trust your products; therefore,it becomes hard for them to leave. The company also offers discounts for first-time customers and their existing customers. We think that these strategies will lead it to a great organization.

Why We Don’t Like The Company.

Though the brand is unique in its product, it only manufactures a limited product catalog. Only pet CBD products are manufactured by this company, specifically cats and dogs. The company has been in the market since 2014, but it has only managed to offer pet products and has not expanded its market. We would advise the company to start thinking of other products they can manufacture to add to their range. In addition, the product lab results do not show any results for pesticides or heavy metals. The third-party company that takes its lab tests has not been revealed. Customers need to know any side effects their pets may face; therefore, no information should be held back by the company. Customers who order purchases worth less than $50 cannot enjoy free shipping opportunities. It may attract more customers if shipping is free for all orders.


Austin and Kat’s products are the best option if you want to give your pet a happy and long life. Products have been tested for purity, and only all-natural ingredients are used for the production process. This proves that the products are of high quality and you can trust them to take care of your pets’ problems. Although some information is not clearly stated, reviews from most customers show that their pets are enjoying the effects of the products.

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