CBD Capsules

Best CBD Capsules for 2022

Thanks to the wide range of health benefits CBD provides, manufacturers are producing CBD-infused products in different forms. Besides oils, CBD capsules are the most popular and widespread way of enjoying CBD benefits. 

Top Benefits of CBD Capsules

CBD-infused capsules are easy and convenient to take. You can carry them wherever you go and take them anytime you feel like it. The capsules are discrete and look like any vitamin or OTC medication. 

Another benefit of CBD capsules is that they come pre-dosed. This allows for keeping your CBD dose accurate and consistent. In addition, you don’t have to lose time measuring CBD oils — just pop the capsule in your mouth and wash it down with water or your favorite beverage. 

What is more, CBD capsules allow you to avoid the earthy flavor of hemp and the sugar contained in CBD gummies

CBD Capsules

Types of CBD Capsules to Consider

When it comes to capsules, there are three main types: soft gels, standard capsules, and tablets. Let’s find out what makes each of these special. 

Soft Gel CBD Capsules 

The soft gels contain enclosed CBD oil into a capsule made of gelatine, water, opacifier, and plasticizers. They are rich in nutrients and are the most straightforward capsule form for the body to break down, which means you’ll likely feel the results faster. 

Standard CBD Capsules

The standard version of CBD capsules is similar to soft gels. They have the CBD oil enclosed in a hard shell which is then slowly broken down in the digestive system and absorbed into the bloodstream. As a result, these can take up to two hours to take effect. 

CBD Tablets 

CBD tablets are CBD compressed into a tablet. They are made with CBD isolate, which is the purest form of cannabinoids. Tablets are easy to swallow and take results within 30 minutes to one hour. Also, the effects will last longer. 

 The Best CBD Capsules for 2022

After thoroughly considering the potency and results, we created a list of the best CBD capsules for 2022. Also, we included companies that do transparent business and provide certificates of analysis for each product. 


JustCBD was established to show consumers the actual value of “Mother’s Nature greatest miracle.” The brand has been around since 2017, and since then, the team has put in a lot of effort to be transparent and disclose all the ingredients included in their products. In addition, each product is lab tested, so each adheres to strict quality and safety standards. You can find COAs on their website. 

CBD Capsules Energy Formula

  • 25mg of CBD per capsule
  • Great for an energy boost
  • Fast-acting

The Energy Formula by JustCBD is designed to give your body a powerful boost. It contains vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin B6, thiamin, vitamin B12, and riboflavin. In addition, each capsule is also infused with 25mg of CBD isolate. The standard capsule form is easy to swallow, and I was pleased to learn that the results hit pretty fast. It took about 30 minutes to feel more energized and sharp. Also, I found out that I felt more focused and motivated to go through the day. 

CBD Capsules – Multivitamin Formula

  • 25mg of CBD per capsule
  • Promotes wellness 
  • It helps you maintain a healthy diet

The Multivitamin formula is enriched with essential vitamins D, A, B12, and B2. In addition, it includes 25mg of CBD isolate and is designed to promote wellness and healthy metabolism. It’s a fantastic blend of nutrients that deliver a health-boosting experience and helps maintain a healthy diet. 

CBD Capsules — Nightime Formula

  • No aftertaste
  • Unique Melatonin and CBD isoalte formula
  • Good for easing yourself to sleep
CBD Capsules
JustCBD Nighttime Formula CBD Capsules

The unique Nighttime formula by JustCBD combines Melatonin and 25mg of CBD. The capsules will help you unwind without upsetting the stomach. Additionally, it helps manage anxiety symptoms so you can ease yourself into healthy sleep. Plus, there isn’t any aftertaste. The morning after, you’ll feel refreshed and energized.

Love Hemp

Today, Love Hemp is one of the leading suppliers in the industry and many consider it a disruptive and innovative brand in the UK hemp industry. The company currently operates from the London headquarters but the diverse range is sold worldwide. It has been featured in prominent outlets like Grazia, BBC, Forbes, and Men’s Health, to name a few. Additionally, Love Hemp won the 2020 Beauty Shortlist Award for Best CBD Brand.  

Love Hemp CBD Capsules

  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • 300mg of CBD
  • Perfect for newbies

The Love Hemp CBD capsules are vegan and gluten-free. Made with 300mg premium broad-spectrum CBD extract, each capsule contains 5mg CBD for accurate dosing. The capsules are perfect for newcomers to the CBD world. The recommended starting dose is two capsules which amount to 10mg a day. Then, you can slowly increase the dose as we did during the testing period

Simple Leaf CBD 

Simple Leaf provides targeted, plant-based products formulated with top-notch ingredients. The hemp is non-GMO and organically grown in the USA. You can find carefully crafted products that are hyper-targeted to address the main health concerns. The Simple Leaf’s formulas are enhanced with herbs, vitamins, nootropics, and adaptogens to help consumers meet their unique body needs. 

CBD Capsule Muscle + Joint  

  • 20mg of CBD per serving
  • Plant-powered
  • Fast-acting

Muscle + Joint CBD is a dietary supplement that aims to support comfort in joints and muscles. The capsules contain a powerful blend of extracts, including acai berry powder, turmeric curcumin, and arnica powder to provide an anti-inflammatory response. The capsules are vegetarian and free of additives. They are easy to swallow and provide fast relief after a hard workout. With 20 mg CBD per capsule, the Muscle + Joint formula proved great for my exercise recovery. 

Pure Natur

Pure Natur makes sure that you get the best of what nature has to offer. Powered by cutting-edge technology, Pure Natur offers 100% natural products that boast the amazing properties of CBD.  The company uses a unique and innovative cold-pressed method, ensuring a higher bioavailability and maximum effects. Solvents aren’t involved in the manufacturing process — just water and pressure. Essentially, the hemp plant is squeezed, using advanced equipment without the usage of chemical solvents. 

Pure Natur Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules

  • 100% water soluble
  • Promise the entourage effect
  • Impressive cannabinoid profile

The full-spectrum CBD capsules are among the staple products of Pure Natur. Designed to provide the entourage effect, these capsules feature an impressive cannabinoid profile. Thanks to the micro-encapsulation formula, the CBD is protected with a layer of proteins, increasing the capsule’s bioavailability. Additionally, the process makes the product tasteless and 100% water-soluble. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with this product and you can read more about it in our full Pure Natur review.

Healthy Roots

As one of the top CBD brands, Healthy Roots practices transparent business and builds the consumers’ trust through continuous product testing. Here’s what the company’s rep shared with us: “Our tests include potency, strength, heavy metals, pesticides, microbial content as well as any residual solvents just to ensure the quality of our products. These testing standards are applied to all our products and raw ingredients from tinctures to cosmetics as well as our pet products for our furry friends.” 

Full Spectrum Soft Gel Capsules

  • 10mg of CBD per softgel
  • Vegan
  • Easy to swallow

The full-spectrum soft gel capsules boast 10mg of CBD per capsule and contain other beneficial cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC. Available in testing and full sizes, these CBD capsules are perfect for soothing sore muscles and relaxing. Also, they help to keep anxiety symptoms at bay and regulate the sleeping cycle. 


Altwell is a newly-founded CBD brand formed by the Milk Muscle creators and Karena Dawn, the Tone-Up co-founder. The brand promotes body, soul, and mental wellness. The company uses Colorado-grown CBD and oversees production from seed to shelf. Additionally, the team commits to radical transparency, outlining their practices and providing COAs for the entire product range.  

Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract Softgells

  • 20mg of CBD per softgel
  • Smooth soft gel formula
  • 30 soft gels per package

The soft gel capsules from Altwell encompass 20mg of full-spectrum hemp flower extract. After two-week testing, I can recommend these CBD capsules for getting that extra boost throughout the day. Taking one capsule in the morning was enough to get me more focused and sharp. In addition, I was able to go to back-to-back meetings without any worry. When taking them before bedtime, my sleep had improved. What is more, I noticed I slept longer hours without waking up in the middle of the night. 


PureKana, one of the top CBD brands on the market, uses proprietary formulas and CO2 extraction. The hemp is grown and harvested in Kentucky. Furthermore, the products are vegan and are infused with natural ingredients that are also delicious. As the company’s representative said: “The final result is a product combining the best of multiple worlds, such as gummies, tinctures, and sleep-aids.”

PM CBD Capsules

  • 25mg of CBD per capsule
  • Vegan
  • Melatonin and L-Theanine

The PM CBD capsules are designed for nighttime use as they promote healthy sleep. The proprietary formula includes 25mg of CBD, L-Theaninehemp, melatonin, and Gaba. You should take one CBD capsule about half an hour before going to bed. The results are great — you’ll fall asleep faster than usual, and the seep cycle will prolong. What is more, the capsules won’t make you drowsy but fresh and energized the following day. Additionally, they are great for everyday use. On the flip side, the only potential downside is the price. The capsules are pretty expensive, but considering the great results, I’d say you get good value for money. 

Nu-x CBD

If looking for premium-quality products at an affordable price range, consider Nu-x. This band aims to set high standards of quality and purity in the CBD industry. In addition, the company’s product range is impressive and available in multiple flavors. What is more, Nu-x invests in attractive and easy-to-use packages that elevate the game. 

Nu-x Softgells

  • 15mg of CBD per soft gel
  • Vegan
  • 10 capsules per bag

The  Nu-x’s soft gel capsules deliver 15mg full-spectrum CBD from USA-grown hemp. They are non-GMO and vegan. The small bag contains ten soft gels and is very convenient for on-the-go use. Optionally, you can purchase a full-size container of 100 capsules. The soft gels are easy to swallow and deliver consistent results. I noticed improved sleep and focus. 

Farmer & Chemist 

Farmer & Chemist was established in 2019 by pharmacists and scientists. The brand provides top-quality products and unique experiences for CBD consumers. They use a pure and more concentrated formula that delivers a wide range of CBD benefits. Plus, there are pharmacists on board, so consumers can always seek guidance and help regarding CBD. 

All Is Gel — Rest and Relief

  • 25mg of CBD per soft gel capsule
  • Melatonin-infused
  • 30 capsules per container
CBD Capsules
Farmer & Chemist All Is Gel Soft Gel CBD Capsules

All Is Gel soft gels contain 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD and 1mg of melatonin. This combination promotes a good night’s sleep and relaxation. Additionally, they have anti-inflammatory properties and are suitable for treating mild pains. The CBD soft gels are easy to swallow and have a pleasant green color. What is more, the capsules are free from THC and harsh chemicals.  

All Is Gel — Refresh & Relief

  • 25mg of CBD per soft gel
  • Curcumin-infused
  • 30 capsules per container 

All Is Gel Refresh, and Relief soft gels are enriched with curcumin to provide steady relief. Abundant with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, these CBD capsules work great for chronic pain and discomfort. Additionally, they offer a calming sensation, helping you relax and get the so much-deserved rest. 

Extract Labs

Extract Labs is a Colorado-based CBD company owned by a veteran who said: “Witnessing the benefits of CBD alongside a community of veterans fueled a desire to start making products that everyone could try.” Established in 2016, the company offers premium products at affordable prices. Extract Labs is on a mission to make “plant-based wellness accessible to all.” To date, it has been featured in prominent outlets like BuzzFeed, the Chive, and Forbes. Also, the company has garnered the Best Isolate and Best Extractor awards at Indo Expo. 

Relief Formula CBD Capsules

  • 30mg of CBD per softgel
  • 1:3 CBD to CDC ratio
  • Soothes discomfort 

The Relief Formula is unique as it combines CBD and CDC in a 1:3 ratio. These cannabinoids work together to strengthen the benefits of the hemp plant and deliver pain relief. As a result, the formula is fast-acting, and the results linger for several hours.  For persistent and chronic pains, it’s best to take two soft gels. On the other hand, one is enough for acute pains.

Full Spectrum PM Softgel Capsules

  • 30mg of CBD per softgel
  • 10mg of CBN

The PM soft gels include 30mf of full-spectrum CBD and 10mg of CBN. These two cannabinoids work together to fight insomnia. Designed to ease you into a good night’s sleep, the PM soft gels get your body to relax and your muscles to loosen up. It’s best to take one capsule before bedtime. In about 20 minutes, you’ll feel your mind unwinding, and you’ll quickly fall asleep. If suffering from anxiety, these soft gels will help you manage the symptoms. 

Full-Spectrum CBD Soft Gels

  • 33mg of CBD per soft gel
  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Fast-acting

The full-spectrum soft gels by Extract Labs include 33mg of CBD. The highly concentrated formula ensures potent results. It’s also fast-acting, so you’ll feel the whole plant benefits in about 30 minutes. The soft gels will ease the discomfort, help you relax, and make you more motivated to go through the day. 

Leafwell Botanicals

Leafwell Botanicals is a family-run company established in 2016. Here’s what the owners shared with us: “For us, it’s personal! We’ve seen our products significantly improve our lives and the lives of our loved ones. With Luis battling a lymphoma diagnosis at the end of 2019 and through the first half of 2020 (thankfully okay today!) using tinctures to help navigate the emotional roller coaster of such a diagnosis, to Abe’s sister using full spectrum tinctures in conjunction with her medication to combat her epilepsy. We make products we ourselves and our families take daily.”

Hemp Extract Softgels

  • 25mg/40mg of CBD per soft gel
  • Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum options
  • Soothes the muscles
CBD Capsules
Leafwell Botanicals Soft Gel CBD Capsules

The Leafwell soft gels come in two strength variations — Classic and Strong. Also, they are available in broad-spectrum and full-spectrum variations. The soft gels are easy to use and fast-acting. It takes about 20-30 minutes to feel pain relief. I found out it works great for sore muscles, and this product has become a staple in my gym bag. Also, it promotes a good night’s sleep and makes you feel well-rested. 

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