Why Does Back Pain Happen?

Back pain has no exact causative but might be influenced by various factors such as; muscle and ligament straining due to frequent lifting of heavy objects, the strain on the back due to poor physical state, bulging of soft tissues inside your back disks, poor sitting or standing postures and symptoms of arthritis.

When to Seek Medical Treatment?

I advise you seek medical help when your back pain steadily increases and tend to show no signs of lessening no matter the tricks you emp0ly to combat it.

Tips to Relieve Back Pain


Don’t sleep or lie on the bed for long hours when your backaches. Instead, indulge in moderately intense activities such as yoga, walking, push-ups, or jogging to stretch your back muscles and ease the pain.

Maintain Good Posture

Back pain can be caused by poor posture, whether standing or sitting. To lower your aches, ensure you avoid slouching and maintain a position that allows you to sit or stand upright while the shoulders are relaxed without straining your feet or back.

Back Massage Therapy

Back massage therapy entails using hands to rub the areas faced with chronic pain. This can work by alleviating inflammation and improving circulation in the back, which restructures the spine and re-establishes the lost mobility.

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