Berman Vibrating Dilator Review

Berman Vibrating Dilator Review

Berman Vibrating Dilator Review

Unfortunately there is no fighting Mother Nature and the fact is that we all get older and our bodies don’t quite function like they used when we were younger. When it comes to sexual function some things slip and can’t be helped but when it comes to keeping your vaginal muscles in shape there actually is something that you can do to keep from losing all your youth in that area.

Kegel exercises are used to strengthen the vaginal muscles and can help not only with bladder control but also with sexual pleasure. Keeping a tight vagina means more contraction on the penis and this can intensify the experience for both of you.

A Berman vibrating dilator is an amazing device that helps to strengthen those muscles as well as well as providing stimulation and sexual pleasure. The dilator set includes a multi-speed dilator that is waterproof and vibrates, 3 interlocking, graduated stacked dilator sleeves so that you can work your way up to different sizes, and a soft silicone sleeve.

You can start at the smallest circumference of 2.75 inches and gradually work your way up to the largest size of 4.75 inches. And even though you are in fact doing exercises just like going to the gym, the added vibration feature means that it won’t seem like a chore to do them – it adds that certain sexual pleasure that will help you look forward to exercise time.

You can stack the sleeves until you have the size that feels the most comfortable and by also adding the soft silicone sleeve it will be much more comfortable to wear and easier to insert as well.

You do need to use 2 AA batteries and also keep in mind that you might want to invest in a high quality water based lubricant. And always remember to keep all the component of the dilator clean between uses.

So whether you have some kind of sexual dysfunction or you just want to strengthen your vaginal muscles and pelvic floor in order to increase the pleasure of sex, the dilator can be quite a useful product to invest in. It really combines function with fun and there is no reason why exercising has to be tedious and boring anymore.

And with the added bonus of the vibration feature built into the Berman dilator you just know that when it comes time to hit the gym per se you are not going to be the one complaining anymore! Why not have fun at the same time as working out – if every exercise could be done this way just think about how fit everyone would be!

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