Protein powders are a great source of protein that can help you stay full and satisfied without frequent snacks, great for weight loss.

Have you set your mind on losing weight? To succeed in this new journey you are embarking on, one of the things to keep in mind is that proteins can help you a great deal. This nutrient not only helps in the weight loss process but is shown to help you maintain too. You can always consume it through food sources, but as you will soon find out, you can obtain it from protein powders too. Keep reading to find out some of the best choices you can make out of the numerous options available in the market.

Whey Protein

If you are looking for the most popular protein powders in the market today, it has to be whey. This is one of the milk proteins. It is easily digested in your body and is great when taken after exercise performance.

Not only does it aid in building muscles, but it can also help you shed some weight. The fact that it helps promote weight loss can be linked to its ability to make you feel fuller for a longer time and even have a reduced appetite.

A perfect example of a whey protein powder you can give a try is 100% Premium Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder from Naked Nutrition. It is very pure, has no additives, colors, or artificial sweeteners. A scoop of this protein powder will give you 25g of proteins, 3g of carbs, and 2g of sugar. You can consume it immediately after you are done with your workout.

Soy Protein

Soy is one of the few plant proteins you can take advantage of. This protein has all the 9 essential amino acids that are vital for your health and wellbeing. Therefore, if you are a vegan trying to source his proteins, you can consider soy which affects your appetite, reduces the number of calories you consume, and helps you shed some weight.

However, soy protein powder’s effectiveness isn’t as high as whey protein’s but is better than that of egg white protein powders. It is shown that women who take soy protein powder are more likely to lose belly fat than those taking casein.

Therefore, if you are considering soy protein powders, you can try one from NOW Sports. Their powder is composed of 22g protein and a low-calorie count of 90.

Casein Protein Powder

This is a milk protein that is a very good source of protein for your weight loss. Unlike whey, its rate of digestion is much slower. Once the casein protein powder is exposed to your stomach, it will form a curd; hence, your body requires around 6-7 hours for its complete digestion and absorption.

The upside of the slow rate of casein’s digestion is that it will decrease your appetite and make you eat less. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of casein protein powder products, you can try 100% casein Protein Powder from ProMix Nutrition. This is a low-calorie protein powder with 25g protein with no sugar.

Multi-Purpose Protein Powder

At times, you can get the best of both worlds by combining both casein and whey all in one product. This mixture is great for muscle building and weight loss. An example of a product you can buy is from Quest Nutrition. It has no sugar but has a taste and versatility of a kind. You can add it to your pancakes, yogurt, or shakes and enjoy how well and easily it blends for that extra nutrition.

Egg White Protein Powder

Some individuals are milk intolerant or do not like it. What should you do if you are such a person but still need to lose some weight? A great alternative for you to give a shot is egg white powder obtained by drying chicken egg whites.

A perfect example of an egg white protein powder you can buy is from Naked Truth. The good thing with it is that as much as your body digests it slowly, it works faster than casein protein powder. Therefore, you can have it as the perfect smoothie if you are done with your workout session.

Moreover, you can trust this egg white protein powder from Naked Nutrition. This is because they use clean ingredients and their eggs are not GMO. An added ingredient to their protein powder is sunflower lecithin. Also, this protein powder contains no colors or sweeteners added to it. In each of its servings, there are 35grams of proteins packed and 110 calories.

Therefore, you can consider buying these protein powders to aid in your weight loss.

Pea Protein Powder

This is another plant-based protein with all the 9 essential amino acids and is perfect for vegans too.However, as much as it substitutes dairy protein, the amount of essential amino acids it contains is lower. In most cases, these products are made from yellow peas.

The pea protein powders have a strong effect on lowering your appetite, but not as strong as casein. Therefore, when you go for pea protein, you can consume a reduced amount of calories.

A great pea protein product you can buy is from Naked Nutrition. It is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for individuals with allergic reactions to soy or milk. Also, since some do not lie about the earthy taste of pea protein, you can take advantage of Naked Nutrition’s chocolate-flavored pea protein powder.


Protein is an essential nutrient that can help you shed some weight. This is because it helps keep you fuller for a longer time, so you don’t have to keep snacking. Also, you can obtain from your diet through the foods you eat. Moreover, as you have noticed, there are other great options from which you can obtain your protein for weight loss, and it is through protein powders. You have a variety to choose from. If you want one which is fiber fortified, whey, or soy, the choice is yours. All the best as you shed that weight.

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