Blind Dates and Your Facebook Profile

Blind Dates and Your Facebook Profile

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter; can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Our social media capture and record our lives for all to see and like it or not, we’re judged by what we put out there. Have you ever done a bit of profile stalking and thought “Wow, that guy is perfect”? You probably have, but it’s worth remembering that what you’re looking at is a careful construction; an online identity that the owner can shape however they please. It’s called Facebook for a reason.

If you’re in the dating “market” and your friends are constantly recommending people to you for blind dates, it’s worth investing some time in making sure your Facebook profile creates a positive and attractive representation of your life. After all, it’s likely to be the first place the “other guy” checks when he hears that he has a blind date with the “hot friend”.

Here are a few tips to help you create an attractive and appealing online dating profile that will pique his interest:

Do post your travel photos, and I do mean all of them. Nothing gets your friends’ envy levels up quite like a new album titled “my trip to Mauritius”, stuffed full of snapshots of you suntanning, partying and visiting exotic locations. Nothing says, “I’d like to get to know you better” than pics that show you know how to have fun and you’re interested in life.

As significant as the pics of your experiences are, your profile picture is by far the most important. Nothing tells the world “I’m needy and immature” faster than a snapshot of yourself taken via cellphone cam and bathroom mirror. That’s the classically bad profile pic, but be aware that shots of you screeching gleefully amidst a pile of drunken friends don’t do you any favours either. Also, make sure the face you present to the world is actually your face. Pictures of scenery, cartoon characters, celebrities or inspirational quotes, as lovely as they may be, aren’t you and immediately raise the question “what are they hiding?” This is especially important if you’re meeting someone for a first date and they’ve checked out your Facebook profile: give them someone to recognize!

This is a big one: don’t use your social media platform as a dear diary. Nothing gets tedious faster than seeing someone post the same, self-pitying tripe day after day, especially if sympathetic outreaches are met with “I don’t want to talk about it”. The same thing goes for complaints about your boss or workplace. Ignoring the obvious possibility that your boss decides to check your profile, we’re trying to craft a flawless online persona here remember? Rants about your awful day at the office definitely don’t help that cause.

The kind of status updates you want to have to your name should be witty and if at all possible, triumphant. Rattling off a list of the things you got done over the weekend (through sheer determination and willpower of course) is a great way to distinguish yourself from those who can merely comment on the latest episode of Breaking Bad. You ate ice cream on the couch all week? Well I closed a massive business deal in Taiwan. Failing that, be witty! I do mean witty here and not lulzy. Endlessly posting pictures of lolcats and demotivationals just makes you look like a teenager with ADD.

Updates which entertain or incite envy are what we’re going for here, and coupled with your fabulous pictures, your profile becomes a point of pride and not a dumping ground. After all, it goes without saying that there are all sorts of benefits to putting your best face forward.

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