Evidence abounds to suggest that CBD can be a miraculous supplement for low-impact workouts. Among others, CBD regulates the blood sugar that supplies the body with energy, and its anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties help speed up post-workout recovery.

Workouts are high-intensity exercises that require energy and are ideal if you want to burn excess fat and calories in the body. Intense workouts are great if you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass. However, workouts are strenuous and can cause stress, pain, inflammation, and muscle soreness, and most people struggle to sustain workout sessions. But CBD possesses miraculous therapeutic property that makes it a great companion for low-impact workouts.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol oil (CBD) is the active cannabinoid and phytochemical extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. And unlike psychoactive THC possesses the mind-altering capabilities associated with marijuana, CBD is non-psychoactive and has been found to treat symptoms of various medical conditions, including chronic pain, inflammation, psoriasis, sleep disorders, etc.

Why CBD for Low Impact Workouts?

Few people can indulge in workout sessions a day in and day out and manage to sustain their exercise routine. That is because the body muscle comprises microscopic fibers that break when overstretched, which happens during workouts. Athletes, athletes, and bodybuilders, unfortunately, have to endure that almost daily. But now, evidence is pointing to CBD as a perfect companion for low-impact workouts.

Regardless of your goal for working out, there are probable outcomes to expect. First, you may shed weight, build up muscles, or develop lean muscle mass. And the bottom line to that happening lies in your efficiency and diligence in conducting your workout sessions. Workouts help maintain a fit and lean body, which is great from a health vantage point. But most people wait until their specific health condition is at the tipping point before indulging in workouts.

No one wants to get out of their comfort zone to indulge in energy-sucking workouts, but how else would you maintain lean muscle mass? Well, worry not because CBD tinctures possess miraculous therapeutic properties that can power you before, during, and after low-impact workouts. That means you don’t have to worry about draining all your energy. Prepare for a workout by taking carbs and proteins as usual, but this time, ingest a small dose of CBD oil and find this miracle for yourself.

How CBD can Power You Through Workouts

CBD’s famous anti-inflammatory potential makes it a magical supplement for low-impact workouts. By doing so, CBD reduces pain, eases inflammation, relieves muscle soreness, and speeds up the post-workout recovery, which in itself prepares you for the next workout session. Nothing feels better than indulging in an intense workout and waking up the next day feeling strong, refreshed, and painless. That said, the following properties of CBD oil make it a miraculous supplement for workouts:

CBD Oil is a Muscle Relaxant

CBD is a natural muscle relaxant that hinders the production of neurotransmitters that cause causes muscle stiffness, rigidity, and spasms. This increases muscle elasticity that is essential during workouts. And in the event of an injury, CBD’s anti-inflammatory property helps relieve pain and inflammation.

CBD for Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

If you focus on losing weight and developing lean muscle mass, you have to stretch your limits to achieve these goals. And you probably know the drill. Workouts condition the body to healthy standards, but you have to put up with the muscles’ pain, stiffness, and soreness. But studies have shown CBD to be a special supplement that can manage post-workout pain, inflammation, and muscle soreness, which aids the post-workout recovery process.

CBD helps the Body Replenish its Energy

Regarding workouts, one has to master the art of endurance to achieve their goal. But endurance and energy levels have a direct correlation. Workouts require energy and sufficient levels, for that matter. Running out of breath before accomplishing your routine is counterintuitive about your goal for the workout.

But thanks to the miraculous supplement in the form of CBD, you can enjoy a stress-free workout experience. First, you have to prepare, as usual, take proteins and carbs that will provide instant energy, and ingest CBD as you prepare for the session. That is because CBD suppresses the production of insulin in the blood. And as you probably know, a limited amount of insulin in the blood means plenty of glucose is available to be converted to energy, which is what you need during your workouts.

CBD Oil Boosts Metabolism

Metabolism involves the breakdown of and utilization of the constituent nutrients required by the body for normal functioning. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) via the CB 2 receptors in the digestive system and at the cellular level to enhance cell activity. As such, the body’s basal metabolic rate (BMR) increases, enabling the body to burn more calories than usual – which is often people’s goal of indulging in workouts.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Low-Impact Workouts

CBD helps the body burn fat and calories rapidly. By doing so, one can achieve lean muscle mass, shed weight, gain muscle mass, and stay fit. CBD oil for low-impact workouts is beneficial in the following ways:

  • CBD oil regulates cellular metabolism via the CB 2 receptors present in the endocannabinoid system, promoting lean muscle mass.
  • CBD relieves pain and inflammation, which is ideal for quick muscle recovery post-workout.
  • CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties help relieve pain and post-workout muscle soreness, which helps you recover and wake up refreshed, ready for the next day’s workout session.
  • Unlike prescriptive pain relievers and over-the-counter solutions plagued with side effects, CBD oil is a pure and natural alternative that possesses magical potential in relieving post-workout pain and muscle soreness.
  • When taken before a workout session, CBD helps relax the muscle by increasing muscle elasticity, which minimizes the risk of injury when working out.
  • CBD regulates sleep via the endocannabinoid system. This property is an added advantage because, with sufficient sleep, you can wake up recovered and refreshed.
Marie Salbuvik

MS, Lund University, Sweden

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