Cbd Charlotte's Web Review

Cbd Charlotte’s Web Review

As per the general analysis of Charlotte’s Web CBD company, it is clear that the company takes pride in spreading its products benefits and         CBD products in general. The company was founded by a team of brothers who are greatly concerned about the earth and its people. The company has created an excellent reputation for their products and has taken the better part of the market. The company has prioritized the needs of its customers and provides comprehensive FAQs on its website. Charlotte’s Web has come out clearly about its manufacturing and processing, how they can increase quality control measures, and their general focus on producing clean and green products. They have gone a step further to attain a USDA certificate due to the organic farming technique they apply. The third-party question has been responded to positively since they have ensured that all their products are tested before getting to the market. The only unfortunate part is that most of their items had a 20-60% CBD variance when we carried out the tests. As we carried out our analysis on their products, we noticed the products we conducted tests on did not meet THC content, which is below 0.3% and contaminants.

About The Company

Charlotte’swas established to support(Charlotte) a small girl by seven brothers; the Stanley Brothers. Charlotte Figi was confirmed to haveexceptional kind of epilepsy at an early age. During this period, the mother, Paige, was trying to rescue her child by conducting intensive research on the cure, she ended up on a rarelyrecognized plant compound known as cannabidiol. As the mother was continuing to find a solution to rescue her child, Stanley brothers were busy developing propriety hemp genetics which was less in THC and high in CBD to gain medical assistances minus the psychoactive properties. We raised our concerns about how the five-year-old name ended up being the company’s name. To our findings, we noticed that Paige called Stanley Brothers persuit of a non-psychoactive and natural substitute to give to her daughter. That is how the brothers ended up naming the company in honour of Charlotte Figi as they combined hands with the mother to find a solution.

The company’s website has well addressed the transparency levels of the company. All the details, including the year it was formed, are precise on its website. To ascertain that, we went further to examine online, and under the investor’s page, we noticed that the company was founded back in 2011. After the amendment of the Farm Bill(2018), the company could use proprietary strain hemp they had created.

As we were also trying to go through its official page, we realized that its FAQ page was very comprehensive. The page was located at the low-end of its website, to be precise. Under the page, there were dozens of questions, ranging from common questions to complex questions concerning the company. According to our observation, we were contented in terms of their response. In addition to that, they were able to respond adequately to questions addressing CBD and hemp, general questions, delivery and return questions, questions regarding reward program and any other concern that their customers needed clarity. 

Besides their efforts to produce quality and ensure customer satisfaction, the brothers were also committed to the community. This is because they wanted to bring out a meaningful relationship in their operations to the young girls. The company has redirected all resources from this company and other companies they have shares in to ensure they support Women’s programs in society. Some of the programs they support include; the Women’s Bean Project, that advocates for women’s self-sufficiency and standards of life, first responders and veterans, and viable farming methods.

The company’s reputation is significant to them, and the brothers have decided to commit themselves to uphold it in various ways, such as ensuring quality customer service representation. Their email, phone and chatbot are always active to ensure customer satisfaction. Another way they uphold their reputation is by giving their customers upto 30 days to return the products and get a refund in case it doesn’t work out as expected. If the returned product has any damage, they give room foran explanation by conducting customer care within 48 hours so that refund could also be released. Charlotte’s Web offers free shipment within seven business days for any products purchased exceeding $74.99.

As for Charlotte’s third-party tests, the company ensures that all its products are tested for THC, CBD, and contaminant levels. Although all their products undergo all the tests, we found significant inconsistency in the quality of CBD outlined on the bottle of the product and the actual one inside the product. To prove this assertion, we went ahead and carried out a third party analysis on the Hemp Infused Balm Stick (510mg CBD) by putting the batch numbers into the page of “certificate of analysis.” We realized that there was 0.05% THC and 755mg of CBD for every package in this batch. The calculation we carried out brought about a difference of 44%, which exceedsthe expected 10% variance.

Manufacturing Process

The information on how Charlotte’s Web grows and manufactures its product has been posted on their official website,“Explore” and “Our Story” page. When you click on “Learn More”, you will be redirected to “OUR FIELD IS THE SCIENCE OF BOTANICS”, where general information on CBD has been discussed. Under some of their pages, they have mentioned their focus on quality products right from ensuring that the plant and the soil are of high quality. Also,they have mentioned that they only use the stem and flowers of the plant; grown in fertile soil which is less contaminated by metals or other contaminants. The company has also mentioned their farming practices which are non-GMO  and organic, although they have not been certified by USDA organizations.

The company’s facilities have been registered and fully certified by FDA, also, their entire manufacturing procedure follows FDA cGMP values for nutritional supplements. Since we couldn’t find on their website about extraction mode, we decided to go for a live chat. They responded by claiming they use two effective extractions methods; Isopropyl Alcohol Extraction, which is their original extraction method, and the use of CO2 extraction. As we continued to interact in the chatbox, we realized it was a Chabot and not human, which made recieving all information challenging.

The third-party assessments for the company have failed terribly, as indicated earlier. The company’s information to their customers on the product and the actual tests have a huge gap. Therefore, we decided to carry another test for Sleep CBD Gummies (10mg CBD/serving) through scanning QR code available on the labels. We had a result of the product having 12mg of CBD  in every serving (2 gummies), that is 2mg over CBD total; that is outlined. The accepted variance is 10%, but for the case of gummies, it has a variance of 20%.

Range of Products

Charlotte’s Web has developed a comprehensive line of products to meet the market demands and market trends. They are as follows;

CBD Isolate

The company has offered CBD Isolate as one of the best products in the market, CBD oil. Charlotte’s Web has not provided more information about extractions methods since it is termed to be sole. However, the product is purposed for people subjected to THC analysis and prefers an entirely free-THC product. In addition, oil is packed in a 30ml containercontaining 20mg CBD per ml and is unflavored.

CBD Capsules

While investigating Charlotte’s Web CBD Capsules, we realized they come in two potencies; one is 15mg in each capsule and 25mg in every capsule. In each capsule, there is 1ml of CBD for Olive oil base. The products are purchased in a potency of 30, 60, or 90 capsule package. Additionally, they are vegetable-friendly since they are made with vegetable fibre. It is advisable that any new user should only start with one capsule a day as he keeps advancing depending on body reaction. The cheapest package goes at $39.99 – $169.99.

The Gummies

Charlotte’s Web has provided several varieties of CBD gummies, namely

  • Recovery Gummies
  • Calm Gummies
  • Sleep Gummies

All the products are considered gluten-free and vegan-friendly as they are manufactured usingfructooligosaccharides, beet sugar, MCT oil, pectin and natural flavours. They are void of any artificial flavours or colours. They aim to promote healthy joints, support health regaining from exercise-prompted inflammation, and help uphold joint mobility during their production. Each gummy serves the purpose of its name: sleep helps in poor sleeping patterns. The price ranges from $29.99 – $69.99.

CBD Topical

The company currently offers seven CBD topical products, which are made withfull spectrum CBD, CO2 extracted, and are only designed to be applied on the skin. All these products are conveyed with 300mg of CBD per oz. Its hemp is infused with a cooling gel and CBD, including arnica and menthol. Its primary role is to enhance relaxation after long or tiresome work. Their price range goes from $14.99 – $39.99.

CBD For The Dogs

Charlotte’s CBD for the dog exists in two flavours; chicken or unflavored. They come in three types

  1. The Calming Chews for dogs are designed to help the dog become calm and friendly.
  2. The Hip and Joint Chews helps the structural integrity issues of the joints and tissues connectivity.
  3. The Canine Hemp infused Balm, which helps maintain the dogs’ skin normal moisture and overall skin health.

Their price ranges from $59.99 – $149.99 depending on various factors.

Why Do We Like The Company

The main reason we like the company and would recommend its products is the role they have assumed in not only marketing CBD products in general but also giving back to society. A company that supports organizationsindicates that it aims to make the globe a better place. Another bold move they have taken is to help women in a male-dominated world.

Why We Don’t Like The Company

The major takeaway of the company is their failure in givingimportant information on the products they are releasing to market. Providing false information to consumers might end up affecting consumers who rely on its products. Therefore, we suggest they should maintain their good reputation by publishing the correct amount of CBD and THC their products contain.

Final Remarks

According to the research we have done, the pros of the company have outnumbered the cons. Therefore, we would recommend the consumers go ahead and consume their products, although not in excess due to unclear information displayed on their labels. It is also high time for the company to clear the air on the doubts of their products.

MS, Lund University, Sweden

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