Elevate Cbd Product Review

Elevate Cbd Product Review


Elevate is among the few companies that have sidelined profit and prioritized helping everyone, and anyone relishesthe freedom of living actively, happily and living fully. To get quality, the company works closely to monitor hemp farming which is locally grown in US farms. Elevate CBD has ensured all its farmers comply with federal state standards. Before the company was officially launched in 2015, it had to provide all its manufacturing facilities will not only meet expectations of coming up with quality products but also they do not pollute the environment. Elevate CBD manufactures have taken the responsibility of ensuring environmental conservation is actively represented. However, the brand has expanded its line of products to gain a broader market by meeting several unique demands of its customers. It has also specifically hired medical advisors and pet experts advisory board who conduct research and publish information about cannabidiol. Besides, according to our research, it is among the best or leading publications on pet training. In our analysis, we will give an insight into the company and its range of products.

About the Company

Elevate CBD was established in 2015 to help everyone get the freedom of fully living, promote active lives, and stay happy with natural CBD products obtained from hemp. According to their website, their mission is “Help everyone live full, happy, active lives.” The company has been using this mission to ensure all customers get satisfaction and provide them with equal services without discrimination. As a result, they have ended up gaining a broader market within a short period.

Consequently, the company grows its hemp locally, within US borders. Notably, the company sources its hemp from farms a short drive away from their manufacturing facility. The company works closely with farmers and legal bodies such FDA to ensure the farmers are committed to ethical and legal farming practices to supply safe, pure, and high-quality hemp to manufacture their products. Additionally, medical experts have confirmed that all the hemp grown are pesticide-free, chemical-free, and any other contaminant and heavy metals.

The company has also hired a medical advisory team to help them conduct their operations in line with the safety of the consumers of their products. Overtime the company has highly relied on the advice given by their medical experts alongside third-party labs for the protection of their consumers. Before any product is manufactured, their medical team has to conduct intensive research to ensure it will not harm users. Also, all the manufacturing process is stipulated out clearly to avoid using harmful chemicals that might interfere with giving a more natural solution to human life. After the product is manufactured, the company ensures the product is taken for a third party test. In addition, another key role of the medical team is to ensure proper research on other relevant ingredients is done and brought into play to enhance effectiveness.

For accurate and reliable tests, the company has hired an independent laboratory to ensure the product is safe for consumption before its released to the consumers. After the legal 2018 Farm Bill was passed, the company helped create a retail CBD industry be among the first few brands accepted into leading national Grocery Outlets, Food/Healthcare Distributors, and Chain Drug Stores serving a wide array of retailers. Elevate CBD was persistent in the honest, legal, and ethical growth of the hemp industry.

Lastly, the company is committed to providing quality customer service to all its customers. To enhance this, the company has multiple social media platforms and ways of conducting them. It constantly posts on  Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter which was recently launched (2020). If you would love to follow their blogs, you could also check them out on a blog, which has CBD related articles and upcoming CBD trends across the globe. In addition, the company has also provided an email and working phone number to help their customers reach them out easily;[email protected], 215 660 9123, respectively. From our own experience, we can confirm their support team is knowledgeable and professional. The inquiry email we sent was responded to very first and well-articulated. Indeed, we were all contented.

Manufacturing Process

As mentioned earlier, the company takes pride in manufacturing quality products from hemp grown locally. Although the company does not provide much details on the hemp farm, it has stated on its website that it gets its hemp “a shot drive” away from the manufacturing facility. However, the company has also not noted the extraction mode used, which leaves a lot of pending questions to consumers and other interested parties like us. Despite that, the company still provides details that would try to prove its commitment to providing quality products.

The most appreciated thing about their manufacturing process is that they start keeping a close eye on the farming methods used to grow their hemp. According to them, the hemp used in their facility is grown using organic farming methods, and no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used. If any other ingredient has to be integrated, they have hired a professional medical team to research them before being brought to play. Each manufacturing step is carried out carefully to ensure no chemicals remain in the end product that might interfere with their aim of offering a natural solution.

Lastly, to ensure the products are safe for usage or consumption, the company has hired an independent lab to carry third-party tests. All the products manufactured undergo the tests to ensure required levels of CBD, THC, and no other contaminant are in their end products. However, it is unfortunate that the company has failed to provide this information onits website. Also, we could not find information on which laboratory does the third-party tests, which was quite unfortunate.

Range Of Products

Although the company has established a vast network on its pet products, they also manufacture other products such as CBD oral sprays and CBD topicals. Their line of products includes;



Elevate CBD oil comes in 4 potencies ranging from 150 mg to 4800 mg per 30ml bottle. They also offer various flavours such as Wild Berry, Cinnamon, Fresh Mint, and Lemon; they all contain full-spectrum extract. As we were going through the products reviews, some customers found it compelling, especially when handling migraines, sleep, relaxation, and workouts; some suggest the company should minimizethe heartburn effect.Lastly, the product prices start from $17.49 to $229 which customers find considerable, unlike other companies.

CBD capsules

CBD capsules

For those who wish to take CBD products at one go, then the company offers capsules. Capsules are easy to administer alongside water or your favourite drink; also, you can easily store them at your desk at work or in your bag-pack. However, the company offers two options for those who wish to buya capsule; a two count pouch and a 30 count bottle, at $3.99 and $49.99, respectively. The capsules are praised for enhancing sleep without any side effects in the morning.

CBD edibles and drinks

CBD edibles and drinks

For those who prefer taking CBD products as part of their daily meal, then Elevate has a solution for you. However, most people who like maintaining secrecy, especially at the workplace, prefer taking gummies. The company offers them in three distinct flavours; Sour Apple, Fruit punch, and Blue raspberry. Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD and goes at $14.99 per 12 count bottle. On the other hand, the company provides dissolvable strips placed under the tongue to dissolve; offered in packs of 10 and priced between $9.00 to $24.99. For CBD drink mixers, they are either placed in cold or hot water to dissolve then taken at once for effectiveness.

CBD for pets

CBD for pets

For pet products, the company offers both cats and dogs. The products enhance calmness, wellness and added formula of mobility for dogs. Another critical category provided is CBD for dog treats which is not far from wellness, mobility and calming. However, CBD Dog treats go at $39.99 for 60 chews each containing 5mg of CBD, and $24.99 per 30ml bottle, with 5mg of CBD per ml for wellness, calming, and mobility.

CBD oral sprays

CBD oral sprays

Elevate offers its sprays in two sizes: 7.5ml and 30ml. For 30ml, it contains two potencies options of 600mg and 1200mg, unlike 7.5ml which comes in several ranges of 75mg to 300mg. In addition, they have mint, cinnamon, lemon, wild berry flavours to suit different unique tests of their customers. Depending on the size and potency, their prices range from $9.99 to $119.99.

Why do we like the company

The fascinating thing about the company is its ability to hire a team of specialized doctors to carry tests on their products and ingredients. To attain effectiveness, the company has a team of doctors who oversee its operations. Their role is to ensure they conduct consistent research on any beneficial traditional ingredients which could enhance the effectiveness of cannabidiol. Tests are carried out, and proper manufacturing methods are studied to ensure they attain the finest products across the CBD competitive market. Lastly, the company also carries third party tests for safety confirmation. All their products undergo third-party tests to confirm they contain the required amount of THC, CBD, pesticide-free, free of chemicals and any other contaminant such as heavy metals.

What we don’t like about the company

The company does not offer adequate information that would be useful to their customers and people of interest. Information such as the founders of the company, the exact place for obtaining hemp and extraction mode is missing. Each of the mentioned information is relevant to any CBD company that wishes to strengthen its trust and customers.  As a team, we would recommend the company to come out clearly on these issues since transparency has become influential among CBD consumers; they are going for those who prove to be reliable and open on their operations. It was more disappointing when we realized that the company doesn’t offer third party results for their customers to verify.


Although Elevate CBD tries its best to offer its customers the best CBD brands, we highly recommend its customers to consider under dose until the company can come out clearly and prove their test results. However, we appreciate the companies’ commitment to manufacturing the finest brands by hiring a medical expert team to oversee their operations and conduct the necessary research.   

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