Enlivening Sex with the Kama Sutra

Enlivening Sex with the Kama Sutra

The Ancient Indian Kama Sutra, with its advice on attaining ultimate satisfaction in sex, has been enlivening married couples’ sex lives for centuries. Many couples become bored if their sex feels routine for stimulating sex, it is best to leave the missionary position to missionaries! Trying out several positions, as the ancient text suggests, can really boost the spine tingling pleasure of your bedroom escapades, and sensual toiletries will help to create the right atmosphere for a night of wild passion.

An illustrated tantric guide with colourful pictures which show unusual positions is a great read to share with your hubby, and will give you some imaginative suggestions for reaching orgasmic nirvana. After you have gained a few ideas, with the sexy smells of a massage candle in your favourite scent filling the room, you’ll quickly get into the heat of erotic bliss. It is worth installing a dimmer switch for your lights if you don’t already have one a candlelit bedroom sets the scene for a night of dreamy sex.

A little bit of slippery Oil of Love is just the thing to get into the mood, and might end up making you rival the pictures of the Kama Sutra! Your lover will enjoy a sensual naked massage as well as the subtle warmth which good massage oil creates. For a truly wet and wild experience, use a little luxury bathing gel and start your adventurous evening in the bathtub. Stimulating gel is far more erotic than an ordinary bar of soap, and you can rub a small amount up and down your lover’s back while he turns his head for a lingering kiss.

It is always a good idea to have a few sensual essentials at hand, and a kit of edible toiletries and luxurious balms is an ideal accompaniment to a totally arousing evening. Tickle him with an edible Honey Dust or get both of your libidos raging with a stimulating and exotic lubricant. Sexy new positions, paired with the right products for heightening pleasure, will electrify your sex life.

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