''EXCITING'' Ltd. - quality hand-crafting, unobtrusive applications, embroideries and other types of decorations - Maria Halacheva

”EXCITING” Ltd. – quality hand-crafting, unobtrusive applications, embroideries and other types of decorations – Maria Halacheva


Brand name- Maria Halacheva, http://www.mariahalacheva.com/

Maria Halacheva, in her capacity as the acting owner and designer of ”EXCITING” Ltd., has been establishing herself on the market since 2014.

A basic principle in the style of our work is the impeccable line, tailored to the characteristics of each size. High- quality hand-crafting, unobtrusive applications, embroideries and all other types of decorations immediately make an impression on anyone who gets to know the collections more closely.

The advantage of the brand is that we make the cuts and come up with the patterns ourselves, use high quality materials and colors in bold combinations, but always keep an elegant and original look. ”EXCITING” Ltd. works with a team of designer-modeler(Maria Halacheva), tailors and professional photographer presenting our clothes in the clearest and most understandable way for you.

I decided to start my own business when I turned 30 and decided that after all the years of practice and training in the field of fine and plastic arts, I am ready to take an independent path. In the field of entrepreneurial business.

Why did I go into fashion?

This is my path and I knew it from an early age. From a young age, I attended courses in painting and sculpture. After excellent training, I was accepted to the National High School for Performing and Screen Arts. Then I took the path of fashion and continued my studies at the New Bulgarion University in department fashion design.

The challenges I face are part of my daily life. I definitely love challenges! What I face every day are the questions: – ”Will I get exactly what I see in the picture?”- customers ask. And here is the moment to share that it is very important for us to satisfy the needs and personal preferences of the client. Because he is the most important!

The outfits we make are of high quality materials and we require the photographer to photograph the product exactly as it is in real life.

The opportunities facing businesses are many and vast. But the biggest scale is leading from the audience, which in itself shows whether we are on the right track and where to go.

A key moment is the feedback from each and every customer.I think it is essential to put ourselves in the customer’s place- to work as if we were doing it for ourselves.

My advice to others in business: 

 Always be positive! Keep this powerful energy- it is an indispensable part of success.

Be flexible- both physically and mentaly. For this purpose, train your body every day.

Be very disciplined and organized!

You must have excellent communication skills.

Develop your: intuition, knowledge, creativity and personal qualities.

Write more often by hand than on a computer- otherwise the brain becomes lazy.

Do new thing more- challenge yourself.

Stop listening to the advice of unsuccessful people- they will only bring you down to their level!

Read autobiographies of successful people to keep yourself motivated and inspired.

Make a pre-prepared business plan with the help of finance.

And the most important. Be patient! BUSINESS TAKES TIME AND FULL DEDICATION! 


 maria video.m4vLinks: http://www.mariahalacheva.com/Blue-Lagoon


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