Farmacy Bliss trademark has decided to uphold its good reputation based on high quality and authentic products. In addition, the company is committed to ensuring the products released to its customers have not only been tested for contaminants but are void of any common contaminant. As a result, they obtained contaminant certification and adhered to their precaution. Consequently, the brand has a mission that helps carry its operations and make its name better every day within the competitive CBD market; it’s health-based. Due to its favourable terms and high-quality products, Farmacy Bliss has positive reviews and is overwhelming. The brand has also decided to offer a solution in some of the world’s most threatening conditions such as epilepsy, chronic pain, depression, MS, Parkinson’s, and Crohn’s, which have become severe and nearly has no natural medicationto minimize their threat. Keep reading our insight to know more about Farmacy Bliss and its products.

About the company

Unlike other CBD brands born out of profit purpose, Farmacy Bliss comes to the picture as a result of a daughter (Bella) who was in dire need of saving her mother; who was suffering from cancer. Her treatment became hard, and the daughter saw life coming out of her mother day in day out; out of desperation to find a solution, she tried to go for hemp-derived products. Besides, Bella was beautiful both spiritually and physically. Her wisdom preceded her years, and she took the responsibility of introducing a holistic lifestyle into her family. In pursuit of finding a hemp-derived solution for their mother, they found a formulation that worked for her; potent and pure CBD oil. This brought relief to her, her family members and friends at large.

Consequently, in 2017, they came up with Farmacy Bliss to offer a similar solution their mother could get. They come up with solvent-free, pure, full-spectrum formulations that would address chronic illnesses such as cancer and the general wellness of the human body. Since then, Farmacy Bliss is still committed to offering natural solutions to people suffering from severe pain. Even after Bellas ‘ death, this spirit was carried on,whose name is still being carried on through Farmacy Bliss. The entire team still appreciates her efforts and her commitment to teaching them how to offer a natural solution to the wellbeing of people. The “B” in Bliss stands for Bella.

Farmacy Bliss has decided to operate on a transparency basis and have posted any information that they feel is relevant on its website for both interested parties and its customers at large. It has described its origin in a contenting manner. It has also offered adequate information on people running the company; their names, pictures, and bios.

Additionally, Farmacy Bliss offers contact information for those who wish to reach its support team for any clarification. It has committed a page on its own for those who need to contact them.  Unfortunately, they have not provided an email address or phone number to either drop them an email or call them directly. However, you can reach them on their contact page by entering the required details; your name, email address, and the massage or question you need clarification on.

To assess the efficiency of their system and its customer support team efficiency, we dropped them a message seeking clarification on the product we had ordered. Within five hours, our email got responded to. It had precisely addressed our issue that we would give it a score of 8/10. It was a good indication that the brand keeps track of every product and has not only a professional support team but is also conversant with its trademark details and CBD as a whole.

Furthermore, we experienced an easy time navigating their website; it’s easy to get the information or product you are looking for. We could easily add and remove products on our cart before confirming our order. We received an email confirming that our order was successfully placed and we would receive our product within 2-3 working days. Indeed on the third day, we received our Full-spectrum oil product. We did not pay for a delivery fee since Farmacy Bliss offers free delivery on goods purchased for over $74.99 to all customers, which is a plus on their side.

Manufacturing Process

Although the brand doesn’t offer much information on its operations, it carries its operations within the USA; Walnut Creek, California. To ensure they meet standard manufacturing measures, the trademark has taken a few measures. Despite not mentioning where it gets its hemp from, it has insisted on using organically grown hemp. Before releasing any of its products to the market, they ensure they undergo third-party tests.

Notably, public laboratories have from time to time, failed to provide accurate results on the tests they carry. As a result, the trademark decided to settle on an independent laboratory with COA (Certification of Analysis) approval and follows proper guidelines to ensure accurate results. Unfortunately, they don’t also mention the name of the lab. The plays several roles; the first, is to ensure that the amount of THC and CBD in the product matches the one labelled on their trademark stickers. Also, it has to ensure that all products are void of any pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, or any other contaminant that might affect the purity of the products.

Farmacy Bliss has also considered incorporating various technologies that might enhance the effectiveness and the purity of their products. Also, they researchdifferent naturally existing ingredients that have been used for many years together with their hemp extracts to manufacture quality. Like most CBD brands, Farmacy Bliss also finds CO2 extraction to be effective and environmentally friendly compared to any other mode. They have been applying this mode since they started manufacturing their first product. Notably, they use CO2 technology that is advanced and supercritical.

Range of products

Although Farmacy Bliss doesn’t offer edibles, they have chosen to manufacture a considerably manageable line of products; vapes, softgels and tinctures. This considerable line of products has been manufactured carefully and tries to meet various customers’ demands.

Farmacy Bliss CBD Tinctures

Farmacy Bliss CBD Tinctures

Since tinctures are taking the better part of the CBD market, the brand decided to utilize the opportunity by manufacturing one of the finest CBD tinctures for its customers. Since safety has been given priority by the brand, after manufacturing its tinctures, they undertake them to the third-party lab for tests. The lab tests the possible contaminants in the product, such as heavy metals, residual solvents, and others. Although the brand insists on using CO2 extraction mode, we also realized they use ethanol which helps them obtain leftover extracts from hemp stalks. The company also works hard on ensuring each serving has similar levels of cannabidiol (50mg). Lastly, the product is sold at $120.

Farmacy Bliss CBD Soft Gels

Farmacy Bliss CBD Soft Gels

Apart from tinctures, Farmacy Bliss also offer high-quality Soft Gels that have been considered effective compared to any of their product in the market. According to users reviews, it flows into the bloodstream steadily and slowly, making it stay in the human body for a more extended period compared to other products. Consequently, to address those who have restricted diets, the brand has incorporated several ingredients to offer them a solution by enhancing entourage effects; CBC, CBDa, CBL,CBN, and CBDv. To also ensure the product contains the required amount of THC (0.3%) and CBD, they are taken to the hired independent third party lab for testing. The brand advises all users to administer the brand on an empty stomach for effectiveness. Lastly, every serving contains 450 mg of CBD oil/15 soft gels at $36.

Farmacy Bliss CBD Vapes

Farmacy Bliss CBD Vapes

To customers who wouldn’t prefer using soft gels or tinctures, Farmacy Bliss offers them vape products. Vaping has become common, especially to the young generation; they find it calming. To make it more unique and exciting, they have several flavours such as blueberry but still maintain the natural aspect of the products. However, their vaping pen comes with a battery at a total cost of $55. Unlike the soft gels, its vape ingredients are obtained strictly using supercritical CO2 extraction mode. In every serving, there is 180 mg of CBD oil.

What we like about the brand

Despite the brand offering a minimal line of products, they offer them in standard quality that exceeds their competitors. Most companies offer a more comprehensive line of products but forget to focus on their quality which has become an unfortunate trend within the CBD market. In addition, Farmacy Bliss has committed itself to ensuringall its customers have updated current trends on the CBD market and its in-house changes that enhance quality. To succeed in this, they have dedicated various educational pages explaining the effectiveness of CBD products, among other essential things. Also, we were fascinated by its customer support team, they are kind and professional in how they handle their customers, which is not common. Lastly, we were impressed by their commitment to upholding Bella’s legacy by ensuring they maintain high-quality products at all times.

What we don’t like about the company

Although we would highly recommend Farmacy Bliss products since we couldn’t find any threatening compounds, there are a few issues that the brand ought to fix to increase trust levels. As mentioned earlier, the company has not been able to identify where it gets its hemp from. Currently, a few US states are considered to practice organic farming to sustain the growth of their hemp plant; Oregon and Colorado—leaving out such information result in doubts. In addition, they have mentioned little on its manufacturing procedure and certifications they have obtained to ensure their manufacturing facility and process is of highstandards. Therefore, we would call upon the brand to address these issues to get a better position within the competitive CBD market.


All said than done, most of its customers have advocated for Farmacy Bliss products by leaving a positive review and calling upon other people to join their trademark. From time to time, the brand takes the responsibility of their consumers safety into its own hands, and we can guarantee you that from the analysis we have conducted. However, the two significant weaknesses ought to be addressed since they might interfere with the confidence of their customers they have taken time to build. Also, it will help the trademark rise in the competitive CBD field.

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