Traditionally, people celebrated Figgy pudding during Christmas, although it was in the form of cake more than desserts. Usually, this recipe is made by combining dates, figs, dark spices, and chocolate. Many people like dried nuts and fruits, they thus desire Figgy pudding. Adding cannabidiol (CBD), a nutrient-rich cannabis chemical compound, to this recipe is paramount. Here is a figgy pudding recipe using CBD.

Traditionally, Figgy pudding was celebrated during Christmas, although it resembles a cake more than desserts. This pudding combines dates, figs, dark spices, and chocolate. People sing carols regarding Figgy pudding but cannot capture its meaning. These desserts became famous in the nineteenth century and were later translated into a Christmas song. This recipe is appropriate for individuals feeling explicitly festive during this period and intend to prepare something delicious and fun. Additionally, many people like dried nuts and fruits, which constitute Figgy pudding. Adding cannabidiol (CBD), a nutrient-rich cannabis chemical compound, to this recipe is highly recommended. Here is what happens when you cook figgy pudding with CBD.

What is Figgy Pudding?

Sutton (2012) defined Figgy pudding as a traditional pudding (dessert) being celebrated during Christmas and resembles cakes more than desserts. The excellent combination of dark fig, dark spices, and chocolate makes it crucial to celebrate them during this holiday. Several methods and varieties exist for traditional fig desserts that are difficult and complex to follow. This recipe is convenient and easy for quick baking and has better texture and taste. Try this traditional and simple recipe and enjoy it during Christmas, particularly in a traditional manner.


  • One cup of sliced dried figs
  • One cup of chopped and pitted dried dates
  • Two cups of water
  • One-half cup of brandy
  • 1.5 cups self-raising flour
  • One teaspoon of baking soda
  • One half cup cannabidiol butter
  • Two eggs
  • One cup of Breadcrumbs
  • One-half teaspoon of ground nutmeg
  • One half grated orange zest
  • 100 grams grated dark CBD chocolate


Preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Sieve the flour and isolate till required. Lubricate and flour a nine-inch diameter baking saucepan. Combine chopped figs and dates in one bowl. Then, put water into a saucepan and boil till it begins to boil, and transfer it over figs and dates in their bowl. Add baking soda and separate to ensure it cools for approximately seven to ten minutes. Pour fig and date combination into a blender or mixer and incorporate brandy to prepare a puree. Use another bowl, whip sugar and cannabidiol butter in the blend until it becomes smooth. Put eggs and repeatedly whip until light and fluffy. Fold in breadcrumbs, pureed date, fig mixture, flour, grated dark chocolate, and orange zest. Transfer made butter to a lubricated baking saucepan and put it inside the preheated oven. Cook till desserts are excellently ready or for approximately one hour. You should insert a toothpick at the center of the cake to determine whether the pudding is ready. In this regard, desserts are ready when the toothpick comes out spotless. However, bake it for between five to ten minutes if the product is not ready. After confirming the pudding is perfectly baked, remove the baking saucepan from your oven and give it approximately fifteen minutes to cool. Put the ready figgy pudding on serving plates and serve them with ice creams or cream.

Guidelines and variations

According to Jinadasa et al. (2022), exotic and rich taste, incorporate raisins and walnuts while baking cannabidiol butter. Use a larger saucepan in an oven rather than placing a smaller one directly. Place a baking saucepan at its center and then put hot water nearby to facilitate cooling. Usually, give the saucepan about three to four hours for sufficient cooling. The cannabidiol fig desserts made with this method are better tasting and more traditional. However, they spend a long period cooking and needs regular check-up to ensure they are not overcooked.

Taste: the flawless sweet taste blend containing mild brandy and the chocolate flavor is preferred in the most spoonful.

Serving the Pudding

Traditionally, figgy pudding is celebrated during Christmas provided to dear and near ones. Shurtleff & Aoyagi (2013) showed that sweet desserts could be served with vanilla ice cream or incorporated with thrashed cream to try creamy and look taste. Some people reheat normal temperature desserts using stoves when put in cooking pots. Place the saucepan beneath and water surrounding the sides then simmers for an hour. Switch on the slow cooker during morning hours for lunch on its reheat setting. The Figgy desserts are served with cream, custard, and vanilla ice cream. Besides, Crème Anglaise is excellent when served with these desserts. Suppose you have leftovers, cut into slices and preserve them in a freezer to be served later when fried and sliced in cannabidiol butter. Suppose people have kept the desserts for one year, place a skewer into these desserts and incorporate 2 rum tablespoons into these holes before reheating. Wrap again with aluminum foil before reheating.

Storing Puddings

Puddings have no preservatives, thus, there exist stringent requirements for storing and distributing them in homesteads. According to Stonestrom & Constantz (2003), they are stored at temperatures ranging between two to six degrees Celsius to ensure their texture is adequately thick for consumption. Suppose kept at standard temperature, Figgy pudding liquefies quickly. Desserts are a combination stabilized in different ways, thus, it does not withstand freezing. Therefore, the consequent defrosting spoils the smooth and dense feeling for good. Remember, puddings are extremely delicate food products, hence consumers should take them while fresh. Opened pudding cups are not designed for extended storage. Rather, it should be taken instantly after opening because its surface becomes dry. Subsequently, it might deteriorate microbiologically in hostile storage conditions.


Traditional people celebrated figgy puddings during Christmas celebrations. They made them by mixing dates, figs, dark spices, and chocolate. Many methods and varieties exist but are complex and difficult for people to achieve their intended puddings. Contrastingly, this recipe is convenient and easy for quick baking, better texture, and taste. Some ingredients used to prepare the figgy recipe include self-raised flour, water, CBD chocolate, and breadcrumbs. Using cannabidiol in this recipe boosts the dietary experience. Consumers acquire their appropriate CBD dosage to reap its inherent health benefits. However, follow the correct procedure and store them under proper temperature to elongate their shelf life.


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