Five Ways To Choose Your Fetish Photographer

Five Ways To Choose Your Fetish Photographer

If you’re looking for an innovative and unusual Christmas gift this year, forget the knitted socks and trinkets: give your partner a uniquely beautiful fetish portrait – of you. Capture the most intimate aspects of your favourite fetish in a safe and professional environment, and go home with a piece of artwork that will create a distinctly erotic and artistically satisfying presence in your bedroom.

Whether you’re into leather and lace, or tattoos, or movement-restricting PVC – most fetish photographers have seen it all, and have the photo film rolls to prove it. Industry professionals know how to capture your curves or chains, and they’re there to make you feel at ease as you slip into something more comfortable (or uncomfortable, if that’s what you prefer). They’re also there to capture the most beautiful aspects of your fetish, so remember to smile as you writhe.

Sound like something to pique your interest? Here are our top five tips for choosing a fetish photographer:

Choose a photographer who is part of the community. Fancy being tied to a chair with chains and photographed? Find a photographer who is also into heavy restraints or BDSM and they’ll immediately understand where to stand, what to look for, and how to capture you. Insider knowledge makes a big difference to the resulting images.

View their portfolio. Not sure what to expect or what kind of images you want? Sassy and full of attitude? Or sexy and mysterious? View your potential photographer’s portfolio and pick out your favourite images to show them. Choose the photographer with the images that speak most to your vision of the final product and you’ll narrow down the playing field even more.

Make sure you read the reviews. As with any product or service, always make sure that you read the reviews first to get an idea of whether the photographer has the right style for you. If there aren’t reviews on their website, make sure to ask for references upfront.

Make sure that your photographer understands what you want, and what your hang ups are. It’s really tricky getting your kit off in front of a stranger, so be 100% sure that your photographer understands what you feel uncomfortable about and what you want to achieve with the shoot. Understanding your hang-ups about your arms, for example, will help them to adjust the lighting to cover them up or focus on another area. Is it a Christmas gift for someone special? Let them know – and they’ll have a clearer picture of the kind of look you want to achieve.

Your photographer should be full of ideas and happy to help you find the perfect pose. Fetishes are usually the kind of thing kept behind closed doors and fetish photographers understand this. The best fetish photographers will help you to find the perfect pose instead of waiting for you to do all the hard work, and will get very hands-on during the shoot. You’ll hardly remember that they’re photographers.

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