Since so many CBD companies have sidelined the quality of their products and rather prioritized profits, Formula Swiss, among other brands, have joined hands to restore quality. Notably, the general aim of CBD products is to offer all-natural products which are void of chemicals that cause dreadful diseases such as Cancer. Formula Swiss is among companies committed to ensuring the mission of CBD products is fully attained. To attain this, the company has adequate measures to help them come up with pure products right from the seed level of their hemp plant, which is its primary raw material. Its stress ‘on quality begins from ensuring proper farming practices are practised (only organic). During plant growth support, they avoid using chemical fertilizers and pesticides as plant boosters to prevent contaminating their end products. Consequently, similar stress is emphasized in the manufacturing process, and minimum chemicals are used to avoid contaminating the end products. Our review has captured important information that will help you understand more about Formula Swiss and how its practices ensure they offer premium natural products and render quality customer support.

About the company

Although Formula Swiss does not offer much information about itself, we have gathered some useful details that will help you understand it better. Unlike most CBD companies located within the USA, Formula Swiss is Located in Lug, Switzerland. Additionally, it was founded in 2013 by family members who shared a mission to bring high-quality products to sustain human health and the environment using the hemp plant. To obtain quality standards, it grows its hemp locally and has received legal documents from the Swiss government, which has approved its organic farming methods. It has extended its market beyond Swiss borders to over 40 countries which it ships at considerable rates. Due to its stress on quality which is evident in bettering customers’ health, it has enabled its recognition in Forbes, Los Angeles Times and Google News, which are displayed on its website.

The company has joined hands with various institutions such as the Swiss Medical Cannabis Association, European Industrial Hemp Association, and Swiss Cannabis Producer Association, which support the legal growth of the hemp and CBD industry and advocate for premium manufacturing standards. Additionally, universities such as Bologna and its Veterinary department have been brought to play to promote the health and wellness of pets using its products. The university helps the company research multiple naturally occurring elements that boost pets’ health.

Consequently, unlike other CBD companies, the company has maintained a good reputation by offering quality services and products. Unlike other trademarks which have failed in ethics and standards, it uses the two as its pillars of strength. From time to time, they had been offering gifts to its loyal customers and offering promotions as a way of appreciating people who see value in its trademark across the 40 states. Despite offering free shipping, its products are safe and well-packed.

Furthermore, to facilitate the buying experience, each product has an adequate description to help its customers choose the appropriate product. Depending on your needs and financial position, they have different potencies and quantities of products. Some of the important details about the products include the ingredients, product purpose, correct dosage, THC and CBD concentration levels, and the price. Besides, to get more information about the products and the company, they have a FAQ page that gives more details on common concerns of its customers. Under the page, some of the questions being addressed include the terms and conditions, the importance of CBD, farming methods practised by the company, primary raw materials cutting across most of its products, shipping and return policy, etc.

Besides, to confirm the company’s effectiveness in terms of delivery and customer service rendered, we decided to order some products which were to be shipped to the USA. As we navigated within its website, we noticed it was straightforward, and we could easily add and remove products on our cart. As soon as we were satisfied with the products, we confirmed payments and received an email on the products we had bought, which would be delivered within five working days from the day we had purchased. Since the products we to be shipped outside Swiss borders, we incurred a shipping fee of €9.9. On the fourth day, our products we delivered as ordered. Notably, we did not incur any VAT and customs duties from Switzerland since it was incorporated in the prices.

Manufacturing Process

The company grows its hemp within Switzerland in greenhouses without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides and follows organic farming protocols set by GMP. Since the quality of its products is pre-determined by hemp plants and other naturally occurring elements, they have placed so much stress on their farming practices by first acquiring legal documents for its farming practices. Since they are not USA based, we couldn’t find USDA certification. Besides, during its processing, they stress maintaining natural products and participate in eco-friendly manufacturing activities; they limit the number of chemicals used in processing. Notably, its determination in maintaining an eco-friendly environment was evident in its packaging, which is sustainable and made from RSO licensed wood.

Consequently, since they want to use only important ingredients from the hemp plant and maintain a good environment during extraction, they rely on CO2. The extraction method is popular and is one of the primary methods practised by well-established CBD companies that have obtained fame over a long time. Additionally, before any product gets to the market, the company takes all its products for third-party lab testing. During third-party testing, they focus on their products’ potency and purity levels. Some of the tests conducted include THC and CBD levels as well as the presence of the contaminant. Upon confirmation that the products are void of any contaminants and THC levels are below 0.3%, the results are posted under its website for customer verification. Notably, all its products have batch numbers or QR codes for customer affirmation. As we have been doing a close follow up on the third-party results posted by the lab, the potency levels of the products were accurate Since none exceeded the 10% cutoff.

Range of Products

Although the company doesn’t offer an extensive line of products, products representing its trademark are carefully crafted to obtain premium standards. Some of the products include;

Formula Swiss CBD Oils

Formula Swiss CBD Oils

Even though the company offers a small line of products, they are also crafted in various flavours and potency levels to meet the unique demands of its customers. Although hemp plant is primarily used in manufacturing their oils, other naturally occurring ingredients such as MCT oil, among others which have been proved to increase effectiveness, have not been sidelined; MCT oil increases absorption of the products into the bloodstream, increasing rapid effectiveness. All its oil products are tested before being released to the market. Lastly, they are sold from $19 to $199; the prices are in euros on the website.

Formula Swiss CBD Skin Care

Formula Swiss CBD Skin Care

Skin issues are very sensitive as people continue to interact. Everyone wants their skin to keep looking young and healthy at all times. Whenever the skin starts ageing, it arises inferiority and people start seeking solutions on how to keep it looking young and smooth. Unfortunately, most companies offering skin products have contaminated them with chemicals leading to skin burns after some time. Formula Swiss has joined hands with other CBD companies to provide natural skin care products made from organic hemp, among other naturally occurring elements such as MCT oil. Notably, MCT oil is highly considered because it increases the absorption rate of the skin products into the skin, hence yielding rapid effectiveness. They are void of artificial dyes, parabens, herbicides, pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, toxins, or synthetic cannabinoids. Currently, they only manufacture muscle rubs, face masks, creams, cleaners, lip masks, and balms. Lastly, they are sold at $2.95 to $34.95 and are recommended for topical use only.

Formula Swiss Vape Products

Formula Swiss Vape Products

Since vaping continues to gain fame among the youth, Formula Swiss has joined hands with other CBD companies to offer Vape products. They manufacture different vape products such as orange, menthol, ice mint, lemon, mango, classic, blueberry and sweet strawberry. Notably, the potency range of these products ranges from 100 mg to 500 mg of CBD. Also, they are free from nicotine, THC, gluten, additives, lactose, emollient, tar, chloride paraffin, carbon monoxide, phthalates, nicotine, and tobacco. Lastly, they are sold from $14.95 to $74.95.

Formula Swiss CBD Oil for Pets

Formula Swiss CBD Oil for Pets

Formula Swiss pet products have made the company famous due to their rapid effectiveness. According to the reviews we noticed on its review page, a significant number has given them top-rate and recommended them to most people who haven’t considered the company’s pet products. Currently, the company manufactures pet oil drops in hemp seed oil, the base of olive oil, or MCT. Although they don’t indicate flavouring ingredients used, their potency ranges from 300 mg to 500 mg of CBD. Lastly, they are sold from $15 to $34.

What we like about the company

As we reviewed the company, we noted various exciting things about it compared to other brands we have been checking. Apart from selling its products at affordable prices, they ship in over 40 countries. Additionally, they have partnered with the veterinary department of University of Bologna and other departments to conduct research and come up with premium products that are rare within the CBD market. Also, they engage in sustainable multiple support programs to reward their loyal customers. Lastly, they have been mentioned in numerous media outlets with tall regard.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the company has maximized its strength and bridged the gap between weaknesses and advantages, some areas are untacked. First, apart from the company mentioning that its family-owned, they have not given more details concerning the family and other team members who contribute to its prosperity. Also, they only use in house testing lab results which are further posted online and on the labels.


Due to the rising levels of competition, we call upon the company to adjust in its areas of weakness and try to increase reasons for people buying from its trademark. Its areas of defects are not as strong as we have been witnessing in other brands and could be adjusted rapidly. However, we highly recommend its products since they are of high quality and safe for consumption.

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