2. Please share an introductory quote on ginger root in general and how it’s available in a variety of forms (name them) and how it can be a healthy food to incorporate into your diet. Please make sure this section is at least 250 words

Ginger is the root of a plant called Zingiber officiale. It is classified in the class of cardamom and turmeric. It has a strong aroma originating from gingerols in the roots.  Furthermore, it contains vitamin C B12, manganese, potassium, and magnesium that improve health. It is available in different forms, including;

  • Fresh ginger- Has two types; young and mature. The young is soft with thin skin, and milder taste. You can chop or grate without peeling. Conversely, the mature one has thick skin that needs peeling before chopping and grating.
  • Powdered or ground ginger- It is dried and ground for use in curry and sweets; usually packed and sold in shops.
  • Pickled- It is preserved in vinegar with a pink or red color. People use it to refresh breath.
  • Candied- this is ginger cooked in wet sugar before enclosure in granulated sugar. I mostly use it in desserts.
  • Preserved- It is kept in a mixture of sugar and salt, and used in desserts.
  • Dried ginger- It is either sliced or full, and used in liquid recipes.

Ginger is an ingredient popularly used in making cuisine. Some people use it dry, whereas others fresh, in preparing tea or adding in food as an ingredient. It is incorporated in meals through soups, marinades, and curries. Its juice can also make sauces. Ginger supplements are also available for people in need of gaining more health benefits. Even countries like Chinese and India use it for medicinal value. It can improve digestion, limit nausea and vomiting, and can prevent inflammation. Ginger roots also reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes.

3. Please share in a few sentences what is ginger root and what it’s nutrition specs per serving are.

Ginger root is the part holding ginger rhizome of Zingiber officinale, which is a flowering plant in the line of turmeric and cardamom.


  • Protein- 0.4
  • Carbs 4.3 g
  • Calories- 19 per quarter cup serving


  • A quarter cup contains 2% of the recommended vitamins B12 and C per day and traces of folate, niacin, and riboflavin


  • A quarter cup gives small quantities of phosphorus, iron, zinc, and magnesium.

 4. Is ginger root nutritious? Please answer in a paragraph or two if so and if it is is what the health benefits are of ginger root and cite scientific research with links to studies as needed.

Of course, yes. For example;

It can reduce nausea

Studies indicate that ginger can relieve pregnancy-related nausea. But I recommend seeking medical advise if you miscarried or near delivery because it has been associated with bleeding.

Helps reduce weight

A 2019 study reviewing functional foods showed that ginger had wonderful effects on weight loss.

 5. Please share any tips for incorporating ginger root into your diet from incorporating it into smoothies and salad dressings to what you should know if you take a ginger root supplement.

You can blend ginger with ingredients, such as, onions, soy sauce, carrots, and oil to make a salad dressing. Also, make a smoothie by blending a piece of fresh ginger, frozen pineapple, and low fat yoghurt.

Supplements may not be necessary unless otherwise. I usually ask my clients to be careful because consuming ginger in large quantities can increase risks, such as, bleeding and heart conditions.

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