Ensure and boost are supplements that provide additional nutrients. They are mostly used by people who are challenged to eat solid foods, those trying to gain weight, and muscle builders. But between them, what is better for your health?

Boost and ensure are good supplements that provide nutrients that may be lacking in your diet. People with digestive disorders may not absorb certain nutrients from their diets; hence taking such supplements is recommended. They are also recommended to children and adults with malnutrition. Their products come in different forms, such as shakes, puddings, and powders.

They also have different flavors giving users options to choose their favorite. However, you may wonder which is healthier between the two to choose the best for maximum benefit. This blog will give you more information about the two brands making it easy to choose the best.


Boost is a supplement that targets people of fifty years and above. It aims at providing nutritional requirements that meet the needs of the elderly. Boost has 12drinks with multiple functions. These drinks are categorized into four distinct groups, which are:

Specialized nutrition

The category pays more attention to women who have attained menopause. However, some products in this category are taken by men and women who have attained 50 years. These drinks include Boost men, Boost women and Boost mobility.


Products in this category help to control blood sugars. It targets patients with diabetes. Most of the people who develop diabetes are those who are around the age of fifty. However, currently, diabetes attacks people of all ages, including unborn babies. The two main drinks in this category work by controlling the glucose levels in the blood. These are: Boost glucose control high protein and Boost glucose control.

High Protein

Drinks in this category are very high in proteins. They aim at boosting muscle energy and mass, which is mostly lost in old age.  The main products in this group are Boost max nutritional shake and Boost high protein.

High Calorie

The category comprises drinks that are high in calories. It targets those who want to add weight and people with cancer—the main drink in this group is Boost plus.


The Ensurebrand has been used over a long period. It was first produced in 1973 as a ready-to-drink shake. Later, Ensure changed into a name used to refer to different shakes produced by the same company. Ensure produces more than ten shakes that cater or different purposes such as weight and immunity boosters. They are all gluten-free and certified by halal and kosher, which has attracted many consumers, including Jewish and Islams. Ensure’s products are of different categories catering for specific purposes. These categories are:

Targeted Nutrition

The targeted nutrition category consists of products designed to promote the building of muscles. They are high in protein shakes such as Ensure max protein and Ensure plant-based protein. The high protein content in these shakes assists in the growth and maintenance of body muscles. These products are low in calories.

Complete Balanced Nutrition

The category contains products with vitamins, proteins, and carbs. They aim at maintaining good body weight and gaining weight. The two main shakes in this group are Ensure plus and Ensure original. These are the most selling products of Ensure.

Specialty Therapeutic Nutrition

Shakes in this category are designed to help those who have had surgeries. They are taken before and after major and minor surgeries. These shakes facilitate faster healing by providing the body with surplus vitamins and antioxidants. The main shakes in this category are Ensure Compact, Ensure Surgery and Ensure pre-surgery.

Advanced Nutrition

A single shake in this category caters for different purposes such as boosting immunity, improving heart health, and improving digestive health. Shakes in this category include Ensure Enlive.

Similarities Between Ensure and Boost

  • Both have shakes for weight gain. Ensure and Boost have products that assist in gaining weight. These products are high in calories, fats, and proteins. Their products do not contain sugary foods and refined carbs as they may bring some long-term effects. Ensure plus and Boost plus are among the products that help in gaining weight.
  • Ensure and Boost have shakes for diabetes. Diabetes is a condition where blood sugars in the blood are high due to the ineffectiveness of insulin. Both Ensure and Boost have designed shakes that lower blood sugars in people with diabetes. These products are Boost glucose control and Glucerna from Ensure.
  • Shakes for children. Some of the products from Ensure and Boost target infants and teens. Such products include Pediasure, Peptamen, Alfamino, and Similac. These products contain almost similar nutrients that can boost children’s immunity and boost growth.
  • Shakes for older adults. Some shakes from Ensure and Boost are designed to boost energy in older adults. Such products are very rich in proteins. They also try to meet the dietary requirements in elder adults at risk of malnutrition, mostly caused by poor appetite. Boost plus and Ensure Enlive are good choices for this group of people.

Side Effects of Boost and Ensure Products

  • Products from both brands interact with blood-thinning drugs since they are high in vitamins K. Those using blood-thinning drugs should avoid using these shakes.
  • People with galactosemia should avoid boost and ensure products since they contain high doses of galactose.
  • They may cause rashes, tiredness, and itching to some users.
  • Some users have also reported cases of nausea, constipation, and diarrhea. However, these symptoms disappear after a short time.
  • These products have been reported to cause muscle cramps and shortness of breath.


Boost and Ensure supplements can be used interchangeably but are designed to solve similar issues by providing the body with various nutrients. These brands have shakes that help boost weight, control diabetes, improve children’s immunity, and boost muscles energy in older adults. However, they may have some side effects on some people, such as those using blood-thinning drugs and people with galactosemia. They may also cause less serious side effects such as nausea, constipation, itchiness, and shortness of breath. However, these effects may fade away after a while.

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