Here are some of the tips for parents to help cope teens with exam stress;

Encourage them to meditate

Exam stress can cause anxiety, anger, and frustration. But mindful meditation can help teens manage the situation effectively. It helps reduce cortisol levels resulting in proper brain functioning, hence better preparation for exams.

Load their meals with omega 3

I recommend boosting your child’s memory by giving them omega 3 fats from fish. For supplements, choose the absorbable type meant for teens and youngsters for quicker results. This way they can recall what they learnt in class for better results.

Take them through effective revision tricks

Parents can help their children develop exam revision timetables or get mock past papers to familiarize with what is to come in the main exam. They can also guide them on making attractive notes or take the child through a quick quiz from the selected topics assigned to read. This way, the child will feel more confident and ready for the exam.

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