The medical world is becoming attuned to the reality that CBD products can potentially help individuals suffering from certain health conditions. For instance, some types of Essential Tremors (ET), whose cause is yet to be established, could be managed surgically.

Thalamotomy and deep mind stimulation are two surgical treatments for severe limb tremors that haven’t responded to medications. That said, we understand the risk carried by surgical procedures, especially those involving the mind. If you are having trouble carrying out tasks due to Essential Tremors, CBD could be an option worth exploring based on its properties and biological benefits.

Tremors: What are Essential Tremors?

Essential tremors are a dysfunction of the nervous system characterized by the involuntary shaking of one’s body parts. And whereas it is not associated with Parkinson’s disease, most Essential Tremors manifest through shaking hands when drinking from a glass or performing manual tasks. ET may also manifest itself through head shaking, limbs, or voice.

Most medical diagnoses often confuse Essential Tremors with Parkinson’s disease. The challenge to managing ET is that the origins are yet to be understood. Experts link this condition to genetic predisposition, but the connection between genes and heredity is still a mystery. Furthermore, there is no established test that can diagnose ET. So, what happens in most patients is that a review of symptoms is done to identify the condition with no cure or preventive medication. For that reason, many have turned to natural remedies such as CBD oil to manage symptoms of Essential Tremor.

Is CBD an Excellent Alternative in Managing Essential Tremors?

As stated earlier, Essential Tremors are a dysfunction within the central nervous system that causes involuntary shaking of body parts. And while thalamotomy and mental stimulation are procedures that could help cut back on leg tremors, for instance, they are far less practical for quavering voice or head shaking. The result of shaking arms or palms is often that you find doing your daily manual tasks tougher.

On the other hand, CBD has the power to work in conjunction with the endocannabinoid system to regulate various brain functions. As such, it can enhance your brain’s signaling power. This way, CBD can lower anxiety and melancholy, thereby mitigating essential tremors from getting worse.

Elsewhere, CBD oil has been used to manage unhealthy conditions in people that feature symptoms such as tremors. The best case is in people who have Parkinson’s disease. Currently, whatever is known about Essential tremors and CBD oil is based on anecdotal evidence. Most people using CBD oil have reported improved symptoms, with a noticeable reduction in tremors.

Such evidence prompted a 2019 targeted study by the University of California that focused on how cannabinoids such as CBD could help with Essential Tremors. The study involved how CBD could be applied in a medical setting to alleviate people suffering from tremors. And based on the study, plus other research that has been conducted on such conditions, CBD has been proven to possess therapeutic characteristics that could be useful to ET patients.

Using CBD Oil for Essential Tremors

If you are having trouble undertaking your daily tasks because of essential tremors, Cannabidiol could be an option worth exploring. The key cannabinoids present in the Cannabis Sativa plant are THC and CBD. One alters the mental activity that makes people high (THC), while the other possesses beneficial biological properties that make it act on the endocannabinoid system to regulate important body functions.

Calming Essential Tremors Using CBD Oil: What Researchers Are Saying

Most prescription drugs that manage essential tremors come not without their side effects. And for the most part, these drugs affect the patients’ mood and cause depression in severe cases. On the other hand, CBD is a pure and natural remedy that so far has a clean profile. Essential tremor symptoms start to manifest in a person’s early 40s when tying a shoe or threading a needle becomes difficult. However, the condition becomes troublesome when a person attains their 50s or 60s.

However, folks exhibiting such symptoms have turned to CBD in the past years and with great success. Application of CBD anti-tremor mechanisms that involve a daily dose of CBD products have successfully alleviated symptoms in people with this condition.

CBD Oil: A Direct Remedy for Essential Tremors

Clinical trials based on animals have shown promising results as to how CBD can be used to manage symptoms of people suffering from tremors. This involuntary shaking of arms, head, or voice occurs when a patient takes action. That means that the shaking may increase when a patient attempts to take action.

Unlike in Parkinson’s disease, where tremors occur when a patient is in rest mode, essential tremors increase with exercise. In other cases, essential tremors may lead to involuntary head nodding and shaking. But in whatever scenario, the discovery of CBD and its potential treatment of essential tremors is an important medical breakthrough.

In severe cases where a patient is not responding to drugs, surgical intervention may be necessary to cut back on tremors. In such cases, a patient may need to undergo deep mind stimulation, which is the most common surgical procedure preferred in managing essential tremors more so because it is less risky and has so far proved efficient.

Ordinary Management of Tremors

There are instances when people, especially alcoholic ones, have to use alcohol to deal with their tremors. That happens because the mind has been accustomed to alcohol, and once it senses its inadequacy in the physique, it gives in to tremors. But the essential tremors are identified by physicians based on neurological or bodily examination. Physicians conduct medical examinations on the body part or area that is prone to tremors. They also consider the amplitude and frequency of the tremors before giving the patient heads up as to the appropriate dose of CBD to be taken every day.

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