Bacon is one of the most loved meat products. Its sweet aroma is enough to make you lose control and eat more than you should. Being a processed meat, you may question whether or not it’s safe to eat it.

Bacon is a product of pork, but turkey bacon also exists. The ingredients and processing methods used on this type of meat vary. Is bacon healthy? Is it safe to eat it?Does it have any nutritional value? With every manufacturer claiming their item to be the best, it may be confusing to know if it’s wise to finally cook the bacon you’ve been having doubts about. Enough of the rumors about bacon; here is the truth;

How is bacon made?

While you may think bacon is only a cut of meat, that’s not entirely the case. Here is what happens before a plain piece of meatbecomes a delicious and sweet food. Producers pick the port belly or sometimes the less fatty back cuts. It’s then injected or soaked in brine or dry salt. They add nitrites or nitrates to make the bacon-curing procedure a fast process andstabilize the color. The cured meat will take a few weeks or months to dry, and when it obtains the right texture, it’s smoked or boiled. The bacon is cut from different pig parts to provide jowl, cottage, collar, back, or side bacon. After the whole process, the results will be salty, smoky, and yummy with a pleasant flavor that’ll make any consumer happy.

What are the nutrition facts of bacon?

A 35g of pork bacon will contain the following;

  • Total calories; 161
  • Sodium; 581mg
  • Carbohydrates;0.6g
  • Fiber; 0g
  • Sugars; 0g
  • Protein; 12g
  • Fats;12g
  • Cholesterol; 35mg

Why is it bad to eat bacon?

It’s highly processed and linked to diseases

Bacon is associated with diseases like cancer and other undesirable health problems. Its production process leads to the release of carcinogenic PAH compounds, which are unhealthy to the body.

High amounts of nitrates and nitrates

Nitrates and nitrites are usually added to the curing process of bacon. High amounts of these content expose you to harmful effects after consuming this type of food.

Too much sodium

Salt or brine is used in the manufacturing of bacon. It’s not surprising it has more salt amounts compared to other foods. With only one serving, you’ll get ¼ of RDA sodium.Normally it’s easy to take more than the safe portion. So you’ll end up taking lots of salt, which will cause negative results in the body like high blood pressure or stomach cancer.

Any benefits of bacon?

While bacon is considered a big no if you want a healthy life, bacon lovers can use some benefits for their defense. The positive effects of bacon include;

Contains healthy fats

Its true bacon contains fats. The impressive news is that half of it is monounsaturated and highly oleic acid. This fatty acid is important for a healthy heart and general wellbeing. If you’re careful with the portion you consume, you’ll enjoy the benefits of this fat. Still, if you fail to observe the amount you take, you’ll end up ingesting too much of the harmful saturated fats.

It contains high protein and low carb

The trendy remedythat is currently used to lose weight is a high protein, low carb diet. Bacon perfectly fits this diet plan because it’ll help you get high amounts of proteins and consume few carbs.

Provides potassium and vitamin B

With a bite of bacon, you can be sure you’ll get micronutrients like potassium and vitamin B. The benefits will be good bone health, better heart performance, muscle strength, stable blood pressure, brain function, and high energy levels.

Do you have to cut bacon out of your diet completely?

You can still enjoy having bacon regardless of the negative effects. If you’re worried that you may have to dump this yummy food, you have a second chance to eat it. But you’ll have to observe the rules. This is how you can have bacon without getting affected by unhealthy results;

Check the portion size

It may not be easy to control yourself when it comes to bacon. You’ll have to be careful with your portion. Don’t go beyond two pieces, and if you can take less than that, the better.

Reduce the number of times you eat in a week

While bacon makes a great breakfast, don’t make it a daily meal.Consume it a few times a week to ensure you’re not hurting your health.

Don’t make it the main course

How many bacons can make you full? If you’re not keen, you can end up consuming countless slices.Regardless of how much you love bacon, don’t make it the main meal. Take itasa condiment to supplement your meal. Doing so will prevent you from filling your body with so much fat.

What is the healthiest wayto make bacon?

  • Among all cooking methods, pan-frying is the healthiest way. Ensure your bacon turns crispy so that the fat melts off completely.
  • Avoid burning the bacon. Use the right temperature to prepare it to avoid increasing the ingestion of carcinogens.
  • Once your bacon is ready, put it on paper towels to drain the extra fat that melted while cooking.

How can you makeyour bacontastier?

Your bacon doesn’t have to be flavorless and boring. You can use a skillet, oven, or microwave method. Skillet involves placing your pieces on a frying pan and heating till they turn light brown. The oven method is laying out your slices on top of aluminum foil and then placing them in the oven. Set the oven to 400degrees and let it heat until it gains the crispness of your choice. Microwave styleis the simplest. You set your bacon pieces inside the microwave and let it cook until you get your desired crunchiness.


So, can you eat bacon?A healthy diet doesn’t need to be completely free from some negative qualities. Anything nutritious qualifies tobe called healthy. Bacon isn’t entirely bad. It has some benefits too. You can enjoy this processed food as long as your consumption is moderate. Take it occasionally and not daily. Motivating news for you; you don’t have to cancel bacon from your meal plan! If I were you, I’d get myself a piece right now before we change our mind about this delicious food!

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