Lips by Lisa LLC. - Lisa Martin

Lips by Lisa LLC. – Lisa Martin

Soften and moisturize your lips with our high-quality lip gloss collection!

Are you in need of a quick makeup touch-up? Grab a lip gloss. Lips coated in a thick layer of gloss look and feel more luxurious and glamorous.

About The Owner

Lips by Lisa is owned and operated by Lisa Martin, a skilled businesswoman specializing in wholesale prices on lip gloss and other cosmetic products. She is fascinated by the beauty industry, and it brings her great joy to share her knowledge with other women. Her company, formerly known as Exoutiq Beauty LLC, is now known as Lips by Lisa LLC. 

Lisa Martin is a successful businesswoman and beauty expert devoted to helping others feel and look their best. Lisa’s entire professional and personal journey has revolved around adding value to the lives of those around her. As a successful entrepreneur, she takes great pleasure in imparting her wisdom and insight to others in the hopes that they, too, may develop and succeed.

Lips by Lisa is an all-lip-gloss cosmetics line created and marketed by Lisa. Lisa has always been looking for the perfect lip gloss but has never found one. Lip gloss that lasted all day without getting sticky or leaving a white film around the inner lip was nearly impossible to come by. So she began developing her formulas for long-wearing, moisturizing lip glosses and selling them. 

Since she was a young girl, she has been fascinated by the transformative power of cosmetics. She noticed that when people applied makeup, they took on a new persona while retaining their essential essence. Her enthusiasm and conviction grew stronger with time. She recognized a need for quick, low-cost, stylish necessities that could forge instant bonds with consumers.

She is vivacious, enthusiastic, and friendly, intending to encourage everyone to look and feel like themselves, starting with cosmetics. Fundamental to her brand is the idea that a well-applied lip gloss can transform even the most understated outfit into a bold statement. That is how Lips by Lisa came to be. A business whose sole product is long-lasting, high-shine lip glosses.

About Our Brand And Product

Give your lips a plump and fuller look instantly. 

Are you ready to take your lip gloss game up a notch? If you’re looking for high-quality products at low prices, look no further than Lips by Lisa. Our high-quality lip gloss is inexpensive despite being specially formulated to enhance plump lips. Lips by Lisa offers a wide variety of lip glosses, from sheer to highly pigmented and shimmering to crystal clear. Every beauty aficionado who likes to put the finishing touch on their look with a gloss will find what they’re looking for here. One application of our glosses is all you need.

Lips by Lisa provides a glossy, long-lasting shine along with continuous hydration and moisture. Our lip glosses are made with nourishing ingredients to give your lips a smooth, hydrating sheen. To put it another way, our lip glosses are like a liquid splash of color. 

Using them is a surefire way to make your face look more awake and your makeup more beautiful. We offer lip glosses that can be worn alone or mixed with lipstick to achieve a custom shade. It’s possible to find both glossy and matte varieties. A lipstick-like shape and an arched felt tip make our vivid colors easy to apply precisely.

You can wear our lip glosses alone for a natural look, pair them with your everyday ensemble for a more put-together feel, or even compliment a smokey eye for a dramatic effect. The intense, luxurious, velvety color is packed into Lips by Lisa’s formulas. It’s easy to wear and stays put, just like magic. 

It’s ethical, reasonably priced, and on par with other premium brands in terms of quality. Our shimmer bomb glosses have a sheer, glittery texture that loads your lips with sparkle. Just run the sponge-tip applicator over your lips to maximize lip volume and appeal.

Lip Glosses That Brighten Up Everything

One of the best ways to fall in love with one’s appearance is to embrace the glitz and show off one’s new look to the world. We make this possible by fusing vibrant hues, easy-to-apply formulas, and high-end applicators. When combined, they form a truly one-of-a-kind product that makes your lips look fuller and more beautiful and adds a pop of color.  

Our Philosophy

Lips by Lisa is where customers should feel comfortable coming as they are. We believe caring for your appearance shouldn’t be difficult or take too much time. So, we plan to keep providing essential goods with a high-end aesthetic. Our aim is also to meet our customers’ expectations by providing them with high-quality service and products. 

It’s our mission to redefine luxury beauty by creating unique products at prices that don’t break the bank. We take great pride in never testing on animals, always offering fair prices, and making our customers our top priority.

Vision Statement

Is to become universally recognized as the lip gloss of choice. Because we don’t want to make products that play on people’s insecurities, we try to make things that enhance your already stunning features.

Mission Statement

To cater to women’s preferences by providing a vast selection of bright, high-quality lip glosses. We help ladies feel good about themselves by offering high-quality cosmetics at affordable pricing.

Our Core Values


Our company is committed to providing consistently high-quality goods and services. We use only the highest quality, clinically-proven active natural ingredients in our formulations. We take great pride in continuing to serve our clientele with an unwavering commitment to quality.


We strive to be easily accessible by providing a wide range of retail and online options where our competitively priced, high-quality products can be purchased. We use proven ingredients to look great on the lips without irritating them to give our consumers the best possible experience.

Customer-focused approach

When developing and producing our lip glosses, we always keep the customer’s wants, needs, and expectations at the forefront of our minds. Our top priority is ensuring that they are met and, in turn, that the customers are happy. We work hard to earn and keep the trust of our customers for the duration of our business relationship with them.

Why Choose Our Product?

Lips by Lisa offers a fantastic, long-lasting, high-quality product at a reasonable price. We are confident that you will love the way our product complements your features. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to guarantee stunning final products for every client.

Add Color to Your Life

Each of the nourishing lip gloss options we provide comes in a selection of vivid, beautiful color tones, and there is a range of exciting options from which you can choose to finish off your appearance. We offer a wide selection of dramatic lip glosses in rich colors and a wide range of neutral tints to experiment with. 

You can have access to a variety of hues, ranging from light vanilla to a rich rose brown, as well as everything in between, and we are confident that one of them will look incredible on your complexion. Lips by Lisa offers reasonably priced lip gloss that will inject some color into your life.

Instant Voluminous Lips

Have naturally thin lips? This is the most straightforward trick you may use to get fuller and thicker lips if you have been looking for strategies to get those results. Our lip glosses can provide fast lip plumping. Your lips will appear fuller because the gloss both absorbs and reflects light similarly. So, ladies put away those lipsticks and grab some lip gloss instead for those pouty lips.

They Won’t Make Your Lips Dry

Our lip glosses, in contrast to those matte lipsticks and crayons, continue to hydrate your lips even after removing them from your lips. Therefore, you do not need to be concerned about your lips being dry or cracked. Even if you end up using it for a number of hours, you will still be left with lips that are soft and smooth.

Easy Application

You won’t need a lip liner or a lip contour for this look because all you’ll need is our lip gloss tube. This is one of the lip products that require the least amount of effort to apply. Simply remove it from its bag and start applying it. Our lip glosses have a wonderful consistency, and their shine lasts for a long time. There is no requirement for a touch-up or compact to recreate the look again and again.

Lips By Lisa – A One-Stop Destination For Glossy Lips!

What are you waiting for? Quickly place your order and grab your favorite lip gloss at an affordable price. We’re the go-to lip gloss brand that provides long-lasting and effective products. Choose the colors that look best on you and add a pop of color to every outfit and makeup look. The gloss is all you need. Visit her site @

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