Inflammation can lead to serious health problems when neglected. There are so many anti-inflammatory supplements in the market, making it difficult to tell which one is the best. Treat your inflammation symptoms with the best anti-inflammatory supplements. 

Inflammation is a physical condition that occurs when the immune reaction is triggered. There are so many diets that can help the body to fight any form of inflammation. However, an anti-inflammatory supplement is the mostpowerful for relieving such symptoms. While this sounds like goods news, the challenge is to tell which supplement is made with safe ingredients. This is because there are countless products are on the market that might leave buyers confused.

For that case, we bring you the best supplements from a very trusted and registered dietitian that will help you fight inflammation. However, it is vital to consult with your doctor before you start using the supplement.


This is a compound mostly found in plants and helps the body to remove toxins. Additionally, it reduces cell damage and relieves inflammation. On the contrary, it is the best and powerful natural antihistamine and canalsobeused as an anti-allergy for seasonal allergies. Quercetin is commonly found in food plants such as broccoli, kales, and blueberries. As such, adding such vegetables and fruits to your diet allows you to benefit from its dense nutrients and deal withother health complications.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a vital nutrientin the body and can be easily found in daily diet and sunshine. However, so many people don’t have enough of it hence leading to nutrient deficiency. This deficiency is very common in people with inflammation and pain.

When the level of vitamin D is normalized, it can act as a hormone and reduce inflammation. According to a recentstudy, it was found that people with low content of vitamin D experienced back pain. The pain limited them from their daily activities. However,after taking the supplement, there was a great reductioninbackpain.


If you are looking for the best anti-inflammatory booster, search no more because you may be having it already in your kitchen. Turmericis a very rich spice, and many people like using it just like an additive. Itis also the best anti-inflammatory and very easy to use. You can use it in salad dressing, in curries as fresh fruits, and as a marinade. However, the best way to use turmeric is as a supplement.

Curcumin is an active component found in turmeric that works as a very powerful anti-inflammatory. Its effectiveness is approved since it is used in some anti-inflammatory drugs and works without any side effects.

If you are experiencing a mild inflammation, add one teaspoon of turmeric in every 2 grams of your diet. When the inflammation is severe, it is advisable to take 500mg of curcumin. For the best results, use it consistently for a maximum of 8 to 12 weeks.


Magnesium mineral found in food and is very vital to the functioning of the body. When the level of magnesium in the body is reduced, the level of CPR is increased. CPR is the protein that makes and causes inflammation in the blood. Magnesium is the best natural anti-inflammatory supplement. Any supplement containing magnesium can relieve inflamed nerves. It alsorelieves painand relaxes the muscles.  The best form of magnesium supplement is magnesium glycinatebecause it is an absorbable chelate.


Probiotics are best known for improving digestion. In some cases, they restore the gut flora, usually after using antibiotics. Nevertheless, probiotics go beyond the gut. When the microbiota is improved, the interaction is also improved hence, relieving the inflammation. A probiotic supplement contains a healthy bacterium that destroys the bad bacteria that cause the inflammatory symptoms.

On the contrary, others studies show that probiotic helps in some chronic diseases such as arthritis and even depression. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)contains omega three, which is a very healthy fat. It is an excellent anti-inflammation. ALA is best in destroying the components in the blood that causes inflammation. It alsoprotects the body against diseases and fights the already existing disease.


Melatonin is well known for being the best in enhancing better sleep. It alsocontains antioxidants that clean the free radicals in the blood. Free radicals are the ones that trigger inflammation. Furthermore,melatonin helps in preventing the body from producing inflammatory chemicals. This makes it the best supplement to control inflammation symptoms.


Ginger is best known as a spice food. It is usually derived from the root of a ginger plant, either fresh or dried. Ginger contains very powerful anti-inflammatory properties that work by inhibiting the chemicals that trigger inflammation. You can find ginger in several forms, including, powder, capsules, extract, oil, and tea. For the best result, make sure you take 1 gram of ginger three times daily.

Fish Oil

Fish oil supplement is obtained from the fish from cold water. These fish include salmon, tuna, cod mackerel halibut, and herring. Fish oil is the best source of omega and essential fatty acids. Omega 3 has an anti-inflammatory effect that helps in relieving inflammation symptoms. It performs its function by restricting cytokines and prostaglandin. Furthermore, it is the best when it comes to treating rheumatoid arthritis. You can get this supplement in many forms, includingcapsules and soft gel. For this supplement to give you the best results, ensure that you take 300 to 400mg every day.

The Bottom Line

Inflammation isa common problem thataffects the normal functioning of the body. Various supplements in the market can help you to relieve the symptoms. However, the availability of many supplements makes it difficult to tell which one is safe. Therefore, we have come up with the best supplements from registered dietitians to simplify your selection.

These anti-inflammation supplements are all made from natural ingredients, making them safe for your body.  However, though they are safe to use, it is advisable to consult with the doctor before adding the supplement to your daily routine. Remember to take the supplement consistently for it to give the best results.

Charlotte Cremers

MS, University of Tartu Sleep specialist Using the acquired academic and professional experience, I advise patients with various complaints about mental health - depressed mood, nervousness, lack of energy and interest, sleep disorders, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts and anxieties, difficulty concentrating, and stress. In my free time, I love to paint and go on long walks on the beach. One of my latest obsessions is sudoku – a wonderful activity to calm an unease mind.