CBD has proven to be a very useful component in the medical field in the past recent years. It is one of the more than 100 components of cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. Although its components are illegal in some countries and states, it has useful purposes for doctors and patients suffering from certain diseases. However, how is CBD effective against migraines? Let us find out.

Cannabidiol oil (CBD) is majorly found in the hemp plant and can be extracted in several ways. The extract is then taken to laboratories to make essential CBD products that helps fight various health conditions such as migraines. Migraine is a recurrent throbbing headache, which usually affects one side of the head and is mostly accompanied by nausea and blurred vision. This unending headache is mostly experienced in women than men, and believed to be influenced by hormonal changes, diet, stress, or even exercise.

Migraine has become a common situation to people nowadays. As such, there is a growing interest in most people who want to identify its root causes and how to treat it using CBD products. To help solve the riddle, therefore, here are a few ways how the CBD strain in the hemp plant can be used to treat these conditions.

Supports the Endocannabinoid System

Experts around the world believe that pain in our bodies can be reduced by CBD. They say that the CBD is useful by supporting the endocannabinoid system, or the ECS. It can be seen that through research the CBD is very important to the body. Many years of research have shown that our bodies can produce neurotransmitters that are known as endocannabinoids which interact with many cell receptors throughout the body. This will form a network that will give feedback which helps to run several processes and functioning of the body. The network regulates almost everything and the system of the body and can modulate the perception of pain, mood, and even appetite.

According to one of the famous researchers, Ethan Russo, who was leading research on medical cannabis argued that the lack of endocannabinoids in the system can highly bring about migraines and many other related problems like fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome.  If we base our arguments on this idea then, we can say that treatment with CBD can highly restore the ECS to function appropriately hence it will reduce the migraine that one had earlier perceived.

Restoring the Cannabinoid Tone

If we regularly take CBD oil, we can help in a great way to restore the endocannabinoid tone. It has been highly recommended that when you want to start using CBD then you should take low quantities or dosage as you are increasing it systematically. CBD oils can be placed under the tongue where scientists say it is dissolved more easily than the edible CBD which has to head down to the stomach for digestion and absorption to take place.

The problem that CBD has is that it has some side effects that can be seen. Many medical drugs have side effects that can be controlled. It is common thing for medical prescriptions to have side effects.The side effect that the CBD has includes the following; sleepiness, nausea, and diarrhea. Some of the side effects can be controlled if you consult a doctor. The other concern is that of using CBD with other drugs. When the CBD comes into contact with other drugs that may be the patient used before, it may have an effect of reducing the potency of the CBD hence it will be less helpful. So, it is advisable to use CBD before using other drugs or some hours spaced after using a drug to avoid the two coming into contact.

Bringing A Relaxing Mood

Many users of CBD have claimed that the use of marijuana brings a very relaxing mood and ambiance to the body. Even the experts have said the usage brings this kind of effect. On the other hand, migraine is caused due to stressful times that a person might be undergoing.

The relaxing mood brought due to the use of CBD will help to subdue the stress and hence it will reduce the feeling and finish up the migraine. In simple terms, CBD is a “pain killer” in a way that it attaches itself to the receptors of pain will this will help the body not to interpret the perception of pain. Hence the pain related to migraine will not be felt and this will have helped to reduce the migraine feeling.

Many studies show that taking CBD products in the right prescription can effectively treat many health problems that affect the human body. These products have proven to work against health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, epilepsy, skin problems, and muscle spasms.  So, identify your exact medical condition and consult a medical professional. A doctor can clarify your doubts regarding the use of CBD for your condition and also helps you in determining a safe dosage for consumption

Boosting the Mood

Sativa strains are energizing and uplifting, which means they’re best for lifting your mood, energy levels, and focus.It has also been proven to have CBD that helps to reduce the blood pressure of patients with diabetes. It helps to regulate the production of insulin which is the major regulator of blood sugar conversions in our bodies. If it can reduce the blood pressure of the victims, then in turn it will mean that it will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Which people with diabetes are at a high risk of getting. High blood pressure is commonly known to bring migraine pain to individuals. Therefore, if CBD can reduce the risks of getting high blood pressure, it can effectively reduce long-lasting migraine’s effects.


In many contexts, it has been seen that CBD strains are used for different kinds of therapeutic reasons. The therapy sessions are helpful to reduce many conditions affecting the well-being of the mind. In many cases, the scientists say that the therapeutic sessions of the CBD involved has fewer chances of hallucinations occurring, unlike the different medicinal drug that causes different kinds of hallucinations. The use of CBD usage to treat migraines is a very good idea and advisable when recommended by a practitioner. Therefore, the use of CBD for migraines pain is a great tool in the medical field.

Julia Davis

Mental health expert
MS, University of Latvia

I am deeply convinced that each patient needs a unique, individual approach. Therefore, I use different psychotherapy methods in my work. During my studies, I discovered an in-depth interest in people as a whole and the belief in the inseparability of mind and body, and the importance of emotional health in physical health. In my spare time, I enjoy reading (a big fan of thrillers) and going on hikes.

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