If quality has been a problem for you, you don’t have to worry anymore. Plus CBD is a home of quality products and manufactures its products with a lot of love. Its exceptional quality levels have made its trademark widely recognized and respected even though its line product is somehow extensive. As a result of its respect within the CBD market, it has a responsibility to maintain it by consistently offering quality products and customer service. We can distinguish Plus CBD from other brands because it provides all its products in three forms; Total Plant Complex, Raw, and Gold.

Additionally, unlike other brands that depend on external third-party labs, it has a centralized lab that fully attends to its products and not any other thing (in-house laboratory). Comparing its prices from different brands, it offers considerable prices that are manageable by most people and have discounts to special groups of people. However, we can’t say they are cheap since we have other companies offering better deals, they are slightly low. Kindly keep reading our review to learn more about Plus CBD.

About the company

Unlike other brands that have been in the market for nearly five years, Plus CBD has been in operation for about a decade. It was established in 2012 in California. Since its establishment, it has been a good ambassador of CBD and still advocates for CBD products to date. As a result, it obtained fame and used the advantage of exceptional quality to outperform its competitors. The company’s main mission is to improve health and wellness using the power of science-based products. Besides its mission, it has three fundamental core values that ensure they are upheld at all times; lead with nature and science, integrity and trust, and customer priority.

The website is well-designed, making it easy to spot various information. Navigation within the website is also straightforward, making it easier to identify products that you might need. To aid the buying experience of both new and recurring customers, each product has an adequate description to help them understand each of them. Some product descriptions include the ingredients, potency and purity levels, extraction method, flavours, available potencies, purpose, and how to administer it. In addition, adding and removing products on the shopping cart is straightforward, and no suspicious activities are encountered during removal. The company offers a final list of the product you have selected to verify before approving payments. Upon approval, an email is shared on the registered email to confirm that the order has been successfully placed with a tracking number. Its products are delivered free and discreetly packed.

Upon receiving the products, ensure they are in good condition before using them. The company is confident in its products and evident in its shipping and return policy. Unlike other brands that offer 30 days refund policy, it provides 60 days to customers who don’t find its products effective. However, if you received damaged goods, you will need to submit a claim for replacement within 72 hours from when you received the goods.

Furthermore, if you have any concerns that you need clarification, we recommend you visit its FAQ page before contacting its support team. The company has a comprehensive FAQ page addressing various common concerns emerging from its customer’s other interested parties. Its page is unique and divided into five parts; shipping, orders, product info, hemp, and cannabidiol IOI. Some of the concerns addressed include the meaning of CBD, the benefits of using hemp, are the company’s products vegan or organic friendly, how to return the products, and whether the company offers international shipping.

If your concern has not been addressed, you can proceed and contact its support team for more guidance or help. On the lower end of the website, you will get a “Contact us” link on the left side; it’s the last option on the menu. The contact details displayed on this page include message box, phone number (1-855-758-7223), physical address (10070 Barnes Canyon Rd. San Diego, CA 92121, USA), and email address ([email protected]). Besides, the company also has social media platforms to bring its customers together to share common concerning CBD and the trademark (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube), with its Instagram page having over 17,000 followers. Besides the team using social media as a common ground where customers can carry out a discussion, it also posts educational videos. It could be used as an alternative way of reaching its support team.

Manufacturing Process

The company’s largest focus is on its manufacturing process. Unlike most CBD companies that use American hemp, the company opted to get its hemp from Europe, which is more developed and produces quality hemp than the USA. The company chose to develop an in-house centralized third-party lab to conduct tests on the imported hemp to ensure it’s THC-free and food-grade. The company has been certified by the FDA and licensed to manufacture hemp-based products.

After ensuring hemp is of the required standards, it proceeds to extract useful cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant for further manufacturing and to obtain exclusive quality levels. It uses an advanced CO2 extraction method to get beneficial ingredients. Additionally, it uses fewer chemicals during manufacturing to minimize the chances of contaminating its products and the environment. Notably, among other extraction methods, CO2 is one of the most convenient and eco-friendly.

After each batch has been manufactured, the company again uses its centralized third-party independent lab to confirm on purity and potency of every batch. The third-party mandated this responsibility is reputable for its accuracy, unlike other independent labs (Nevada’s DB Labs). The first role of the lab is to ensure they are safe for consumption. Therefore, it conducts purity tests to ensure they are void of solvents, pesticides residue, heavy metal, or any other harmful substance. Additionally, potency tests are carried out to ensure they match the ones posted to avoid overdose or underdose. After the tests, the results are posted on the website, and QR codes are provided for customer affirmation labels.

Range of Products

Although the company primarily relies on CO2 hemp plant extracts, it also uses other beneficial ingredients to improve the quality and effectiveness of the product. Its line of products includes; oil drops, oil sprays, soft gels & capsules, gummies and topicals.

Plus CBD Gummies

Plus CBD Gummies

If you are looking for pleasant and fruit-flavoured gummies to help you administer your daily CBD, consider buying them from Plus CBD. Gummies have been rated as one of the best ways of administering CBD due to their convenience. Moving around with gummies can be easier since you can pocket them, and it is easier to attain secrecy while using them. The company manufactures them with Gold formulae, each of which has 5 mg of CBD, offered in a pack of 10, 30 and 60 gummies. Currently, they only have two flavours; citrus punch and cherry mango.

Plus CBD Capsules

Plus CBD Capsules

If you prefer taking CBD products at one go, then capsules are the best option you can go for. The company recommends oral use with the aid of water or your favourite drink. Like gummies, they are offered in a pack of 10, 15 and 60, but in Raw formulation. Additionally, each capsule contains 15 mg of CBD and other useful oils such as MCT oil to maximize its effectiveness. Capsules have been rated second after gummies in terms of convincing since they are easy to move around with and administer.

Plus CBD Tinctures/oils

Plus CBD Tinctures/oils

The company offers its tinctures in full-spectrum using CO2 hemp plant extracts alongside other useful ingredients such as MCT oil and extra virgin olive oil. Unlike capsules and gummies, they are offered in Gold, Total Plant Complex form, peppermint, café mocha, or unflavored form. The company provides accurately market droppers to help its customer administer the correct dosage of 1ml a day in each serving. Additionally, they are offered in a bottle of 30 and 60 ml each with 8.3 and 25 mg of CBD, respectively; 250 mg for 30ml bottle and 1500 for 60ml.

Plus CBD Topicals

Plus CBD Topicals

If you are looking for skin solutions, Plus CBD offers body cream, roll-on, balm, and body lotion to make your skin look healthy and moisturized at all times. Apart from the balm, which is crafted in both Gold and Raw form, the rest are in gold formulation, manufactured using supercritical CO2 hemp plant extracts, among other naturally occurring elements such as MCT oil, menthol, and jojoba oil. They are designed to relieve pain, relieve muscles after a long day and keep your skin healthy. They are in a potency range of 25 to 500 mg of CBD and sold from $14.99 to $49.99.

What we like about the company

Plus CBD is a trademark with an exemplary reputation compared to so many companies because of its commitment to quality. Using its core values, it has delivered in terms of products and customer satisfaction beyond questionable doubts. Its products are in the full-spectrum formulation and have different potency, quantities as well as flavours. Additionally, it has taken advantage of an in-house third party lab to ensure the quality and safety of its products are well-attended. It affirms the quality of its hemp upon reaching its manufacturing facility before any further processing is undertaken and uses an effective extraction method to obtain beneficial ingredients of the hemp plant. Lastly, despite its quality products, it also focuses on eco-friendly manufacturing processes to avoid contaminating the environment.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the company has various advantages and a reputable name, it has a few areas that need attention to improve. First, it needs to extend its line of products and offer products such as pet products and vape juice which are now trending within the CBD market. Additionally, most companies offer free shipping despite the amount used for purchases, unlike them offering free shipping on orders exceeding $75.95. Lastly, some people prefer US-sourced hemp because quality will not be interfered with due to the long time taken during transportation.


All said than done; the company offers quality products which are rare to find due to various companies interested in making profits. We highly recommend its products because of their quality and focus on safety. To help it affirm the safety of its products, it has a centralized lab which is better and more reliable. However, we call upon the brand to work on its weaknesses to keep climbing the competitive ladder of the CBD market.

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