Would you wish to get quality CBD products but are not sure where to buy them? Don’t worry; Serene Cannabis is among the best CBD companies founded based on offering quality products. Since health issues have become the order of the day, the company was founded to find a natural solution to health and wellness concerns that people face. Consequently, its products are well targeted to address specific concerns that would improve your health than yesterday. Notably, they have come up with the finest products using earthly natural ingredients to avoid contaminating products being rendered to customers. Serene CBD focuses on each step that would contribute to crafting quality products. They have farming practices used to grow their hemp well-stipulated ad ensure only organic farming are undertaken. To achieve this, they discourage using chemical fertilizers or artificial pesticides, which their particles might penetrate the end products. To keep learning more about Serene Cannabis CBD, kindly keep reading our review; we have captured information that would be helpful.

About the Company

The company was founded by Erica Valker, who was suffering from health struggles and sought help from cannabis extracts, which she benefited by getting better. For five years (2011-2016), Erica faced many health challenges such as seizures, pain, gut issues, inflammation, light sensitivity, and sleep depression. During this time, she addressed the challenges using Pharma drugs that she did not find compelling. When she visited the hospital for a body check-up, she was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease at late stages. This raised the alarm to the husband, and he decided to buy drugs from dispensaries in San Francisco and LA, but they were not helpful since they neither had dosage nor lab tested for purity and potency. The drugs were full of chemicals which even made the condition worse. Eventually, as they were still trying to seek a solution, a doctor from San Diego came to her aid with pure CBD products tested for THC and CBD levels. She completed her dosage with a proper prescription, and the symptoms started to reduce.

To show appreciation of how cannabis products improved her health condition, she decided to establish a CBD company that would manufacture quality CBD products. Since its establishment in 2017, when it opened its doors for operation, they have focused on pure natural products void of chemical particles. With quality products, Serene has come to aid so many young adults and strained families of children suffering from Lyme diseases by offering proper medication and treatment. Besides, $3 of every purchase of its products is given back to society to help the needy.

Furthermore, the company’s website is comprehensive and detailed, with relevant information concerning its trademark and CBD generally. The company addresses each step they are involved in to ensure they come up with quality products right from the seed level of the hemp plant till the products are delivered to the doorstep of its customers. Their website has clearly outlined and committed itself to educating customers about CBD using its website and blogs under it. Notably, under each product, the company has given crucial information to help its customers understand which product is suitable for their needs. Some of the product information provided includes ingredients, amount of CBD and THC, method of extraction, dosage, how to administer it, and the price.

Consequently, to assess their buying experience, we decided to order a few products. Unlike other brands, their products catalogue is clear and locating any product is not a problem. We included the needed products in our shopping cart and removed either with ease. After we were satisfied, we cross-checked the list before approving payment; to ensure we had the correct products. On the second day of order confirmation, the products were delivered to our doorstep, well-packed.

Besides, the brand has committed a comprehensive FAQ page to address common concerns that customers keep asking about the company and CBD generally. Common problems addressed under this page include the shipping and return policy, what they do to attain quality, terms and conditions of the company, and other concerns relating to the company. On the other hand, concerns on CBD raised include the significance of CBD in human life, how is CBD different from other products, and its primary raw material. Each concern is adequately addressed and with accuracy. As a result, the traffic on its customer support team has depreciated hence making it effective.

If your concerns are neither addressed under their detailed manufacturing processes nor on the FAQ page, we recommend you to reach their support team, which has proved to be effective. The website offers contact details under “Contact Us.” They have an email address, phone number and physical address. To check on their effectiveness, we contacted the support team using their email to ask about farming practices to ensure their hemp is of high quality. Our email was responded to within 24 hours and was detailed and satisfactory.

Manufacturing process

Serene Cannabis engages in multiple organic farming practices to help them develop quality hemp that won’t contaminate their hemp products. Notably, to avoid harmful chemical particles penetrating its products, they have avoided using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Their hemp is grown in Colorado in a fertile place that doesn’t need any plant boosters. The company has been practising organic farming practices alongside other healthy farming practices that would help them grow the finest hemp within Colorado. Before harvesting its hemp for crafting, it ensures it is fully matured.

Upon harvesting, its hemp is taken to its manufacturing facility within 24 hours. Before manufacturing starts taking place, they test the purity of the hemp to ensure no harmful substances will penetrate to their products. The products are manufactured with a lot of care and strict protocols to ensure that safety and quality are attained simultaneously. During manufacturing, it minimizes the number of chemicals being used to uphold the mission of CBD, which is to offer high-quality natural products.

Notably, they have a centralized independent third-party lab to test its products’ purity and potency levels. The first responsibility given to the lab is to ensure all the potency levels provided online and on the labels of its products match the one in one in the products. Consequently, it ensures THC levels don’t exceed 0.3%, which is the optimum level required. Besides, the lab tests all the products to ensure they are void of contaminants particles that might interfere with the product’s effectiveness. After that, the results are posted online for pre-purchase confirmation and provide QR codes for customers to prove the results.

Range of Products

Although Serene Cannabis offers a comprehensive line of products, each is manufactured with great care to meet its effectiveness. Additionally, they have blended some useful naturally occurring elements to attain rapid effectiveness. Currently, the company offers eight products; CBD oils, Raw Hemp Flower, vapes, edibles, CBD bundles, CBD for pets, CBD topicals, and Apparel.

Serene Cannabis Edibles

Currently, the company only manufactures gummies that are designed to enhance relaxation and ease stress. The gummies are manufactured with a lot of care to attain their effectiveness. Notably, besides using hemp plant-primarily, they have also incorporated natural flower flavour as well as MCT oil for easy digestion into the bloodstream. Like all its other products, the company also tests its gummies’ purity and potency levels to ensure they are safe for consumption and have rapid effectiveness.

Serene Cannabis Oral Tinctures

Serene Cannabis oral tinctures are crafted with a lot of care and natural sweetness that will increase your desire to have more. Like edibles, they are crafted with great care to meet rapid effectiveness and contain natural flower flavour to make them testy. They have blended in natural elements alongside MCT oil to allow easy digestion for immediate effectiveness. Notably, before the components are incorporated in their hemp, they are tested for purity levels before being added to the hemp. The company has employed a team of researchers with adequate experience and qualifications to confirm this. Lastly, they are sold from $68 to $138.

Serene Cannabis Anti-aging Serum

Most people whose skin has started ageing or have wrinkles are now worried and wish to look brighter. Serene Cannabis manufactures anti-ageing serum to address such people’s insecurities, manufactured with great care to keep the skin glowing. Similar to products we have discussed above, the company also has blended MCT oil as part of the raw material. As a result, it maximizes absorption of this product by the skin, hence keeping the skin moisturized and smooth throughout the day. Its sold at $98.

What we like about the company

Compared to other companies we have been looking at, Serene Cannabis has numerous fascinating things that keep them gaining fame within the CBD market. First, it has enough measures in ensuring its hemp is of quality. Since a lot of attention has been placed on its raw material, the results (products) come out as the most refined products within CBD. Consequently, a lab result from their independent third-party is accurate, and if accuracy hasn’t been attained, then its range is within the acceptable range of 10%. Additionally, their products are packed safely and achieve secrecy of the highest levels. The advantages we have mentioned above are just a few; the company has a lot more that makes it outshine the others.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the brand has created a line of significant reasons that would make customers love it and keep considering their brand, a few things are yet to be addressed. First, the company has only provided bio for its co-founder and left out other team members that help them keep their trademark name in the limelight. Also, the company has not offered free shipping, unlike its potential competitors, who are offering quality. Lastly, it should provide a wide range of flavours to meet various unique flavour preferences.


Since the company has proved to be committed to offering quality and safe products for its customers, we recommend their products to all CBD users and those willing to join. Additionally, they have ensured they provide more reasons for customers to buy from their brand than the reasons for not considering them; the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far. The question of quality has been a great concern to CBD customers as CBD manufacturers’ competition keeps rising. Furthermore, Serene Cannabis has joined hands with the teams established upon creating high-quality products to restore hope to more consumers. However, for it to keep doing better, we recommend it to address the key disadvantages we have outlined plus any other.

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