The hype around CBD is growing every day, and more people are embracing this compound. Many people now believe in cures in CBD and buy ingestible, inhalable, and topical CBD products to manage pain or stress and to improve their wellness and focus. Of course, the FDA has not approved CBD for these roles, but this has not limited its growing popularity. In fact, many companies now deal in CBD, and Serene Cannabis is one of them. Its website states that it was borne of its own passion and uses the earth’s finest ingredients to achieve its target of helping people achieve wellness and look and stay better every other day. How true is that statement, and what does Serene Cannabis offer on the table? Here is our full review of this brand; read it to understand everything about this brand, including what we like and do not like about it.

About the Company

Serene Cannabis states on its website that it is borne of its passion for using the world’s finest natural ingredients to help people look and stay better every other day. The company was started in 2017 and is headquartered in Illinois. According to the website, Erica Valker is the person behind and the founder of Serene Cannabis.

According to Erica, Serene Cannabis was borne out of her own story and struggles, which she relates on the site. In 2011 when Erica and her husband started selling potlucks, she was diagnosed with late-stage Lyme disease, which came fast and quickly took a toll on her, making her bedridden several times. Between 2011 and 2016, Erica took different pharmaceutical prescription drugs but found no cure in them. Rather, the medications only made her sicker. Besides, her husband and caregiver would source cannabis extracts from San Francisco and Los Angeles, but these were either filled with chemicals or lacked dosage information. This continued until when a doctor in San Diego put her on CBD tinctures with a tint of THC, and her health phenomenally improved. She self-administered the dosage and eventually established what would work best for her.

Following her success with CBD, they reached out to and partnered with it to produce her first CBD products. Somewhere along the line, Serene Cannabis was birthed, specifically in 2017. The brand has its headquarters in Illinois and strives to operate by its promise to use the world’s finest ingredients to improve people’s conditions. As such, it offers broad- and full-spectrum formulations that go thorough 3rd party tests to uphold quality. The tests examine the CBD and THC potencies and purity products and post the results online for clients to readily access them.


The following specifications describe Serene Cannabis;

  • Products cost between $15 and $128
  • Rigorous 3rd tests
  • Organic hemp used
  • Test results posted online for customer viewership
  • The average price point ranges from $0.11 to $0.48 per mg CBD
  • Extracts come in broad- and full-spectrum formulations
  • Extracts can be consumed as tinctures, topicals, and pet items
  • Ingestible products do not guarantee taste
  • No military veteran discounts
  • No money-back guarantee or any arrangement in store for this provision
  • Total CBD concentration per product ranges from 50 g to 1000 g
  • Shipping happens throughout the United States
  • No live chat feature, but a site map is provided
  • Free shipping for orders worth $99 and above

Buying Experience

Although Serene Cannabis does not group its products based on effects or consumption methods like other brands, the overall shopping experience was not bad. When you click the ‘Collection’ button, you get access to all the products in the company’s product, which is not challenging, considering that Serene does not have a very large inventory. You then discreetly select what you want, access its product page to learn more about it, and proceed to add it to the cart. You can shop as much as you and once done; there is a button for ‘Proceed to Checkout,’ which you press to end selection. The button opens a page that asks you to key in your physical location and billing details, after which the order is processed. If your order is worth $99 or more, Serene Cannabis offers free shipping, especially if your destination is among the states of the USA or its territories.

Manufacturing Process

Serene Cannabis sources its hemp from Oregon and California farms that practice sustainable and organic methods. As such, the chances of getting chemicals, pesticides, and solvents into the extracts are reduced. Nonetheless, Serene Cannabis does not state whether it is FDA-certified for organic practices, nor does it mention any arrangements for this. Still, it claims that it occasionally tests the hemp to ensure that it matches the quality it needs.

The hemp is non-GMO, which is ideal, considering that a lot of controversies surround genetic modification of organisms and using such for consumable products. Once the hemp matures, it is harvested and transported to the manufacturing facilities. Sadly, Serene Cannabis’ website does not mention the method the brand employs to extract CBD from the hemp surface. However, we understand that the final products are in isolates and broad- and full-spectrum CBD formulations. Other organic plant-based ingredients such as MCT oil and lavender are also featured in some products, and these are incorporated at this stage.

The next stage involves transporting the items to an independent lab for 3rd party tests. Such tests feature potency and ensure that the labels and actual contents tie in regarding THC and CBD concentrations, and the former should be 0.3% or less. Besides, they incorporate purity tests to ensure the extracts are free of external contaminants such as microbials, mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, residues, and solvents. Serene Cannabis conducts such and avails the results online.

Range of Products

The following are the products you will find on Serene Cannabis official website;

i.Serene Cannabis Tinctures

Serene Cannabis Tinctures

Serene Cannabis tinctures come in 1,000 mg concentrations and have a 33.33 mg/ml potency. This applies to the CBN Dream, Inflame-Away CBG, or the Extra Strength tinctures, which cost $108-$128, depending on the type, and reveals an average price point of $0.11-$0.13 per mg. The oral tincture offers 600 mg CBD and costs $108.

ii.Serene Cannabis CBD Pet Products

Serene Cannabis CBD Pet Products

Serene Cannabis’ pet items feature the250 mg CBD cat/dog oil. It has broad-spectrum CBD oil and also includes other ingredients, including Alaskan salmon oil, vitamin E tocopherol, sea salt, and MCT oil.

iii.Serene Cannabis CBD Topicals and Beauty

Serene Cannabis CBD Topicals and Beauty

The topical and beauty line of Serene Cannabis offers a variety of items for you. You can choose from body serum, face serum, face cream, pain cream, and salt bath bombs. The serums are prepared from CBD isolates (500 mg) and other botanicals, including apricot kernel and jojoba oils. There is also the 300 mg version of the serums that help you fight wrinkles, boost total antioxidant count, make the skin fine, and boost your immunity. Of course, the FDA has not approved the products for this role.

What We Like About the Company

We liked many things about Serene Cannabis, including;

liked many things about Serene Cannabis, including;

  • The brand offers a site map that guides whoever wants to visit its physical location
  • Serene Cannabis offers clients discounts through a coupon, gifts, and bundles, and first-time buyers also get a 10% off the total order’s worth
  • The product page for any item you add to the cart provides adequate information about the product, including what makes it up and how it interacts with the body
  • The website is appealing and details information about Serene Cannabis founder
  • Serene Cannabis partners with and supports non-profit making organizations like LymeLight Foundation, to which it donates $3 for every CBD tincture sale to support awareness programs on Lyme disease
  • Serene Cannabis is committed to offering high-quality CBD products and uses organic practices in hemp farming; meaning no pesticide, solvent, or chemical residues can be found on the products
  • The brand produces broad- and full-spectrum extracts for full entourage effects without and with THC, respectively, and still trades isolates for consumers who want CBD exclusively without other cannabinoids
  • The brand conducts rigorous third-party tests and ensures the products are pure and lack mycotoxins, microbials, heavy metals, residues, and solvents

What We Don’t Like About the Company

Although we liked many things about Serene Cannabis, the brand still needs to improve in some areas. For instance;

  • The website lacks a chat feature for chatting live with an online agent
  • The $99 free shipping threshold is a bit high and might not be attained by those who deserve it but live a substandard lifestyle
  • Unlike most CBD brands, Serene Cannabis does not detail its arrangement for money-back guarantee and refunds, nor does it state whether the arrangement is there in the first place
  • Most CBD brands recognize military veterans and offer them discounts, but this is not true for Serene Cannabis
  • The website may look appealing but lacks an FAQ section to address questions people frequently ask about CBD
  • Serene Cannabis’ website does not reveal the method the brand employs to extract CBD from hemp surface
  • The official page does not say much about the technical team, although it offers information about the founder
  • The ingestible products Serene offers do not guarantee taste

Our Verdict

After carefully reviewing the Serene Cannabis CBD brand, we are happy to say that this brand is unmistakably committed to wellness. It offers full- and broad-spectrum formulations that offer full entourage effect with and without THC, respectively, and also deals in CBD isolates for people who want to strictly do CBD without any terpenes or flavonoids. All the tinctures, topicals, and pet items offered by this brand are plant-based and made from the organic natural Oregon or California-grown hemp. Serene Cannabis conducts thorough 3rd party tests for all its products that pass purity tests. The tests also feature potency and ensure that what’s indicated on the labels match the actual contents and that the THC concentration is 0.3% or less. Nonetheless, the brand has a few areas to improve in. The $99 threshold for free shipping is remarkably high, and not every client can make it. The website is appealing but lacks a chat feature, nor does it have an FAQ section, information about the technical team, and the method of extraction employed to strip off CBD from the hemp surface. As such, Serene Cannabis needs to straighten these kinks for it to achieve milestones in the CBD space, not only in 2022 but even beyond.

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