How Do You Start Using Crystals?

From my personal experiences, there are several ways beginners can start using crystals, including; holding them in your hands when you feel a bit low or demand emotional support, introducing them in your meditation sessions, carrying the stone in a wallet, handbag, pocket, purse, and bra. You can also shower with the crystal and use them to decorate your surroundings, on the desk, on the bed, hanging on the ceiling, or as energy cleansers.

What Crystal Is Best for You?

I highly recommend the following crystals;

Rose quartz– this is one of my favorite warming crystals for meditation purposes that emits radiant energy to enhance pure happiness and love moods.

Amethyst- beginners can use this purple crystal to regulate their inner feelings, calm and soothe their emotions.

Clear quartz– the perfect crystal when looking to clear the noises in your head, increases focus, connectivity, and enlightens your spirit.

Citrine is a bright yellow crystal that enhances positivity and lightens the house with peace.

Pyrite- is a good stone for boosting confidence; the energy it emits is linked to a greater source of creating more opportunities and financial success.

How Many Crystals Should You Start With?

For beginners, you suggest you start with at least 5 crystals to gain a varying foist time experience as you learn how each stone influences your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

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