The turkey tail mushroom, whose form and whirling multicolored hues resemble a turkey’s tail, has recently gotten a lot of press thanks to studies that show it can help with immune function and digestive health. Functional turkey tail mushrooms are used in many herbal remedies because of their immune-boosting, antioxidant, and anti-ageing characteristics.

To get better results of turkey tail, you are required to take it daily. Turkey’s tail is primarily eaten in powdered form and has a mild, earthy flavor. You can either add it to your food or tea or even take it as a supplement. In this article, we are going to see the benefits of the turkey tail.

Turkey tail mushroom products

  • Turkey tail mushroom powder– this is a versatile powder and it is responsible for gut health. You should take 2 grams only per day.
  • Turkey tail mushroom capsulesarein the form of pills and help strengthen the immune system and maintain the digestive system’s health. Furthermore, each capsule is made without any animal products; this enables you to get all the plant-derived vegan capsule’s nutrients of the turkey tail mushroom. The recommended dosage is three capsules per day.
  • Immune mushroom mix drink mix is a mixture of the mushroom powder stick, particular vitamin C, and probiotics. For example, take flavored super-berry, mix it with the powder mushroom, then add water and stir it. Take only 2.5 grams of the powder stick. Also responsible for gut health and the immune system.
  • Mushroom broth comprises six super foods of the mushroom, proteins, certain plants, and herbs.

What are the health benefits of turkey tail mushrooms?

It is a rich antioxidant.

An antioxidant is a substance that prevents or reduces damage caused by oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance between antioxidants and unstable chemicals (free radicals). Oxidative stress is also associated with the risks of getting cancer and heart diseases. However, you can reduce oxidative stress by taking antioxidant-rich foods and supplements. 

 A recent study discovered that the turkey tail has more than 35 phenolic compounds, baicalein, and flavonoid antioxidants. These antioxidants will minimize inflammation and encourage the production of protecting compounds. In contrast, quercetin will boost the output of immunoprotective proteins such as interferon-y and block the production of pro-inflammatory enzymes like lipoxygenase.   

Improves the Immune of people with some cancer

A certain study discovered that the polysaccaropeptide (PSK) present in the turkey tails suppress the growth and spread of human colon cancer. In addition, the Coriolus Versicolor glucan (CVG) decreases certain cancers. 

However, to get better results of the turkey mushroom, your treatments should be accompanied by chemotherapy and radiation. You are also required to take 100 mcg of turkey tail every day. This will reduce the growth of aggressive cancer cells.

Improves your gut health

Gut bacteria usually help in keeping your immune cells stronger since they interact with the immune cells directly. Turkey tail has Prebiotics that aid in the nourishment of these beneficial bacteria. If you take 3600mg of the turkey tail daily, the harmful bacteria present in the guts will be suppressed. Moreover, the fibers present will also ease the digestion process.

It helps in cleansing the liver.

Turkey tail is more beneficial than any liver detox kit in the market. It has been used in China for generations to treat a range of health issues affecting the liver and maintain its health.

They are used during chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer.

Turkey tail is widely used with chemotherapies to fight some cancer cells due to its fighting properties. In a particular study, it was realized that people who had breast, stomach or colorectal cancers and were treated using chemotherapy and turkey tail mushroom had lower death rates when compared to those who never used turkey tail mushroom. In addition, those using turkey tails could survive longer after surgery than those who never used them.

Other health benefits

  • Improving insulin resistance – in a certain study conducted on a rat, the researchers realized that mushrooms reduced sugar levels in the blood and increased insulin levels in people with Type 2 diabetes.
  • Improves athletic performanceturkey tail extracts usually reduce fatigue, thus improving performance. Research on a mouse realized that a mouse treated with a turkey tail has lower blood sugar levels after exercise, thus making it suitable for the athletes or taking before working out.
  • Antibacterial characteristicsthis makes it suitable for treating any illness caused by bacteria such as salmonella. 
  • May help with HPV: In a particular trial of 70 patients with HPV, 88 percent of those treated with turkey tail had reduced levels of HPV compared to the other 8% control group.
  • Reduces inflammation– turkey tails are high in antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenols, which may help to decrease inflammation or any chronic disorders like diabetes and cancer

What are the side effects of taking turkey tail mushrooms?

Turkey tail mushroom is harmless but with only a few adverse effects identified in trials. When consuming turkey tail mushrooms, some people may develop digestive issues such as gas, bloating, and black stools.

When used in conjunction with chemotherapy to treat cancer, one might get adverse symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite has. However, it is still unclear why people get adverse effects when using the mushroom during cancer treatment. 

You might experience the darkening of the nails after eating turkey tail mushroom. The darkening of fingernails is another possible adverse effect of eating turkey tail mushrooms. However, it is safer for you to consult the medic before using the mushroom. 


Turkey tail mushroom has a wide range of medicinal values. The mushroom helps in maintaining your gut health by balancing the bacteria in the digestive system. The numerous antioxidants present will help treat cancer and strengthen your immune system making it a number one natural medicine. Turkey Tail mushroom might not be the most delicious mushroom. Still, the high-quality supplements such as Turkey Tail Fungus and Immune Mushroom Blend will enable you to get all of the advantages this mushroom has to offer more appealingly.

Nutritionist, Cornell University, MS

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