About the Company

Veritas Farms is a CBD company founded in Pueblo, Colorado, and established in 2011. It aims at growing high-quality hemp using a sustainable farming process supported by industry-standard quality control testing. The company’s vertically-integrated business model pledges hemp manufacturing and shipping happen at Veritas farms. These processes include phytocannabinoid extraction, hemp growing, manufacturing, and delivery of the final products. Its backbone is its business philosophy: a healthy planet and healthy people.

The company is committed to providing full-spectrum and high-quality products to the public, educating its community on the benefits of the different CBD oils, and protecting the earth by employing eco-friendly processes to manufacture and transport its products. Sticking to its promise of using sustainable farming practices, Veritas Farms manufactures its fertilizer. The company also uses drip irrigation to keep every plant watered while minimizing water usage, which helps conserve water from the Rocky Mountains.

Veritas Farms utilizes natural pest repellants like pepper spray and ladybugs for its products. Unlike most of its competitors that originally used CBD in their products, Veritas Farms uses various natural-occurring cannabinoids contained in hemp plants. These phytocannabinoids include cannabinol (CBN) and cannabigerol (CBG). According to research, CBD products have neuroprotective properties that treat neuroinflammation and oxidative stress.

Meanwhile,research revealed thatCBN might contain appetite-stimulating properties. Cannabinoids also interact with the endocannabinoid system to assistwith different functions like memory, appetite, sleep, and pain perception. However, results achieved from these studies can be used in further studies to determine the effectiveness of cannabinoids.


The FAQ page is limited and only has countable general questions and answers about CBD together with their policy published on the website. However, contrasted to the other CBD companies, the FAQs are lacking. Contrary, theproduct page provided enough details, including the type and quantity of CBD in each product, ingredients, price, a detailed report, and more. Additionally, there is easy retrievalof their third-party testing results. The company also provides free transportation for orders above$100 and a one-month money-back assurance.


Veritas Farmsmight not be among the most well-known CBD brands around. However, itswebsite mentionsthat the company was featured in men’s health, Forbes, cosmopolitan, Fox news, and more. Although pictures of the members that constitute the Veritas teamare available on the website, no background information is available regarding their history, skills, and experience. Mostdetails about the company describe the farming practices, but the background information about when the company was established and the founders is scarce. However, they provide numerous strategies to contact the customer care team, including email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, and live chat options.

Overall, we know little about the company’s founder, team members, and when the company was established. However, there are great methods to reach the consumer care team. There are detailed byproduct pages, and their third-party laboratory outcomes depicted that the product’s CBD, THC, and contaminant levels were accurate and acceptable.

Manufacturing Process

Veritas Farms uses the organic ethanol extraction method to extract CBD and various cannabinoids from the hemp plant. According to the company, the active substances are removed from hemp’s cellulose material during a cold ethanol extraction, resulting in pure, full-spectrum hemp oils. It refines the oils further by eliminating ethanol traces from these oils through chromatography. The company uses several pieces of equipment for product quality control. One such protocol is the utilization of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analyzer, whichmonitors cannabinoid levels and determines if the company’s industrial hemp agrees with the policies and standards set by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Lab Testing Transparency

Veritas Farms’ third parties are accessible online. These reports may be reached through QR codes. However, some lab results need passwordsfor accessibility. Some products are also not examined by independent third-party laboratories.

CBD Concentration Per ServingRange

Veritas Farms’ 500mg full-spectrum CBD tincture has 506.29mg of CBD per container. This product may be categorized as 5% CBD oil, or those with 500mg CBD. Usually, 5% CBD oil may be effective for users who are just beginning with CBD products or thoseusing CBD for its revealed calming and anxiety-reducing impacts. ThisCBD also offers a more affordable alternative to consumers. However, people who plan to use CBD more often than once per day are urged to purchase stronger tinctures, like Veritas Farms’100ml large-format tincture.


Veritas Farms’ 500mg full-spectrum CBND tincture has apotency or concentration of 16.78mg/g. In determining a product’s potency, users might evaluate the concentrations of the cannabinoids present in the sample. Potencyis defined bythe concentration of the cannabinoids in the sample in terms of overall percentage by weight. The weight represents the percentage of cannabinoids present in the product. Meanwhile, the concentration stands for the number of cannabinoids reduced into milligrams per gram for reference. In the 500mg full-spectrum CBD tincture’s certificate of analysis (COA), there are noticeable amounts of CBG present.

Products Range

Full-SpectrumCBD Tincture

Full-SpectrumCBD Tincture

Veritas Farms CBD tincture is a full-spectrum product, similar to each product on the list. Also, many cannabis plant extracts include up to 0.3% THC. The tincture is present in various flavors, including peppermint, citrus, strawberry, watermelon, and unflavored. Additionally, it is available in potencies ranging from 250 to 200mg. Individuals can either place a drop under a tongue or add a kit to food or a drink.

Full-Spectrum CBD Salve

Full-Spectrum CBD Salve

This topical CBD product also has other potentially beneficial ingredients for the skin, such ascoconut oil and beeswax. Sinceit is a salve, people can utilize this product for targeted relief. The product is also available in two scents: Lavender Eucalyptus and Cooling Menthol, alongside an unscented variant.

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

These capsules are fit for vegans and come in differing strengths. According to Veritas Farms, capsules are convenient for taking CBD and are suitable for travelers. They arealsoavailable for purchase online.

Full-Spectrum CBD Lip Balm

Full-Spectrum CBD Lip Balm

The CBD lip balmalso has other beneficial ingredients such as essential oils and beeswax. Veritas Farms proposes that the product can assist in soothingand protecting delicate lips. The lip balm is currently present in five flavors: watermelon, strawberry, orange crème, mango, and cherry. All these flavors are available for purchase online.

Full Spectrum CBD Lotion

Full Spectrum CBD Lotion

Veritas Farms says its CBD lotion is a good moisturizer for all-day use. Besides hemp oil, the product also has aloe to hydratetheskin. This lotion comes in three scents: Fruity patchouli, minted lavender, and unscented. You can find the product online for purchase.

Full Spectrum CBD Roll-On

Full Spectrum CBD Roll-On

This product provides targeted CBD benefits. Alongside CBD, the product also contains a blend of essential oils. The company stipulated that the design is easy to use and convenient for travel and on-the-go application. The mood variant has bergamot and Bulgarian lavender, whereas the mind version contains peppermint and rosemary.

Veritas Farms CBD Gummies

Veritas Farms CBD Gummies

The gummies have awildberry flavor and come either with or without melatonin. They are available in a bag of 5, with 7.5mg of CBD isolate each, or in a bag of 30, each having 5mg of ethanol extracted CBD isolate. They have gelatin, which means they are not fit for vegetarians or vegans.

Veritas Farms PetCBD Products

The company also provides various CBD advanced pet products, including topical such as an Ear Cleansing System infused with full-spectrum hemp oil and a Paw Rescue Salve. It also has consumable CBD products for pets, including pet tincture infused with full-spectrum hemp oil, available in tuna flavor or bacon, and Dog Chews infused with full-spectrum hemp oil. Every pet CBD product uses a full spectrum, containing not more than 0.3% THC and Ethanol extracted CBD.

What We Like About the Company

  • Veritas Farms contains an impressive product line that caters to both animals and humans.
  • The company’s commitment to sustainability is significant, from developing its fertilizer to its intended use of drip irrigation.
  • Since the products come from home-grown hemp plants, they are processed and packaged within Veritas Farms. The company promises that its hemp products meet the highest quality standards.
  • The company has many positive reviews on its website. For instance, Veritas Farms’ lip balm reviews online promote new clients to check out the brand.
  • Veritas Farms is committed to transparency with its website listing all the ingredients used, COAs, and recommend dosing for some products. The company also provides consumers tours of its farms and laboratories.
  • The tremendous range of products, strengths, and flavors available fit anyone’s requirements, whether they have severe symptoms, chronic, or new to CBD.
  • The brand also has physical retail locations so that you can get a CBD-rich product individually.
  • It offers a 30-day return policy for allunopened products in their primary packaging and condition.

What We Dislike About the Company

  • Not all products contain COAs and lab test results.
  • Although Veritas Farms uses a strict cold ethanol extraction process, the CO2 extraction method offers the most potent CBD.
  • Veritas Farms is unregistered with the US FDA. Companies registered with theagencyseem more credible to clients.
  • It offers a limited FAQ page.
  • It cannot connect the batch number to third-party lab results.
  • It has a high CBD variance in some products.
  • Little information was published about the company’s team.
  • The products are sold at higher than average prices.

Overall Verdict

Veritas Farms is a company that upholds sustainability and quality control. Its vertically-integrated business model promises that new products and best-selling items are subjected to stringent protocols before availing them in the market. The company’s farming strategies reflect how sustainability is one of Veritas Farms’ core values. The brand has multiple formats that maximize the cannabis sativa’s components, especially its cannabinoids.

Veritas Farms usesfull-spectrum products and believes that these products are more effective than broad-spectrum products and CBD isolates. The brand’s wide CBD product line includes popular skincare, tinctures, hand sanitizers, and pet solutions. Theproducts are also available in different stock-keeping units (SKUs), giving clients more options to decide. Before using Veritas Farms’ products, customers are encouraged to consult their doctors first. A genuine, all-natural brand that cares about its community, Veritas Farms was a delight to be reviewed.

We, the brand’s family, have also grown large enough for them to be more generous, perhaps with a discount program for those who have served and first responders. Regardless of some challenges, the brand hasa lot to love, and we are delighted to declare thatpeople will utilize more products after this review.

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