While CBD oil is an excellent choice for lowering inflammation and joint pain, there is a risk of a bad reaction when combined with blood-thinning medications.

Consult your doctor to see if utilizing a CBD topical will have any bad side effects. A doctor can propose a blood test and a physical to guarantee that consuming supplements won’t negatively affect your body.

Blood Thinners and Grapefruits

Some food items (such as grapefruit, green tea, and alcohol) can affect how drugs operate. Grapefruit might promote a faster or longer release of blood thinners, potentially resulting in ineffective medication or toxic overdoses. By reducing the body’s ability to generate enzymes, grapefruit can counteract blood thinners like felodipine and nifedipine. Blood thinners may not perform as planned since enzymes are necessary for absorbing waste and preventing the effects of the drug.

Cytochrome P450 (CYPs)

The cytochrome P450 enzymes are a monooxygenase family of enzymes that contain hemp as a cofactor.   These proteins oxidize steroids, fatty acids, and xenobiotics in mammals and are vital for chemical clearance, hormone synthesis, and breakdown. Estabrook, Cooper, and Rosenthal described the role of CYP as a catalyst in the synthesis of steroid hormones and drug metabolism in 1963. These proteins are required to manufacture defense chemicals, fatty acids, and hormones in plants. P4503A4 is the cytochrome related to medication interactions in the human body. It is in charge of sending electrical impulses to the brain, which causes enzyme manufacturing to begin. Grapefruit and CBD target this cytochrome, which helps to reduce enzyme production and allows the brain to produce hormones for an extended period. 

Catalysts are used to interrupt regular cycles. Proteins are important, but reducing them can be beneficial in some circumstances. Drugs delay the formation of chemicals and other processes by delaying the proteins.

Grapefruits and Cytochromes

Grapefruit, like CBD, inhibits CYP3A4 to allow the body to produce more compounds. Since grapefruit lowers the cytochrome, the body can no longer utilize the blood thinner medicine as effectively as previously. It can be absorbed too quickly or extremely slowly, posing a health risk. Suppose the medicine’s name includes “grapefruit,” see your primary care physician before using CBD topicals.

 Are Topicals Safe?

The endocannabinoid system is found in nearly all of the body organs. When topicals are applied to the skin, the endocannabinoid system is activated, producing anti-inflammatory hormones, facilitating pain relief. One advantage of utilizing CBD topicals for pain treatment is that it might not carry the same health hazards as other medicines like Fentanyl or OxyContin, which cause addiction and respiratory system weakness.

Should You Use CBD Topicals

Cannabidiol, as a health supplement, lacks the necessary research and practical solutions to make any broad assertions on how it functions. There are online forums dedicated to persons suffering from joint pain, and many of them share their stories of using CBD in conjunction with blood thinners.

There is no alternative for high-quality CBD products. They’re inclined to perform the way they’re supposed to. CBD topicals are an excellent way to relieve joint pain and inflammation. However, you must get goods that will perform well.

 How to Find the Best CBD Topical Products

Read and Understand the Labels

It is important to read the labels to examine if any mentioned ingredients might negatively interact with the other medication. Check for the active ingredient and the percentage.

Check for Lab Reports

These files include information about the contents of your supplement. Pesticides, fertilizers, pollutants, heavy metals, and cannabidiol content are all reported in these studies. If the company does not reveal any lab results, it is best to go on to the next step because this can be problematic.

Customer Reviews

Reviews also provide a wealth of useful information. When a vendor’s consumers are satisfied, it usually signifies that the products are of high quality and adequate service.

Vendor’s Stock

Expert formulas that cater to various needs are frequently found in a vast assortment.


The best advice is to speak with your doctor about your current prescriptions and what CBD will entail for them. Doctors frequently schedule blood tests and physical examinations to see how your body reacts to the combination of cannabidiol and thinner blood. In most cases, combining a blood thinner prescription with a mild effect does not pose a health risk.


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