Overnight honey and oats face mask

Do you plan for a peaceful night in but are clueless about what to do? Well, think about your skin. I recommend soaking it in the best DIY combination of ingredients- oats and honey, which will leave it glowing and younger. Oats have antioxidants that clear dead skin and excess oil from your skin. On the other hand, honey moisturizes, giving perfect looks to any dry skin patches on the elbows or lips. Start by mixing the oats and honey before evenly applying to the desired areas, including masking the face, and wait for results the morning after.

Fake a picnic

Picnics do not necessarily have to be outdoors. You can have your indoor picnic by spreading your blanket in the living room and having fun. Add throw pillows and light a few candles to spice the looks. When it comes to food, I like making traditional dishes to heighten my night in experience. For example, I love twisting the normal dishes, such as, baking apples with nutmeg rather than raw and fermented cod liver oil.

DIY fondue

If you think the best fondues are only in restaurants and food outlets, it is wrong. Simply get your ingredients ready, and you will be good to go. Grab a big pot and fill it with chocolate, strawberries, apples, apricots, bananas, and Grand Manier. Please do not forget some pinch of salt and anything else you wish to add. Cook them together and enjoy the meal.

Ieva Kubiliute is a psychologist and a sex and relationships advisor and a freelance writer. She's also a consultant to several health and wellness brands. While Ieva specialises in covering wellness topics ranging from fitness and nutrition, to mental wellbeing, sex and relationships and health conditions, she has written across a diverse range of lifestyle topics, including beauty and travel. Career highlights so far include: luxury spa-hopping in Spain and joining an £18k-a-year London gym. Someone’s got to do it! When she’s not typing away at her desk—or interviewing experts and case studies, Ieva winds down with yoga, a good movie and great skincare (affordable of course, there’s little she doesn’t know about budget beauty). Things that bring her endless joy: digital detoxes, oat milk lattes and long country walks (and sometimes jogs).

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