Why We Have These Common Nightmares & What Helps

Why We Have These Common Nightmares & What Helps

Teeth Falling Out

Although the teeth falling out dream is common, its meaning widely varies from one person to another. This dream is more likely to reoccur when you lose control in life, feel powerless, or there is an issue you are afraid to tackle, whether at work or in relationships. To avoid this dream, bite into those issues that require your attention. Also, deal with the losses in your life to recover your frame.

Being Chased

Being chased is another universal dream. The dreamer is mostly chased by a car, animal, or someone holding a gun. This dream reoccurs when you avoid valid responsibilities in your wake life. The dream can also symbolize competition. Due to insufficient resources, you compete against others to get your share. Face valid responsibilities in the waking life. Responsibilities are a normal part of our lives, and it is best to tackle them to get them out of the way. Also, avoid unnecessary competition at all costs because everyone has a different success journey.


Drowning dreams come when life is overwhelming, filled with feelings of sadness, and full of conflicts and struggles or changes. The dreamer is most likely to drown in a swimming pool, lake, bathtub, or river. To avoid this dream, let go of things causing unhappiness in your life. It can be people or habits that kill your happiness.


Falling in a dream can be caused by depression, lack of enough resting time, disappointments, failures, fear, loss of control, and hopelessness in the waking life. To avoid this dream, save time for resting, especially if you are on a heavy working schedule. Take care of your body (eating well-balanced meals and working out) to elbow out the feelings of depression and keep your eyes open on areas that you may be failing in your waking life.

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