A Strange Way To Celebrate The Chinese Wankfest

A Strange Way To Celebrate: The Chinese Wankfest

San Francisco certainly caught the spotlight with its annual masturbate-a-thon, but it seems that South China’s Guangdong province took a leaf out of their book when they hosted their own wankfest.

On the 28th of November this year, in the small town of Shenzhen, a group of guys donned dark glasses and masks, stood in a line with a plastic bucket apiece, and proceeded to jerk their jimmies.

Held to mark World Aids Day, event organisers claimed the event was intended to emphasise Chinese sexual freedom and to promote masturbation as a safe way to get your rocks off without any risk of HIV. A banner adorning the stage unabashedly declared:”China’s first jack-off competition”.

There were only a total of 10 participants (7 males and 3 females), but the event was no less bizarre for its size. Despite the event being ostensibly about sexual freedom, the men wore (rather demonic) masks to avoid being identified. They each received a glass of alcohol to help loosen the old inhibitions, raising a toast to the World Aids day cause before getting their freak on. After that, they seemed to have no qualms about stripping off their trousers and lining up to jack off into plastic buckets.

There was no full-frontal nudity and the buckets hid their junk, but they were later checked to reveal the fruits of their labour as it were. Their masturbation aid? A trio of women in sexy costumes, flanking a nude blow-up doll. Occasionally they brandished sex toys to excite the imagination but there was no touching allowed. The doll did however, get wine poured all over her tits.

But what would such an event be without a little friendly competition? A timer was kept to record which participant could masturbate for the longest time, though strangely the contestant who blew his load first was given second runner-up. Of course, the champion was no patch on the current World Record holder for the “Longest time spent masturbating”: porn star Sonny Nash, who clocked up an insane 10 hours and 10 minutes in May this year. I doubt he did it while wearing a carnival mask though.

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