There are several CBD producers and handlers out there, but Allo seems to be sitting on them. Allo is a fast-growing producer of high-quality CBD products. They crown themselves as to using no-burn no-leak technology to producing only the best CBD products for your consumption.

With Allo CBD products, your life will be automatically set on the right path to better health and wellness. It is a company that is dedicated to offering high quality innovative CBD products. These products are designed to enhance you potential and bring a positive impact to your life. Living in these modern times can be hard and your life can be filled with stress and agitation easily. This is what prompted Allo to create a portfolio of solutions to wellness. The portfolio is meant to help you feel relaxed, get more vitality, and bring a sense of happiness in your life. These are just some of the benefits you will get by using CBD products from Allo. They focus fully on promoting health and wellness.

About Allo

It would be better to take a pause and get to know who we are talking about. This will easily help us get the basics out of the way. We had to go their website to gather a little information for you. The first thing you will notice when you visit the Allo website is a plain white background. On top of the page there are tabs you can navigate from, including about, return, refund and exchange policy. We managed to gather a few information from the “about us” tab. The company is U.S-based and uses innovative technology to create and design CBD products of high quality. The company’s specialty is enabling you experience more happiness with their THC-free products. Their raw materials and ingredients are sourced from licensed farms in USA. The ingredients are carefully crafted to help you accept life and enjoy a life less ordinary.

Placing your full trust on the Allo Group to design and manufacture your CBD products is a decision you will never regret. The main goal of the company is to take cognizance in their no-burn no-leak technology. The company has a big team of professionals who put in the hours to design and develop only the best products for your consumption. It also launched an exclusive factory in 2018 that specializes in vapor products. Their quality and control team is uniquely proactive. The company envisages building an international lab in Canada by investing $3,000,000.

Manufacturing Process

Allo CBD prides itself of producing high-quality CBD products for the satisfaction of their esteemed customers. The company has a strong commitment to quality and safety. They emphasize on adhering to government policies by promoting the safety of working conditions. Before being taken to the market, all CBD e-liquids are batch tested. This is to prove purity and potency. Their CBD are derived from industrial hemp that is stripped of all traces of THC. Allo is a company that is fully certified by several bodies, including FDA cGMP. They are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Additionally, all their products are aligned to the regulations set by UL, FCC, RoHs, and CE. They carefully handle raw materials from the point of harvesting to the final product. Each and every single product produced by Allo contain formulation PG/VG or full spectrum. They also add food grade flavorings and terpenes to boost the taste of their e-liquids. What’s more, Allo has Certificate of Analysis for each and every formula. This guarantees legal and contaminant-free products for the consumer’s trust.

We learnt that their process of manufacturing leads to production of three main types of products -isolate based, distillate based, and natural terpenes.

Isolate based: these are e-liquids based on CBD and derived from hemp. These products contain no other active ingredients apart form apart from 99% CBD. Instead, PG/VG which are food grades are added to make your vaping experience more remarkable.

Distillate-based: you can try CBD distillate liquids if your desire is to use pure natural oils free of fillers. All distillate-based CBD products from Allo contain 80 to 90 percent CBD and 0.3 percent THC, as per the United State’s federal regulations. The manufacturing process ensures that every single CBD distillate liquid has a unique taste different from the other. We think that this is achieved by adding natural terpenes. For sure you will have your own flavor.

Natural Terpenes: terpenes are often used to enhance flavor. Natural terpenes used by Allo are made by leading industries in the US. They are 100 percent pure, non-GMO, free of fillers, and foo grade.

Line of Products

Allo CBD is a company that will help you discover a different kind of living. You only need to try their different line of products. The good news is that they offer a wide line of products. Their products can fit into everyday use. There is also product line for pets. These products include CBD serums, CBD tinctures, CBD gel capsules, CBD bath bombs, CBD gummies, and CBD for pets. At the moment, CBD gummies and CBD for pets are in the section of “coming soon.” You can never be stressed when it comes to shopping from Allo website. On their homepage, just below “About Allo CBD,” there is a section for products. If a line of product is in stock, you will see a green tab below it written “browse.” From here you are able to choose your product. Alternatively, you can click on the “shop” tab on top of homepage. You will be directed to a new page with different range of products. You can easily add your product to cart and pay at your convenience.

Range Of Products

We went an extra mile to make this review interesting and educative. Or may be this was the part you were looking for. Regardless, we had to try some products with an aim of putting the advertising claims to test.  We made our payment with Sezzle and got a huge interest free payment. Nonetheless, you can also make your payments with Visa, Master Card, Amex, or Discover. Most of the products we tried were ordered based on our flavors. But it is good that there is a variety of flavors you can choose from. The products we ordered for the purpose of this review include:

Allo CBD – Bean & Bud CBD Coffee Rise 320 mg

Allo CBD – CBD Tincture Mango 600 mg

Allo CBD – CBD Soft Gel Anti-Stress Capsule 10 mg

Allo CBD – Bean & Bud CBD Coffee

Allo CBD – Bean & Bud CBD Coffee

Allo got you a new way of welcoming a new day. This product will help you to perfectly kickstart your day. It is a well-balanced blend of coffee beans that is designed to straighten you out. This product “Rise” will get you out of your bed and push you straight into your morning tasks. Don’t think of it as a product, but as a new way of rising and brightening up your day. This product contains a blend of African coffee beans with a carefully derived industrial hemp, the healthiest hemp plants. A single sip of Rise from Allo will leave your body full of goose bumps, thanks to the medley and welcoming flavors – zesty raspberry, dark chocolate, and of course pure caffeine. Allo CBD – Bean & Bud CBD Coffee Rise brand is a THC-free product that has been sourced from quality CBD and coffee beans. All these raw materials are farmed with honest farmers around the world. We now understand why Allo’s Bean and Bud is the first choice of loyal customers. Health professionals recommend that you do not exceed three cups of this delicious product.

Allo CBD – CBD Tincture Mango

Allo CBD – CBD Tincture Mango

We didn’t resist to place an order for this product. We didn’t just stop there, we went ahead and tried it for you. It comes in three different strengths – 600 mg, 1500 mg, and 2400 mg. We decided to settle for the one with a lower strength, 600 mg and spent $44.99 on it. Many tinctures have a tendency of leaving a bad aftertaste in your mouth and tongue just a few moments after taking it before feeling its effects. Fortunately, we never got to that point with Allo’s CBD tincture. In fact, we just wanted to take more of it repeatedly. Allo have designed this tincture to promote wellness and bring relaxation to your everyday life. Main ingredients include mango, hemp extract, natural and artificial flavors, and coconut oil. This makes your experience of taking tinctures easy and fun. We loved it sweet and light flavor. It didn’t overpower us when we applied it sublingually. Alternatively, you can apply the tincture to your loved food or beverage and take it all day, especially if you are after taking CBD alongside your daily meals.

Allo CBD – CBD Soft Gel Anti-Stress Capsule

Allo CBD – CBD Soft Gel Anti-Stress Capsule

Are your days usually ending up roughed up and you are stressed up? Are the demands and requirements at the workplace stressing you out? Are you squeezed to keep up with the professional and personal life obligations? You can use plenty of medications to relieve yourself of these. However, they come with a trail of unavoidable symptoms. If you are looking for a new and holistic alternative to these scientifically proven medications which are unfortunately worsening the situation, be sure to try Allo’s CBD Soft Gel Capsules. We had never felt this relieved and relaxed like kindergarten kids. It will help you maintain and boost your mood all day long – thanks to the kava kava roots that have been infused in it. Other ingredients include rice flour, hemp oil, and vegetable cellulose. Depending on your stressors, you can take the capsules at your most convenient time. You can take them orally the first thing in the morning, before you go to bed, or alongside meals. Doctors recommend that you take one or two capsules per day. They are available in the strength of 10 mg of CBD per capsule. The price starts from $54.99.

What We Like About Allo CBD

Many companies make tinctures that leaves bad aftertaste in the mouth. But the way Allo craft their tinctures got us thinking of placing more orders before they are out of stock. We really love their tinctures.

What We Don’t Love About Allo CBD

If we can say that there is something loathsome about this company, then will be wrong.

Our Overall Verdict

We must admit that we are intrigued with everything Allo does to bring their CBD products into the market. There are numerous products from this company with different flavors made for you. They also charge affordable prices for their products. Try for your own this product if you have never.

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